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Underrated and Under Appreciated King book?

I read Insomnia one summer when I was 16 years old and it is still one of my favourite. Not one of my personal top 5 of King's books, more of what I'd consider a "hidden gem" kind of book.
I wouldn't like to see a movie adaption of it though. Movies ruined books and short stories such as Langoliers and It for me.

Dean Ferguson It is a beautiful book, and my personal favorite book of all time. It starts slowly and then soars, and each time I read it (at least five times) I ge ...more
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Read it quickly and it was entertaining enough, but I'll always tell people that it's probably King's most demented book, plot-wise.

Insomnia is my all time favourite King book.

it is an odd story that sticks in your mind and is really quite touching. i love, and have since i read it in my twenties, that the hero and heroine are seniors. shows that contrary to popular opinion and media hype that you don't need to be put out to pasture or act like your still twenty to be relevant as we get older. also love the relationships in this story they feel closer to one another than some of his other works, though again aside from the insomnia the characters (the main ones) seem more grounded and accepting of one another which i think makes that more possible

In my top 2 Stephen King novels (along with the Talisman). It has been 15 years or more since I last read it, but it still stands out in my mind. I do not want to see it maimed by Hollywood.

Yes behind IT was(is) one of my favourites and like others I have always felt it was under rated. It's one of his books that people don't tend to talk about

I think that one of the reasons it isn't more widely talked about is exactly because it has an elderly protagonist. I don't think people are as interested. I can't think of any other book where the Main Character is an elderly person.

I read this when it first came out and liked it well enough, as I am a confirmed King fan and have been since Carrie and Salem's Lot. I got the audiobook version a year ago. I'm now approaching Ralph's age (though still somewhat behind) and it resonates far more. I agree that this is one of the underrated King books.

About a film...Most of the really good books in the Horror genre that have been made into film have gone for the gross-out rather than the mere creepy or the underlying humanity of the story, so I would be careful what I wish for. I'm still smarting over the cinema version of "Ghost Story" by Peter Straub. But if it were done well, I think this would be a great time to put it out there, what with being a Boomer and all.

Dean Ferguson The audio book, narrated by the late Eli Wallach, is brilliant. I too would hate to see this gem turned into a film, as I really think its the most he ...more
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I agree that this book is sadly underrated, but I had never considered that an aversion to elderly main characters was part of the reason. It seems to me that it just kind of got lost among all those books made into films and the huge Dark Tower arc. To this day, a snippet of poetry from Insomnia runs through my head on occasion and gives me chills, despite its seeming innocuousness: "Everything I do I rush through / So I can do something else".

Yes, I always thought this book was underrated as well! I love the tie-ins with the Dark Towers series. :) Another under-appreciated book by King is Rose Madder. I absolutely loved it, but most people have never heard of it.

When I read Insomnia, I thought it was one of King's worst novels. I found it to be very repetitious and could very easily have been half the length. It was a struggle to finish, and I felt the book was aptly titled, as I felt it was a sure-fire cure for anyone suffering from Insomnia.

I agree about this being underrated, but then I haven't read it since I was a kid. At the time, it made me afraid to sleep with my feet hanging out of the covers... It seemed like the most otherworldly out of all his books that I've read, which is most of them I think.

I loved it also!! I agree it's under appreciated but it's so good! I prefer it though that it has not been a movie yet, because i think most of the times they do a poor job.

Definitely my favorite King book. I recommended it to my wife who is not a big fan of the genre and she loved it too. It made me think how many things we miss every day due to our state of mind and limited perception.

I liked this book quite a bit. Not one of my favorite King books, but a good story and easy read. Perhaps if I knew more of the Dark Tower stuff I would have understood it some more, but it didn't seem to take away from the book for me.

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I like Insomnia, but the little balloon stealing dudes (sorry, it's been a while since I've read it, can't remember specifically what they were) just weren't convincing enough for me. I didn't buy it.
In my opinion, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon maybe well be his best and most under rated book to date.

I agree - underrated. It has been ages since I've read it, yet the feel of the book came back instantly when I saw the title. And I can picture the thin threads. I loved the fact that it focused on the elderly. Probably why it hasn't gotten mainstream attention, like some of his others have.

I wouldn't want to see it made into a movie. I don't think it would translate well to the screen.

Thanks for the reminder of this book - I may have to read it again!

This was my first Stephen King book, and at first, it had me not wanting to put it down. I have to admit, that I was confused a number of times. I just finished the last page, and I will be damned if I know what I read.... help! Do Ralph and Lois end up together in the after life? If all of his books are this confusing.. this may be the last of his books I read. I am not sure how I would rate it... at this point... I am just conufused.. lol

Insomnia is one of those books you knew King was deep in some sort of alcohol or drug induced stupor to come up with. I wanted to check out when the little guys showed up. I find a lot of his books WAY to indepth in there descriptions or dragging story lines. This booked moved but just went from plausible to are you fricken kidding me in a matter of chapters. Much like Rose Madder and the painting I wanted to scream "puff puff pass Steve"

This was the first King book I had read, as well as the *only* King book I have read. I have tried to read his other works, but never felt the same sort of pull that I felt with "Insomnia". From the uniqueness of an aged main character, the surreal tone the book takes as Ralph receives less and less sleep, to the madness of Ed Deepneau, and the deliciously creepy little bald doctors, this book took me in.

When I finished, I was surprised to find it wasn't made into a film (for which I am grateful and confused by at the same time).

I've recommended this book to a number of people over the last 12 years, and while most just couldn't do a book with a focus on elderly characters, those who gave it a stab were very pleased that they did.

Hidden gem, indeed.

One of my favorite King books ever. Definitely in the top 5.

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