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♥Booknerdswift♥ | 44 comments Mod
I think it's sad. Just like what happened in Conneticut.

message 2: by Anacca (new)

Anacca Renner Yeah...I really don't know wht else to say...

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

So sad :'(

♥Booknerdswift♥ | 44 comments Mod
to look at her stuff, go to this website:


message 5: by Anacca (new)

Anacca Renner wow...that website is amazing...

message 6: by Chami (new)

Chami | 5 comments Anacca wrote: "wow...that website is amazing..."

Yup it's amazing and sad as well; especially her photos. ;)

♥Booknerdswift♥ | 44 comments Mod
you can ever read her journals.

GothamsReckoning (baneofgotham) | 3 comments That's crazy, I have alot in common with her so it's kind of weird but nice to know that I can make a difference like she does everyday

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