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Roleplay time!!! AND ACTION!

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena sauntered out onto the lush field and plopped herself down in the thick grass. The grass tickled her legs and arms as she ran through it. She spotted the large boy, Cal. He was supposedly sent to Hex Hall as a kid and it became his home. Apparently, he had nowhere to go to after he finished his years, so he stayed and worked as the groundskeeper. All the popular flirty witches would try and use charm speak on him, but he stayed uninterested and resisted the power. Of course, they were amateurs. Syrena was a master of charm speak and could always talk ANYONE into doing anything. Of course, in her first year at Hecate Hall (this is her second year) she had thought on many occasions to see if her powers could sway him until her shyness overtook her. She had never actually approached him or even said hello. She glanced in the opposite direction, only to see a large figure coming towards her... (anyone want to be the first to approach Syrena?)

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(I will! BTW, you write really good!)

"Hey," Avery started. "I saw you at the Lounge!" Avery met Syrena's gaze, and found herself looking at a muscular, tall, good-looking guy. Obviously, Syrena was giving him lovey-eyes. Avery was not about to steal a girl's crush, whom she already called dibs too. That's not how I'm gonna make friends, she thought.

"Who's he?" I decide to ask.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena jumped in surprise at the voice which had broken the peaceful silence. She blushed profusely as Avery glanced over to Cal. She bit her lip before responding,

"That's Cal. He's the groundskeeper. He finished here a year or so ago and wanted to stay here."

Syrena stopped for a moment before continuing. She made a mental note to herslef to not bring up what had happened the year prior.

Then she continued,"I hear he's a pretty nice guy. My friend Max was pretty close with him last year, and he used to gush about how amazing he is. I was just thinking about something that used to happen to him..." Syrena's voice trailed off as Cal glanced over to them. Immeadiately, Avery dropped her eyes to the ground and her cheeks turned a vivid red. Syrena laughed just loud enough so that only she could hear herself giggling.

"You like him?" She inquired.
(Thanks! I'm actually writing a fanfic for Hex Hall...)

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments When Avery didn't respond, Syrena laughed and said quietly and reassuringly, "It's fine if you do. I don't, so don't worry about stealing another girl's crush. Plus, almost every girl at Hex Hall has a crush on Cal. Well, either him or Archer Cross."
Syrena blushed as she said his name.

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Avery smiled, grateful for Syrena's kindness. "He looks a little older though, don't you think? And plus, my dad would definitely NOT approve." Avery and Syrena burst into giggles.

"Why did Cal want to stay at Hex Hall?" Avery inquired. "And who's Archer Cross?" Avery noticed how much of an idiot she must sound to Syrena.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments "Well, Cal is only 19. A few years isn't a huge deal. Plus, your dad wouldn't need to know anyway. You're stuck here..."
Avery and Syrena burst into gigggles again, laughing until the point where both of their stomachs ache with laughter.

"I don't think Cal has any family outside of Hecate Hall. Archer Cross is a friend of mine. You should meet him sometime. Although I must warn you, he's a bit of a troublemaker. He's supposedly dating another Dark Witch, you know, one of the popular flirty ones, but I say that he's got his eye on Sophie Mercer. I should take you to meet them sometime. They're both in our grade. Sophie is a dark witch too. But, she's more like me, except she's sarcastic instead of shy. You don't sound like and idiot, you're just new. This is only my second year, and I know everyone! By 2nd semester you'll be a pro."
Avery seems to be trying to take in all the information at once and Syrena laughs.
"Sorry if it's an overload. We should go say hi to Cal." Cal is still looking at the girls and Syrena waves to him, but he doesn't wave back.

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"Um, are you sure he's in the mood to say hi? He seems like he's in a bad mood."

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments "That's kind of his personality. He's really shy."
Syrena isn't acting like herself; she's confident. Syrena boldly stands up and runs over to Cal, then motioning for Avery to come too.

"You're Cal, right?"

