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This church is an American church known for its extreme ideologies and offensive protests. Examples of these protests were attending military soldiers funerals and protesting "1,2,3,4, God hats the Marine Corps." and holding picket signs saying "Thank God For Dead Soldiers" They are also known for stomping on the american flag, demonstrating hatrd towards jews, and are strongly involved in the anti gay movement. Also, they blame the shooting in Conneticut on Conneticut's legalization of gay marriage and plan on attendind the children's funerals to protest. Do you guys think the police should stop them or let them continue their protests because the "Freedom of Speech" right?

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Finley Mac | 176 comments These people need to die a horrible, slow death. One does not blame a shooting at an elementary school on gay marriage legalization. That is a sick and twisted thing to say.

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