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Bronte Ellen Review coming in January. Did you like her first book?

Cathie (catitude) It's on my TBR list and I just picked it up from the library. I also picked up 10 other books, so I don't know yet which ones I will get around to reading. Maybe it could be a book of the month?

Bronte Ellen Yeah it can be Januarys book of the month. I want to start doing a proper book of the month but we need more members to have a vote on it :)

Cathie (catitude) Yea! Now I'll have to read it, seeing it's a BOTM! :-). Thanks :-)

Bronte Ellen Thats alright :) The review is now up on the blog if you want to cheak it out. I reviewed it and thought it was quite good, did you like it? :)


Cathie (catitude) I finished reading this. I gave it 3 stars; actually 3.5. It was good. I think it would have been better known/received if it hadn't come out in the same year as "A Fault In Our Stars" by John Green. That book was phenomenal and basically the same story line only much better told.

Bronte Ellen I really liked both books but probably The Fault in Our Stars just a little bit more. I have reviewed that too and its on the blog.

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