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so what do you wanna do?

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Amber Anything, I'm not afraid ofndetail either so whatever limits we have would be yours :)

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Im good with everything, except paranormal romances.

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Amber Ok, did you have anything in mind?

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How about they are already in a relationship, but they are not out at their school. You can play the hockey star of the school and I'll play the kind of shy quiet boy who is abused at home.

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Amber Nice, okay, I like it :)

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Amber Do you want to do charries? Or just jump in? I've known people to like both

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I'll go ahead and make a charie..

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quiet, gentle, kind

Abusive father and uncle raise him

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Amber Tyler


Looks: description

warm, protective, loyal

Lives with mom and plays hockey like a pro

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Jessie was waiting outside of the school at his car. Tyler was supposed to meet him there after school, it was their sort of meting place. He hadn't been able to talk to Tyler all day, and he missed him a ton already. Jessie's eye was still black from the previous nights beating. Most of the bruises were under his clothing, as his dad had taken to hitting him places people couldn't see, and he had gotten used to hiding it.

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Amber Tyler walked out of the and toward the student cars, away from the crowd of most of the hockey team as they all left together. He had a duffel bag over his shoulder filled with gear to give them a much needed wash. His eyeslit up as he moved closer to Jessie and his pace quickened but his lips soon pressed together. When he reached the other boy he reached out and hesitated before he decided not to touch the dark bruising around his eye, "Should I even ask?"

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When he saw Tyler from across the parking lot, Jessie lit up. He had waited all day to see Tyler and was so excited to see him. When he got closer and mentioned his eye, Jessie blushed a bit, shaking his head slowly. "It's okay... It's really nothing..." He gave a small smile as he looked around, making sure no one was watching. He planted a small kiss on Tyler's cheek and then pulled back, not wanting to be seen.

He took Tyler's larger hand into his own, small hand and looked up, "So, where do you want to go today?" He still had butterflies in his stomach when he talked to the boy.

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Amber Tyler's eyes stayed on the circle around Jessie's eye and he frowned but smiled and relaxed when he felt Jessie's lips on his skin. He squeezed his hand and looked down, biting his lip thoughtfully, "I don't know, wherever you want to go I suppose."

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Jessie thought for a moment and then smiled up at Tyler, "we could go down to the lake. We haven't been there in forever." He spun around towards the car, excited, but pain filled his body as he did. He had several broken ribs and the turning had caused him to grab his stomach in pain. He cringed as he tried not to completely buckle over from the pain, but he still bent over a bit.

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Amber Tyler smiled a little wider at the suggestion and nodded. He jumped forward, his eyes hard as he saw something wrong with his posture. He gently grabbed Jessie's arms and moved in front of him moving down to search his face worriedly, "Jess?"

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Clenching his teeth, Jessie put his arm on Tyler's shoulder to steady himself. His face was twisted in pain, "I think my rib is broken..." He pulled up his shirt and reveled the numerous bruises of different ages on his chest on top of the sculpted abs.

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Amber Tyler sucked in a breath, if not for the morbid situation it would have been from his delight in Jessie's beautiful body. He frowned and started to help Jessie to the other side of the car, "I'll drive you to the hospital." He looked sternly at him then, "And no complaints. I will drag you kicking and screaming there if I have to."

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Jessie looked over at Tyler, chewing his lip. He sat in the seat next to the drivers and looked sideways at Tyler, "I don't need a hospital, Ty... You know they'll just ask questions." He gave Tyler his best puppy face, his eyes wide and his lip out, "Please don't make me go there... I just want to have fun with you while I can."

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Amber Tyler looked at him sideways, trying not to give in to him. His face flickered into a smile as he saw Jessie's puppy face. He leaned across the middle of the seat, his face less than an inch away from Jessie's and he fixed him with a sultry look, "Oh? You want to have fun?" He kissed him slowly then pulled away, "But I want to have fun too and I can't do that if I know you're in pain.

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Jessie blushed and smiled a bit, leaning back in his seat and sighing. "Okay, I'll go to the hospital... But only if you promise we can have fun after..." He chuckled for a minute, hand over his ribs, but then turned his head to look at Tyler with a serious face, "For real though, I go in, get treated, and get the hell out of dodge before they ask questions."

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Amber Tyler nodded, slight relief and a small smile on his face, "Deal. For both of them." He started the car and reached over, taking Jessie's hand in his own as he started the drive.

