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Angelina Jolie to direct the movie?

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Emily I like Angelina Jolie a lot as an actress, but can she direct? I did not see her other film that she directed, In the Land of Blood and Honey, so I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Heather I think she would give it a lot warmth and soul. Many actors make very good directors. Have you seen Kevin Smith talk about Bruce Willis dressing him down for his directing style in Too Fat to Fly? Kevin talks about how because Bruce has been around film-making so long, and paid attention, Bruce knew more about the technical side of film-making then Kevin did. Angelina has been around it her whole life. And has a wealth of experiance to draw from.

Mike "Unbroken" the movie deserves a Steven Speilberg treatment.

Samantha Shank Mike wrote: ""Unbroken" the movie deserves a Steven Speilberg treatment."

YES!!!!! He is the ONLY person who would make this movie just as good as the book.

Harley Here's the latest news on the movie.
I think its a plus that the Coen brothers have been hired to write the screenplay.
I didn't realize that studios have been trying to get Louie's story made into a movie since the 1950's. Better get it made this time if he's going to still be around for the premier.


Elyse  Walters The book was AMAZING!!!! I hope she does the book justice!

Elyse  Walters Agree, Harley...It would be nice to see Louie alive to see this film.

It seems as if its taken forever to get this film made -- My understanding was it was to be out in theatre's 'last' year. (THAT didn't happen)

Bruce Deming Well she is doing it. I never met her personally. I imagine her heart is in it. Let's give her a fair shake and see how she does. I hope she makes it Oscar worthy

Elyse  Walters Absolutely, Bruce. I couldn't agree with you more!

When I said "I hope she does the book justice". ....
That's me saying....."I hope ALL directors do a book justice". (books I happen to LOVE)....

Nothing personal at all!

but YES, completely agree, BRUCE! Thanks for your post. (making that point clear)!!

A side note: (about movies which have been books). Its my opinion --anyway-- that in the last few years --many of the movies (from books I've loved)---have been excellent.

I've been saying this a lot for the last few years.
People often say: "The book is always better than the movie".
*MANY* years ago ---I think I said that, also.
but ---being 'fair'....I've changed the way I speak about this.

For example: "Life of Pi" (excellent book AND movie).
"Atonement" --same
"Into the Wild"...(both good)...

ok...back on topic...(sorry for stealing this tread)

Carol E. Coen brothers are going to do the screenplay?? Really? Not sure what I think about that. They roam a little to the weird.

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Tom P I immediately think of Ron Howard, but if Angelina Jolie directs I'll go see the movie. Louis Zamperini is not just a hero, he's an inspiration of faith in humanity and all that is right.

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Chad Huckabaa Interesting choice. I'll be interested to see how it turns out. Generally speaking I'm always a bit anxious when I hear that a book that I love is being done in film.

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Harley Here's the link to a recent article that has some updated info on Louis and the (hopefully) upcoming Jolie movie of his life.
The guy is 96 and still doing public appearances.

(..."Zamperini will tell stories from his life at the 30th annual Star Scholars Award program Tuesday night in Camarillo Ca....")


What an amazing and inspiring human being to willingly relive and share dreadful 70 year old memories!
A hearty salute to you Louis Z.
A true Hero indeed!

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Well, this is an amazing story, an amazing book. I also hope that the movie is tasteful and is respectful of all those involved. Mr. Louis Zamperini has suffered and endured so much for our country. A true American hero in every sense of the word. In similar discussions about this issue I agree that a documentary type format for the movie would be very appropriate.

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Me Here the movie was an abomination, i feel sorry for the memory of the subjects and characters of the book because i suspect many more people saw the movie than read the book, and the characters/subjects and the viewers all lost out in the movie, as well as Laura Hillenbrand's book and writing, although her bank account probably came out of it ok.

Sandycurtis one of the best books i ever read- no interest in the movie-
i feel you can only see a movie if you have not read the book-
they never give the book any justice

Mrs.Lady Forget the movie, it did not do justice to the book at all. What a waste. The book is a thousand times better.

Electric Bubbles A movie can never do a book justice, but I think the movie was amazing. To clarify, I was pretty upset the first time I watched it because it basically left out the last half of the book, but later I read that Louie Zamperini actually wanted it that way. He didn't want it to be a "Christian" movie, but simply his story, and hopefully something that would get people to read the book.
I'm actually very glad that the book and the movie were written and directed by women. I think they did a very good job balancing the hard facts and action by emotion and depth of personality.
While the movie can't compare to the book in greatness, it's still one of my favorite movies ever.

Huguette Larochelle I read the book , what a stories , it be hound imagination, that a human can endure such torture and live , to tell , i got the movie after the book did not watch yet , Louie Zamperini have his revenge he live to be 96 . such a courage .

Karen Scott Interesting to see the result

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