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Don't forget; dinner starts in an hour. AND ACTION!

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena stepped into the hall to see what the new design was this year. Her jaw fell open at the brilliant designs and Syrena gushed about how much she wished she could draw. She didn't realize that she was talking to herself...

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Avery thought to herself has she strolled into the dining hall. Avery felt like she just stepped into Hogwarts. The room was absolutely AMAZING, filled with young, lively teenagers. However, it seemed like everyone there had their place, and their seat. Avery looked around for someone she knew.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena grabbed her sketchbook out of her bag and started to shade a sketch that she had only worked on the outline of. She used her finger to smear the pencil marks and make them look smoother. She felt as though someone was peering over her onto her sketchbook.

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Avery saw that Syrena girl that she met up with at the Lounge and at the Library. She strolled over to her to see her in her own little world. She was sketching something...and it looked like she was pretty good at it.

"Nice sketch," I say, trying to make conversation. "Is this seat taken?" I point to the open chair next to her, slowly starting to sit down until she objects.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena glanced up, only to see the girl who had been trying to make conversation with her for the first day. Syrena smiled as she saw the girl slowly sit down. She stared at her sketch for a minute and then back to Avery.

"Thanks. It's supposed to be a fairie."
Syrena looked down at the drawing for a second and then added,
"It actually looks kind of like you."

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"Oh, thanks," Avery added, glad Syrena seemed to enjoy being with her. "My mom is part faerie. Is that your talent? Drawing people or something...." Avery hoped she didn't sound rude.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena shook her head. She bit her lip until she tasted blood. She hoped that the girl wouldn't ask too much about her past; it wasn't something Syrena liked to talk about. Hopefully, Avery would only ask about what her talent was, or in her 'special' case talents.

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Avery could see blood pouring from Syrena's lips. "Are you OK?" she asked? "Did I say something wrong? Is your talent a secret or something?"

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments "No it just is...complicated."
Syrena responded.

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"Well, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm listening," Avery replied as a platter of food was placed before her. As weird as it may sound, Avery loved knowing the back stories of other students in the school. It made her seem less...different.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments "I think I'm fine..." Syrena voice trailed off into the distance.

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Avery took a big bite of her delicately made Swiss cheese tomato sandwich with some type of sauce that was just divine.

"So..." Avery started, hoping that Syrena had something to talk about.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena pushed her food around her plate. Her anxiety was terrible today; she couldn't eat and she predicted that she wouldn't be much sleeping either. Then a dark haired boy took a seat across the table. Syrena smiled at how she knew what he was thinking of saying through his thoughts. ((Could you play Archer and I will play Cal? I think its fun to incorperate the actual characters into roleplay. (: I'm sure Sophie can fit in somewhere...))

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((I agree. OK, I'll be Archer. Maybe Emily/Avalon can be Sophie :) So did Archer just sit down? And if he did, what was he thinking of saying haha)).

Avery looked up at the boy that just took a seat across from them. He had dark hair, just like her own.

((We have to find a picture of Archer. What celebrity/actor do you think it should be?))

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments ((Yes that was Archer and I was thinking maybe he would ask if we had to go watch the one video that shows all the warlocks and witches being killed because they were to obvious with their powers and a lot of people like throw up during it...someone with really dark hair though))

Syrena glanced up at Archer and grinned. He was trying to decide how to phrase his question in his thoughts. Syrena flipped through the pages of her sketchbook until she found a sketch that look remotely like Archer. She started to work on that one instead, seeing that she had him right in front of her. Avery seemed to be looking for the right words to say too. Syrena decided just to stay quiet until someone else said something.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments ((Oh! I found an Archer! how do you attach it to a comment?))

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((You have to use a specific format...just copy the link and I'll do the rest))

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments ((there it is! idk the actor but I went on google images and thought he matched the character's description really well!))

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((alright that's fine. I'll add it now))

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My side of the room

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments ((that's great)) Well, this is awkward Syrena thought.
((lol can you make Archer make the first move?)

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((Haha, yeah, my bad. I was so busy looking for a picture that I forgot it was my turn to speak!))

"Good afternoon mademoiselle Syrena," Archer stated in his sarcastic tone of voice. Archer did a double take as he noticed Avery sitting right across from him. "And who do we owe this lovely visit of a fine young lady to?"

Avery had butterflies in her stomach for a moment, but they quickly evaporated. "Avery," she replied. "I'm new here."

"Obviously," Archer stated as he stuffed some chopped up pieces of turkey in his mouth.

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Avery took a quick glance at Syrena. "Umm, what's that supposed to mean?" Avery felt a bit angered now, but didn't show it yet.

