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Hope ♡ Percy Jackson Couples

* Everything Percy Jackson of course!*
* I am the one of the mods*
* If you know what blue food is from the book then I believe you will have a fun time!*

Hunger Games Tributes

* Here we talk about the tributes and districts for the world of Panam which is most known for the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is where teenagers are sent into an arena and fight to the death...only one will come out alive...there are 24 to start with!*
* I am the one of the mods*
* If my little blurb about what the Hunger Games is interested you...I suggest that you join!*

Harry Potter Couples

* Here we talk about the WIZARDING world of Harry Potter...where magic comes to life through out chats! If you went to Olivander's and you got to pick out your own wand... what would it look like?
* I am the one of the mods*
*If anything I just told you about interested you...please join!*

Funny Saying That You Use Everyday

* Oh man...have you ever done anything embarrassing? I know I have...we share some of the funnest things on here...I know that LOL is a word used all the time...when do you use it though?
* I am the one of the mods*
* Please join because I love this group and would like to get things rolling with it!*

Willy Wonka

* Squirrels? Golden Geese? Gobstopper? Gum? Brat? Chocolate? Any of this catch your eye? Please join if it did!*
* I am the one of the mods*
* We talk about the funniest parts of the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory....it is so much fun!*

Pirates of the Caribbean

* I have one word...if you get it then I hope that you will join...Savvy!*
* I am the one of the mods*

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