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The Hobbit, or There and Back Again
2012 Reads > TH: Exodus in Middle Earth?

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Noomninam Saw the film yesterday. Leaving aside the frame-rate, three-versus one film issues, I found the script as written definitely made parallels, especially toward the end, between the dwarves and other displaced people -- such as, obviously, the Jews. And apparently this was intended by Tolkien back in the 30s (see Question is: I wasn't getting this from the book, though I've so far only gotten to about where the movie ends. Did anyone else read this parallel in the book, pre-movie?

Mapleson | 94 comments In my copy of The Hobbit, there is a 'Special Note' at the beginning that says: ...Thrain I, a fugitive from Moria, who first discovered the Lonely Mountain, Erebor, and ruled there for a while, before his people moved on the remoter mountains of the North.

Also, the first dwarf song with music talks about 'to claim our long-forgotten gold' and 'they fled their hall to dying'. This thread is continued with Thorin's explanation of the expedition: (view spoiler)

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