Cal looks at Syrena strangely. Syrena pursed her lips, waiting for him to answer. Cal exhales and replies, "That's me. You girls need any help?"

Syrena looks at Avery and winks. Then she turns back to Cal and states, "I'm trying to get out of my shy personality, but I guess its not working too well..."

Cal gives Syrena a look of sympathy, like he understands. Then , Avery walks over and joins the two of them.

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"Hey," Avery says as she gives Cal the once over. "I'm Avery. I've just moved up from Chicago. It's nice to meet you." Avery extends her hand out to Cal, hoping she doesn't humiliate herself in front of him. She didn't want to give someone who is older a bad impression of herself.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena keeps herself from giggling by biting her lip. She hoped that Avery didn't feel too uncomfortable. Cal hesitated, but reluctantly shook Avery's hand.

"So how's life out here? Your little house looks nice. I wish our dorms were cosy. They are just really cold. They blast the air conditioning way to much."

Cal laughs. He knows how bad the dorms our, and he chuckles as he replies softly,
"It's good. The dorms are pretty bad in there."

Cal turns to Syrena.
"You never told me your name."

Syrena smiles and extends her hand to Cal. "I'm Syrena." Cal shakes her hand, not as reluctant this time. He seems to have lightened up a bit.

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"So, groundskeeper," Avery says. "Is that a class I can take?" Avery batted her eyes a bit in order to show herself as not shy. She definitely DID NOT want to be known as shy. She wanted everyone to know her as the 'outgoing, upbeat' type.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Cal chuckled and replied in a raspy voice, "Nope, sorry. Teaching wasn't included in the groundskeeper job unfortunately."

Syrena smirks as she sees Avery's face fall, but she immeadiately laughs to indicate that she was joking.

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"Well, that's too bad," Avery answers in her flirty voice. "I'd be your favorite student." Avery loved a good flirt when she had the opportunity. Of course Cal was good looking, but not dating material. Avery just thinks it's fun to hit on the guys, playing hard to get. Avery took a quick glance at Syrena, who looked as if she was a bit shocked by Avery's confident behavior.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena got the sudden urge to laugh. Like she really, REALLY wanted to. She tried hold it in by biting on her lip but some giggles tumbled out. Syrena tried to act shocked at Avery's flirty behavior, and apparently, she had sold it. Well, that was a win, she thought.

Cal chuckled and responded, "Yup." He shrugged. "I'm sure you would." His reactions were awkward and he felt a little uncomfortable in the situation. Was Avery trying to flirt? He wasn't the dating material. He freaked out at everything and his shyness overtook him easily. Avery was obviously playing hard to get, but Cal didn't have the slightest idea how to play along.

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((Haha, I love how you replied to that!))

Avery could tell that Cal was feeling a bit uncomfortable. She decided to back down a bit. "So, do you have any tips for me? I just came to this school this semester."

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Cal shuffled back and forth on his feet, testing his balance. He took a minute to think, and then responded cautiously.

"Stay warm in the dorms, know which teachers have what expectations, and study ahead for everything. That's basically it..."

Syrena kind of awkwardly stood there, listening to them talk. She started to think of the idea of trying the charm speak, but quickly shook off the idea.

((lol thanks i was kind like um how do I reply? i mean i would laugh if that happened to me so...))

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"Cool." Avery gave Cal a flirtatious smile. "I guess I'll see you around, Groundskeeper." Avery gave him a quick wink and with that, grabbed Syrena and fast walked out of Cal's hearing range.

"OK, am I good or what?"

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments "Um...I really don't know how to judge that." Syrena stuttered.

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"C'mon," Avery said in an attempt to get Syrena out of her box. "Tell me the truth. I can take it."

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments "No..I'm serious. I have absolutely no idea how to flirt well and what good flirting and bad flirting is. Honestly. I don't really....flirt." Syrena admitted.

