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message 1: by Maia (last edited Dec 23, 2012 02:47AM) (new)

Maia (maiajanelle) | 17 comments Mod
We want to know who you are, so introduce yourself here. What's your name and favorite book(s)?

I guess I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Maia Janelle. I will read pretty much anything, but I'm really enjoying romance and YA right now. Currently, my favorite book is The Edge of Never. I originally created this book club for a local group of friends, but I decided to open it up for everyone here on goodreads as well. One thing I love about reading is sharing/talking about books with people, so feel free to start topics about anything and be active!

Thanks for joining this group! :)

message 2: by Lisa S (new)

Lisa S (kasey_k_fan) My name is Lisa. I live in South Carolina and I love to read obviously. LOL I used to only read Murder Mysteries, but now I am branching out to other genres. Thanks for having me in this group.

message 3: by JennBishop (new)

JennBishop (jbishop) | 3 comments Hello!
names Jenn
I love romance books and YA.

feel free to add me as a friend!!!!

stay beautiful ladies!

message 4: by Tessa (new)

Tessa Teevan (readingtessa) Thanks for the invite!!! I'm Tessa, 25, married, and I live in Ohio. All of Tara Sivec's books rank at the top of my list, as well as anything my Kristen Ashley. I'm a KA fanatic! Also love anything by Colleen Hoover, Jessica Sorensen, and Shelly Crane. I work 2nd shift while my husband works 1st, so I get a lot of reading time in. I read 5-7 books a week. I'm kind of a nut!!

message 5: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1 comments Hi I'm Katie
I love YA romance, Romance, Dark erotica
feel free to add me love a romance fan

message 6: by Shea (new)

Shea | 3 comments Hello everyone...
I am 36 years old, married and have one child. I have really gotten into reading thing since ole FIFTY lol!!!!! if you have a Nook,I love to share books. My email:

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