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Paul Guildea Hi,
My name is Paul Guildea and I am releasing my novel The Pebble in the season of Mayan Calenders and Winter Solstice. Check out the video on

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Welcome to the group, Paul. Seeing as you're releasing a novel soon I assume you don't think that the world going to end on Friday. When I saw 'Mayan' in you comment it was the first thing I thought of. I'm discussing the idea of an apocalypse party with friends at the moment and we're having a giggle about the whole thing.

Anyhow, good luck with its release and I wish you every success.

Paul Guildea Yeah a flawed marketing strategy lol..... No The Pebble is YA fantasy but with a real 'keep your brain turned on' theme in it....

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Tina Pisco (goodreadscomtina_pisco) | 27 comments Just uploaded my new blog (first published in The West Cork People) about the Apocalypse:

PS Welcome Paul! I'm an author as well, with a new novel coming out soon.

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@Paul. I had a quick read of the synopsis. It sounds very interesting. Hopefully you get it out there.

Good luck again.

@Tina. I must remember to read your blog whenvI get back on my laptop.

Paul Guildea Thanks Declan.... 'pre release' sales are going ok, so here is hoping eh?

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