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PERFECT, Avery thought. She was really excited. "Great! I can teach you everything there is to know about flirting! OMG, this is gonna be soooo much fun. And we can practice with Archer. Huh? Huh? Huh? Plus, it'll teach you to have more self esteem and break out of your shell like me!!" Avery was beaming with ecstasy.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena's eyes widened. "Woah there. Slow down girl. Practice with Archer? I don't know. I know him too well...it would be weird. And I really don't see how flirting will help me get more self esteem..."

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Avery rolled her eyes in a playful manner. "C'mon! You'll be more confident about yourself. You can finally stand up to people. Trust me, if you can talk to a boy you have a crush on, you can talk to anyone." Avery left a pause. "So, who do you have a crush on?"

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena shook her head honestly. "No one."

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Avery sighed. This was gonna be harder than she thought. "OK, forget the boyfriend stuff. How about I teach you to be more.." Avery trailed off as she looked for a word. "..outgoing."

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena scrunched up her nose like she usually did when she was confused. "How are you going to do that?" She asked.

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"Well, I can go to your room sometimes, and if you ever need help, tell me and I'll help. Deal?" Avery put out her hand.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena grabbed Avery hand and shook it. "Deal." She said firmly.

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"So are there any secret passage ways I should know about at this school?" Avery inquired.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena smirks. "Well, there is one that I found." She led Avery over to a wall of the school where the bricking was very weak. Then she pushed in one of the bricks, and an entrance appeared. They both stepped in and ended up in Syrena's dorm. ((Go to my dorm and continue this...))

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments (We should take Archer through the passageway next time. Dang that would be fun(: ))

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((Haha, ok. Sounds good. I feel like we should bring Cal more into this. Don't you?))

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments ((Yeah. Definitely. How so??))

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((Idk, maybe add him randomly in different destinations. I'll be Archer so you don't have to be 3 people at once.))

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments ((I really don't mind. But that's cool.))

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((OK, cool. I'll keep going I guess.))

"So, what's with Headmistress? I mean, is she always crabby, does she have favorites, or is she actually super nice once you get to know her?" Avery had made herself at home by plopping herself onto the bean bag chair adjacent from Syrena's bed.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena shrugged.
"It kinda depends." She admitted.

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"Does she like you?" Avery inquired cautiously.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments "I don't think that she likes anyone." Syrena answered.

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"What do you mean anymore?" Avery pried. She could feel those thoughts inside her head boiling; unfortunately, she was unable to control them. "You mean, you did something to tick her off!?! What'dya do?"

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena raised an eyebrow, feeling confused. "What? No. I said that she doesn't really like anyone. " Syrena said.

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((Oh oops. Sorry, i thought you said anymore, haha.))

"Oh sorry. I guess I misunderstood you." Avery sighed, at a loss of words.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Syrena laughed. "Nah, its fine."

The girls stayed in silence until they saw a large figure moving towards them. It turned out to be Cal. He stopped in front of them and inquired, "Shouldn't you girls be in class?"

((lol I'm trying to bring Cal in as much as I can. Problem is , he's not a very big character in the Hex Hall until Demonglass..))

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((Haha, it's fine. If we can't think of anything else to say, maybe another character will come along...hopefully! ANYONE, FEEL FREE TO ENTER THE CONVO!))

"Maybe," Avery stated, figuring that flirting is the only activity that makes her smile here. "Shouldn't you be working?"

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Cal nodded. "I am."

Syrena glanced up at him, keeping her eyes down. She didn't need for anyone else to notice the unsimilar coloration.

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"So, I have a serious question. What do you know about the initiation ceremony?" Avery inquired as she and Syrena followed Cal.

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claudia (csteps) | 283 comments Cal took a minute to think, and then answered, "It's the way that we welcome you to Hecate Hall. I'm not supposed to say much about it, and I've heard that it's changed since I first went to it."

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"Hmmm," Avery stated. She got lost her in her own thoughts. ((I'm not really sure what to do now))

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