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message 1: by Brandy (last edited Dec 19, 2012 01:09PM) (new)

Brandy Nacole (brandynacole) Okay, so I've been doing a lot of thinking on how to make my blog more interesting while also giving other indie author/businesses some promo and giving the readers some info. SO here's what I've come up with. I'm going to be adding some new pages:

Book Reviews



There may be more added to the list later but for now this is the start.

What will go on these pages. The book reviews are of course reviews of books I have read. If anyone would like for me to review a book you can email me here: Any book requested for review, I will gladly buy from the site you direct me. That way you still receive royalty.

Promotion page: This is were I give other indie authors/businesses owners the chance to leave some of their info for others to see and check them out.

The events page will host current giveaways, any event someone has, or blog tours that authors have running. This gives readers the chance to enter in some neat events/giveaways they might not have known about.

I will also be adding author interviews and features to the blog. Author days will be on Mondays.

Also on the first Friday of every month I will give a blurb to any book that I've written or am currently writing.

If interested in being featured on any of these pages, again contact me here: Let your friends know that are looking for some exposure and they can follow my blog and contact me for more info.

My blog:

Thanks Everyone.

Happy Readings :)

message 2: by Brandy (new)

Brandy Nacole (brandynacole) Forgot to mention, I will also be posting links every time I feature an event, interview, review, etc., on my facebook page as well.

message 3: by Brandy (new)

Brandy Nacole (brandynacole) This offer does extend to anyone. You don't have to be an indie author to participate. If you are a blogger, you can feature a link to your blog on the promotion page and any event you would like to feature that you have on your blog can go on the events page. Just email me the info at

message 4: by Lisa, R2R Admin & Group Creator (new)

Lisa Goldman | 541 comments Mod
This is great Brandy! I have some short stories in anthologies but hope to have my novel out this year. I will definately keep you in mind.

message 5: by Brandy (new)

Brandy Nacole (brandynacole) Hey Authors,
I am still taking request for author interviews BUT I wanted to let everyone know that I am booked until mid-April. You can still make your request and I will gladly get you scheduled in.
Thanks Brandy Nacole

message 6: by Brandy (new)

Brandy Nacole (brandynacole) Keith wrote: "I would love to get scheduled with your blog."

Hey Keith,
I have you down and will be contacting you through goodreads.

message 7: by Faith (new)

Faith Marlow | 68 comments Hello Brandy,

I contacted you at your email but didn't think to also leave a message here. I would love to work with you. :)

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