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Rinasa1234 | 913 comments Mod
I like cats. I am obsessed with my own cats. I have a lot to say about cats.

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Rinasa1234 | 913 comments Mod
Cats have many different breeds. I will not list them all. Breeds are usually referring to a type of domesticated cat. There are also many wild cats. My cats are domestic shorthair. That is not a purebreed. A crossbreed is multiple purebreeds breed together. The average house cat sleeps 18-20 hours a day. Cats cannot produce their own fat so cat food feels oily or greasy. Cats clean themselves with their tongues. Their tongues have little fine pieces of hair that cause friction when rubbed against. They will eat the hair they like off. When it builds up they throw it up. The hair will sit in their stomach until reading to regurgitate. Male cats clean themselves a lot. It has been observed that they clean themselves more than females. When cats drink water they don't lap it like dogs do. Their tongues have friction so it is sucked into their tongue. The friction from the tongue and the surface tension of the water help the water to be lifted into the mouth. Cats are more efficient drinkers than dogs. They are also cleaner. Cats are in fact very intelligent. There are cat circuses. The design of the cats body gives them the ability to turn in mid air, climb very fast, jump, etc. They are the acrobats of the pet world. Misty knows how to open a door. Callua knows how to invade our cabinet and eat the food. Cats can act like dogs too. They are both pet animals so they do share characteristics. They both chase tails, like to be pet on the belly, and are affectionate. Most cats tend to prefer being petted behind the ears, on the head, or under the chin. Cats have extremely good eye sight and hearing. Those come from their hunting instincts. I have more but I will type that later. I have to go.

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Lizzi721 | 178 comments I didn't.

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Lizzi721 | 178 comments All I read was 'Cats sleep 18-20 hours a...blah blah blah.'

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Rinasa1234 | 913 comments Mod
That isn't even all of it. I still have so much more to add. I just ran out of time today.

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Laszlo (steampunk) | 246 comments Tell me more!

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Laszlo (steampunk) | 246 comments ☻/
/ \
This is Bob. I was told to post him everywhere I-and you-can, so he can take over the world.

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Rinasa1234 | 913 comments Mod
I am not on a computer right now so I'll do my best...

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Rinasa1234 | 913 comments Mod
If a purebred cat is second generation it is illegal because it is still considered wild. I think the rule applies up to fourth gen. Cats have dandruff. There are people who are allergic to hair, then the people who are allergic to the skin cells. Cats are known to eat odd objects. Most domesticated cats will eat yarn, rubber, and things like that. It is considered normal. When cats have diarrhea they must drink a lot of water. Unlike humans, cats can lose almost all of their water through diarrhea. Cats can die from it so they must drink excess amounts of water. Cats have a high immunity towards lime disease. If cats don't get enough tamarin they can go blind. Tamarin is a nutrient that keeps their eyes healthy. Cats are the only animal I know of that eats tamarin as a necessary nutrient. Cat fur grows all in one direction. The root facing the head and the tip facing the tail. When a cat bristles, the hair changes angle. The root is actually capable of moving. There are muscles or something that help it do this. So the more puffier means the larger angle. Some kittens experience the fuzzies. The fuzzies refer to when a kittens fur looks as if there are these weird longer strands sticking out. It Looks like another layer of fur coating the fur. Except it isn't as thick, and is very thin. Think of something solid with little fibers encircling it. That's what fuzzies are. Cats bristle either they are scared, or to intimidate another thing or cat. If the cat tail stands up it means the cat is curious. Tail down is sad or ashamed. Hissing is used to warn enemies. Cats eat in a crouch position. The pounce position is when the front paws are ready to push the ground and the hind legs are typically wiggling to get ready to spring. Cats have over 300 different types of meows. Cats are attracted to moving objects and typically not still things. They can only see blues, reds, and greens. A cats eye at a certain angle or at night will make it look metallic and glowing. A cat's tail has about 20 bones, I think. I don't know the exact number but it should be around 20. A cats ears can move direction so easily because they are full of little bones and muscles. When a cat hears a sound the ears will automatically move toward where the sound came from to listen better. The ears can move differently at the same time. Cats can jump up to 7 or 8 times their height. Cats are extremely flexible. A cat scream is an interesting sound. Usually, when a cat hits one year of age it will slowly lose playfulness. Cats are considered adult at 1 year. You cannot calculate cat years because the rate of growing will vary so much at different times and cats are different from one another. When a cat is ready to die, it will hide from it's owner and die quietly. Owners usually do not recover a body because cats hide very well.

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Lizzi721 | 178 comments How I see dogs: Beagle, bichonfrise, husky, Labrador, poodle

How I see cats: Brown, black, white, fluffy, orange

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Rinasa1234 | 913 comments Mod
Fluffy? That sounds like a really cheesy yet adorable pet name. I think I'll name a cat Fluffy one day. But what would the neighbors say when they hear me yelling Fluffy down the road telling him to get back inside?

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Lizzi721 | 178 comments Hmm let's test that theory

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Badgerlord | 15 comments H.P Lovecraft (famous horror author) once wrote an article on why cats are better than dogs.

Also, apparently, if you electrocute a cat with a large enough current, its tail will point north. I'm only going to try this theory if I get genuinely list with a cat, and car battery. I don't condone cruelty to any animal.

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Bookworm | 8 comments Really?

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