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ZaraS  *book reviewer | 2365 comments I've started this to keep track of the challenges that I am doing in this group as I'm getting a little confused at the moment.

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ZaraS  *book reviewer | 2365 comments Listopia Challenge

I will be aiming for 6. It's a small number but I want to see how I go as I am part of a number of other challenges. I may add to this list later depending on how I'm going.

List 1: Best Dystopian and Post-Apocolyptic Fiction
The Hunger Games

Completed 0/1

List 2: Books That Make You Laugh
Good Omens

Completed 0/1

List 3: Most Brilliant Historical Novels in the Past 30 Years
1. Caeser's Women
2. Of Marriageable Age
3. Life Mask

Completed 0/3

List 4. Best Jodi Picoult Books
My Sister's Keeper

Completed 0/1
Total Completed 0/6

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ZaraS  *book reviewer | 2365 comments TBR Twins - January 2013

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ZaraS  *book reviewer | 2365 comments THE NEW BEGINNINGS CHALLENGE
Duration: January 1 - January 31


1. Read a book by an author new to you
A Discovery of Witches

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Leonie (cheekylover) | 10 comments Hi. Could you give me a little info on some of these books? Thanks

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ZaraS  *book reviewer | 2365 comments DEWEY DECIMAL CHALLENGE (non-fiction)

Categories (these may change once I've been to the library).

200 - 249
In the Name of God: Violence and Destruction in the World's Religions by Michael Jordan
The Masque of Africa by V. S. Naipaul
250 - 299
The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Matt Baglio
Dianetics: The Original Thesis by L. Ron Hubbarb
Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbarb
Sex With the Queen by Eleanor Herman
900 - 949
Fire From Heaven: Life in an English Town in the Seventeenth Century by David Underdown

Completed 0/7

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