Archer looked back up at her matter-or-faculty. "If you weren't knew, I definitely would've noticed you by now." I always pick and choose the hot chicks before the first week of term." Archer gave the both of them a goofy grin.

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Avery smiled, grateful to have made a guy friend. Avery could tell that he had this attitude with a lot of girls, and know he wasn't exactly hitting on her, which was perfectly fine because Avery was great at this game too.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena thought in her mind, Don't worry Avery. This his game. I don't know how to play the game you play with Cal. But I can play along with Archer. Watch.

She hoped Avery could understand her and she playfully punched Archer in the arm. "Archer, you're going to scare all of the new girls away before they even get to the first week of term."

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Archer smiled. "Nah, I'm just playing friendly. So anyways, welcome to Hecate Hall. Or, as it's most commonly known by, Hex Hall." Archer took a sip of his orange juice. "So, did you show Ms. Avery around the ghostly halls of the school?"

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Archer gave Syrena a weird look. "Did you show her the haunted corridor?" he inquired. "You know, the one that's forbidden by all students. Don't you ever wonder what's up there?"

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments "Well, no. Duh. It's forbidden for a reason Archer."

Archer knew that was a touchy subject for Syrena. Syrena guessed he wasn't going to go too far into the topic, or she at least hoped.

"I don't really wonder what's up there Archer..." Syrena said hesitantly. She gave Archer a look that she hoped he would understand that she knew what was up there.

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Archer hestated, as though he almost forgot something, then cleared his throat. "So," he started as he stared at Avery. "How did you end up going to Hex Hall?"

Avery stuttered, then turned the ball around. "How did you get sent to Hex Hall, Syrena?"

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments As soon as Avery spoke those dreaded words, Syrena froze. Her entire body went rigid and when she tried to speak all that escaped her throat was a squeak. She felt Archer grasp her wrist under the table as she started to flashback.

Everything replayed before her eyes. The kids stood there and laughed at her beat up, pathetic face. The large teen in the middle of them punched her again, and again. A large gash opened on her cheek, and she screamed for them to stop. "Why witch girl? Just make us go away with your magic."

All the kids laughed and Syrena felt her eyes brim with tears as blook trickled down her face. Then she was falling backwards, but this wasn't part of the flashback. She heard someone say her name. "Syrena. Come back." The kids continued to harass her, punching her until her face was black and blue with bruises.

Suddenly she snapped back to reality. Avery stared her, looking at her in horror. Archer sat next to her now, still tightly grasping her arm.

"Did it happen again?" Archer asked. Syrena gulped and nodded. She glanced back at Avery, who still looked horror struck and then back at Archer who shrugged unknowingly. But then Syrena remembered.

Avery could see her thoughts.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena felt a tear fall down her face. "Well, you should probably know the rest of the story. That used to happen to me everyday, for 4 years. That one was my 14th birthday, and I lost control and smashed the kid into the wall with my powers." Syrena's face fell significantly as she stated, "And he broke his back."

Syrena rubbed the scar on her cheek to remind herself that it was only a flashback, now a scar on her soul. Archer still didn't release his grip until Syrena unclench his fist with her free hand.

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Avery sat next to Syrena, feeling horrible about herself. It seemed as if all she could do was make this girl cry. What's the matter with me!, Avery thought to herself. Then, all of a sudden, Avery understood exactly why she was making Syrena sad. Without a second thought, Avery burst out of her chair, and rushed right out of the dining hall.

She found a bench near a window nearby and sat down on it, fighting back tears, and thinking...

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments (( I'll play Archer for this part. That was super emotional writing and I think I'm going to cry after reading that lol.))

Syrena saw Avery run out, and she sprinted out behind her. Her sobs made her stomach cramp and she bent over clutching her stomach. Archer came up closely behind her, helping her to manuever herself over to Avery. "Syrena," Archer whispered, "Let me talk to her." Syrena wiped some tears from her eyes and reluctantly nodded. She sauntered over into a different hall.

Then Archer walked over to Avery and stated, "It's not your fault you know. She's been getting this flashback for years. It's a glitch that happened from an accident a year or so ago...She gets them when something connects to a strong memory."

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((LOL, haha, sometimes writing get's to ya, haha. It happens to the best of us! And ok.))

Avery's eyes started to tear up; she could feel them coming. But she didn't let herself blink. She didn't want to show herself as...weak.

