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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED- 60s or 70s young adult book, girl raises runt of dog litter into race dog, also an artist. [s]

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Vesmé (vesme) | 25 comments This book was intended for middle or high schoolers, I believe.

The main girl lives with her father, who raises race dogs. She looks after the runt of one litter and raises him well, and at some point he is taken to be a race dog as well.

She does well in school, especially art and home design. She draws the dog a lot and is quite good at it, and at one point one of her teachers visits her at home and she shows her some of the home design improvements she's done..

She has a best friend, but as they are nearing the end of school and making decisions as to what career field they are going into, she and her friend start to drift apart.

Near the end of the book (view spoiler)

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bookel | 2108 comments The Greyhound by Helen Griffiths? Ah sorry, that appears to have a boy as the main character.

Is it about a sled dog or a greyhound?

Or, though the publishing date is later, what about Windsong by Lynn Hall? "Although she's only thirteen, Marty knows she wants to make a career of dog racing. When the kennel owner gives her a runt named Windsong, Marty's determination to keep the puppy pits her against her dysfunctional family."

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Cheryl (cherylllr) It does sound like a memorable book. Vesme, have you found this since you posted?

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Vesmé (vesme) | 25 comments Sadly, I haven't found the book yet. Thank you for the suggestions, bkl, but neither of those are the ones I'm looking for.

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6980 comments Mod
Do you remember if the girl lived in Alaska or in Canada? Or, I guess one of the other northern "cold" states would also work, but you mostly hear about sled dogs being from either Alaska or Canada. The country could possibly give us a clue to the author.

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bookel | 2108 comments Is it about a sled dog or a greyhound?

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Vesmé (vesme) | 25 comments Hello, sorry for the late reply, however I don't have Internet right now. The book wasn't set in a cold area, and they weren't sled dogs. They were racetrack dogs, so perhaps greyhounds. (Although I kinda thought it was a collie, I'm probably just misremembering that part though.)

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bookel | 2108 comments http://www.librarything.com/list/642/...
None of them? Jet, a Gift to the Family by Geoffrey Kilner is an older book. What sort of Collie?


You weren't confusing it with this? Though the characters are younger than what you seem to state.
One dog day by J Patrick Lewis. Rough Collie entering dog race. 1993. Published too late. Would have to do more searching.

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Vesmé (vesme) | 25 comments I've looked over the list, but none of them are the book. The dog did play a part in the book, but there was a lot of coming-of-age stuff too. The girl was in her last year of high school.

Thanks eveyone for all the suggestions so far!

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bookel | 2108 comments Anything by Bianca Bradbury? Or by Cavanna? Did I get that surname right? Momentary memory block on first name and no time to check right now.

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CLM | 302 comments Yes, could it be a Betty Cavanna like Puppy Stakes?

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bookel | 2108 comments http://www.abebooks.com/Cavanna-Betty...

Going on sixteen by Betty Cavanna.
The linked page has a plot summary that says the main character dreamed of being an artist. She raises a rough collie pup.

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Vesmé (vesme) | 25 comments Going on Sixteen is totally the book! As soon as I opened the goodreads page and saw the alternate covers, I recognized it!

I guess it was published in the 40's, although the copy I read came out in the 70's.

Thank you so much to everyone for the help!!

Bkl, thank you so much!

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bookel | 2108 comments Fantastic! I haven't read it yet though I own it. Going on sixteen has been republished/reprinted many times. Personally I'd prefer a cover with a Collie on it. But the copy I've got just has a girl with dress in front of the mirror. Does it really have dog racing in the story? I've not seen that in plot descriptions, which seem to vary. It definitely sounds like my kind of story.

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