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message 1: by John L (new)

John L (philipblake) | 2 comments I've seen that this group has been pretty quiet for the last couple months. Not sure if this is futile, but why not try to jumpstart it by posting again?

December is proving to be pretty amazing for audible members. I've gotten a lot of use out of the general discount, along with the daily deals.

(Excuse my lack of links as this is on my phone.)

I've finished up 6 books so far this month:

"Black Cross" by Greg Iles. Narrated by Dick Hill - A WWII thriller that ended up meeting my expectations with a good narrator.

"The Invisible Gorilla" by Christopher Chabris. Narrated by Dan Woren - An extremely interesting psychological writing chalk full of examples and excitements to get the ideas across.

"The Walking Dead: The Rise of the Governor" and "The Road to Woodbury" by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga. Narrated by Fred Berman - My two disappointing reads this month. As a fan of the show these zombie filled post apocalyptic expansions on the newest baddy's back story were narrated well enough to make up for what seemed like pretty poor writing. I actually take my GR name from the series. Even my friends that are fans that I've suggested should give it a shot I've also advised could skip the first half of TROTG and be completely fine. They may even like it more than if they listened to the complete book.

"The Great Influenza" by John Barry. Narrated by Scott Brick - A great history of the deadliest pandemic the world has seen, that I also can not remember ever hearing about! As well as a background into the evolution of the practice and study of medicine in the world that eventually becomes a mini biography of some influential figures that had little to do with influenza at the end.

"Dizzy City" by Nicholas Griffin. Narrated by Peter Bishop - A work of historical fiction set in New York city during the first world war focusing on a British deserter turned professional conman. I bought this in one of those $6 deals that pop up when you browse around not expecting a whole lot and I got what I'd expected in the story. Though, strangely, Mr. Bishop could be heard making errors, or repeating lines, (no contextual reason to believe the text included the effect) and he made the choice to distinguish characters. A choice that might have bothered me in other books, but often wasn't large of a problem.

That's it! This sure might be a large jumpstarting post, but I'm hoping it doesn't keep any other members from posting too!

message 2: by Calvin (new)

Calvin | 4 comments Yes! Lots of great deals there including Team of Rivals for only one credit. Sucks that Walking Dead wasn't good. I was kind of excited to try it. I liked Ex-heroes which is a zombie/superhero type of audio book and World War Z if you haven't listened to it yet, definitely pick that one up.

message 3: by Melody (new)

Melody Calvin, I liked Ex-heroes too. My husband also read it too. Did you read Ex-Patriots too?

message 4: by Calvin (new)

Calvin | 4 comments Not yet. I have a stack of books I need to finish before I start buying more. :P

message 5: by Melody (new)

Melody oh, if only I could stop buying......

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