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Jessie held Tyler's hand gently, and began to nod off slowly. He tried not to fall asleep.

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Amber Tyler brushed his lips against the back of his hand and smiled, glancing over at him, "Sleep, I'll wake you up when we're there."

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Jessie mumbled something inaudible as he let his eyes finally close.

(( gtg ))

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Amber Tyler held back a chuckle and turned the radio down a little. Relishing the proximity of him in the car.

After the drive...

Tyler parked the car in the lot outside the hospital and shut it off. He looked over to Jessie and smiled slightly, leaning back into his chair and watching him sleep.

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Jessie stirred in his sleep, making sounds only known to the frightened. He squirmed in the seat, shaking a bit from the intensity of this nightmare. It was rare Jessie got a good night's sleep, for he was forever plagued by night terrors.

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Amber Soon a small 'v' formed on Tyler's forehead between his brow as Jessies restless sleep troubled him. He loathed to wake him up but didn't like how his dreams seeemed to be bad. He got out of the car and went to his side, opening the door and kneeling beside him. He lightly ran his fingers through Jessies hair.

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Amber .

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(( so sorry... I've had stuff))
Jessie slowly opened his eyes, at first scared and lost. His eyes met Tyler's and he relaxed, grabbing on to Tyler. He didn't even know exactly why he did it, he just needed to be close to Tyler. They were at the hospital now, and Jessie was a bit worried about going in. He didn't want all the questions, but he had to do it; for Tyler.

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Amber ((It's ok :) I know the feeling))

Tyler smiled at him slihgtly, "Sorry I had to wake you." He tilted his head slightly to the side and asked, "Can I tell you a story?"

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Jessie smiled up at Tyler and leaned in closer to him to listen.

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Amber Tyler's face softened and he softly kissed him then said, "Stop looking so adorable so I can tell my story."

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Jessie gave a small giggle and and kissed Tyler's cheek, "I'm not cute... Tell me your story." He buried his head in Tyler's neck.

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Amber Tyler smiled and started, "Okay. There was once two guys. One day they met and became friends and were very close. On a certain day one of them wanted to play basketball and the other was skateboarding. So the first one went to go get the other but the skateboarding friend got hurt doing his last trick before they went to play ball. And that is what we're going to tell the doctors." He paused, "That's the end of my story."

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Jessie smiled and hugged onto Tyler, "Tyler... I... I love you..." He kissed Tyler's cheek and then looked down up at him, not worried any more.

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Amber Tyler hugged him back affectionately and smiled, "I love you too Jess, always will."

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Jessie slowly stood from his seat, his hand still over his chest, a bit of blood coming from his mouth as he coughed. He was really dizzy, and had to put a hand on the car to steady himself, "Sorry... It's spinning."

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Amber "Don't be sorry," Tyler said after he had rushed to Jessie's side to help him walk, "It's not your fault." He slowly helped him make his way to the hospital doors.

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Jessie had his arm around Tyler to keep himself upright. They made it to the door and was taken by the doctors. He looked over at Tyler as they doctors took him, not wanting to leave him.

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Amber Tyler released him to the doctor's but not before squeezing his hand lightly and murmuring, "Don't worry, I'll be here when you get out."

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Jessie smiled a bit as he was taken into the other room. When he woke, the doctors were surrounding him and he had bandages around his waist.

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Amber Tyler sat in the waiting room with a magazine in hand. He had already read what he had wanted to, now he was just staring at it, flipping the pages without precessing anything.

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Jessie waited until the doctors had finished their things and said they were keeping him for observation. He slipped out and put his clothes back on, trying not to mess up the bandages. He crawled out the window and waited by the car, calling Tyler on his cell.

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Amber Tyler blinked as the ringtone he had chossen for Jessie sounded from his pocket, he took the phone out and answered it with a warm, "Hey," before putting away the magazine and throwing an apologetic look to the others in the waiting room while going to stand just outside the doors.

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Jessie smiled at the sound of Tyler's voice, "Hey, babe... Ready for our date? I'm by the care."

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Amber Tyler laughed, "I see, this is going to be like the Mission Imppossible movie. Sneak away from the guys with the needles. Cue the cheesy music, I'll be there in a sec." He made his way with a smile to the car.

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Jessie giggled and put his phone away, waiting for Tyler on the car. When he saw Tyler, he smiled at him and moved closer to him, "Hey"

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Amber Tyler put his hands lightly on Jessie's hips and kissed him on the cheek, "Sort of better?"

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