"No, it's my fault. It's all my fault. I MADE her cry. And don't say I didn't, because I did. I can feel that I did." All of a sudden, Avery clamped her mouth shut. She said too much; WAYYYY too much. And to someone she barely knew. "I-I'm sorry. I knew coming to this school was a bad idea." Avery started to stand up slowly, wanting to run, but not knowing where. ((Can you be Archer again too? Sorry. Just for this discussion real quick? I'm really sorry!!! I'll be him for all the other discussions though!!))

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments ((Ya, that's what I was going to do. Archer is fun to play!))

Archer pushed her back down so that she wouldn't run. "It's not your fault Avery. You could say random things and Syrena will have a flashback. She's had a rough past. That's why she doesn't like to talk about her talents or why she had to came here, even before she started having the flashbacks. I know because I bullied her last year." His face fell sadly as he said this. He seemed to regret it a lot.

"And I stopped when she had a major seizure caused by multiple flashbacks at one time. She was in the infirmary for two weeks. She was unconcious for a week and a half, and she wouldn't talk to anyone except me for the rest of the year. You're the reason why she's starting talking again."

Archer's face lit up as he said this victorious statement, and he waited for Avery to react.

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((Haha I know!))

Avery was wide eyed the whole time. "Really?" Avery knew something was odd about Syrena. Avery opened her mouth to tell him the truth, but she wasn't ready yet. She was afraid. But she didn't show it.

"How do I help her start to talk?" she decided to inquire.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Archer pushed up his sleeves and sat down next to Avery on the bench.

"You gave her someone to talk to, who wouldn't just constantly make fun of her. Who she could gain trust from and give trust. You know? She seems like a whole different person."

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Avery thought about this concept for a while. She couldn't believe that she could make a person feel good. "OK, let's go back. But, if she starts crying, you're dealing with it. Cause frankly, I'm the WORST at comforting people."

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Archer smirked. "You won't have to worry about that. Because now that she can trust you, she won't have to be sensitive. She's stronger with people around her who love her."

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"Cool," Avery replied. Avery shifted around in her seat uncomfortably. "Hey, what do you know about the forbidden corridor?"

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Archer gritted his teeth as soon as he said that. He seemed to hesitate as he answered, choosing his words carefully.

"All I know is that a bunch of kids locked Syrena in there last year, and she won't speak a word about it. Even to me. The only thing that she has told me is, 'Just don't go in there. Ever.' and she gets this really scared feeling. She has scars and some kind of bite mark from it too." Archer's voice trailed off from his already quiet tone.

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Avery's face was horrified. "Bite marks?!!?" she said aloud. "What-" Avery cut herself short, knowing that Archer doesn't want to answer any more questions. "Erm, maybe we should go back to Syrena. I''m sure she's getting lonely."

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Archer nodded, wanting to get away from the awkward conversation. "Syrena?" He called.

Syrena peeked out from an adjacent hallway. "Yeah?"

"You can come back now. Do you feel okay to...?"

Syrena nodded and shuffled back into the room. Archer grabbed her wrist and pulled her over to him and Avery. Syrena looked at Avery, unsure of what to say.

((Should I stay Archer just for this destination, or do you want to take him back.))

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((Umm, I'll be him, but if you want him to say something specific, you can use him..haha, that sounds weird))

"So, are there like popular and unpopular groups at this school," Avery started as she stuffed a piece of chicken into her mouth. "Or how about clubs? Do they have any clubs?"

((BTW, if you wanna make clubs, I'm gonna make a new folder.))

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena nodded, still not touching her food. "Sure, every school has cliques. For example, Archer and Elodie ," she said in a fake sweet voice, "are in the popular group. I'm unpopular and the newbies are basically undefined."

Syrena laughed as Archer elbowed her in the ribs, but she retorted quickly and punched him in the stomach.

"Don't talk about my girlfriend like that, Syrena..." Archer said even though he was silently laughing himself.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments (( lol I just reread the whole Hex Hall series, and everytime Cal dies i'm just like crying my eyes out. #loner i'm basically in love with Archer #evenmoreofaloner))

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((Haha, funny. I wish I had the time to read like I used to)).

"OOoh, you have a girlfriend," Avery stated, happy the conversation was something she enjoys. "How's she like?"

Archer cleared his throat. "Well, she is my girlfriend, so I obviously like her. But, idk. She's getting a little weird."

"How so?" Avery pried.

"Well, I always see her hanging out with Cal, which is really annoying," Archer started.

Avery sighed. "Archer, everyone loves Cal. He's a total hottie. Of course she's gonna fawn over him."

"I guess you're right," Archer said.

"Listen, if you ever need girl advice, I'll totally help you. I'm great when it comes to this type of stuff." Avery smiled.

Archer grinned. "I'll put you on my tab."

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