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Carrie Bivens | 29 comments This should be interesting....

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Carrie Bivens | 29 comments Goodreads 100 Challenge

At the start of 2013: 40
Goal: 50
Completed: 0/10

Books on the list to read so far:
American Gods

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Carrie Bivens | 29 comments Goodreads Choice Awards (mini-challenge)
Duration: January 1st-January 31st
Completed: 0/1

Book I will be reading for challenge : The Casual Vacancy

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Carrie Bivens | 29 comments Quarter 1 Spell Challenge: All about TV and Movies
Duration: January 1 – March 31, 2013

There are tons of television shows out there. Which television show is your all-time favorite? Who are your favorite actors and actresses? What is your favorite movie? This challenge will combine them. They can be recent or hollywood classics!

*Choose your favorite television show/actor/actress/movie
*You will spell out one, two, three, or all four of these choices over a 3 month period.
*You can spell word with titles (excluding A, And, or The) or the first letter of first/last name of the author. Also, you can use the first or last name of the main character of the book you are reading.
*Re-reads are allowed, but you have to reread the book…no skimming!
*Repost your completed list to get a virtual pat on the back.
*Have fun with this challenge!

I am choosing my favorite television show, so 13 books for Quarter 1.

S The Steward

F: Fever Dream

C: Cemetery Dance

Completed: 3/13

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Carrie Bivens | 29 comments Listopia Challenge

I'm in for this challenge too.


The first 5 on the list.

Completed: 1/5
Eternal Darkness, Blood King

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Carrie Bivens | 29 comments The Every Year Challenge: HS graduation


Completed: 1/15

2012: Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

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Carrie Bivens | 29 comments The History Challenge
Duration: January – December 2013

What do you remember about world history in the last 20 years? If you’re like me, not much! This challenge will increase your knowledge of world events and maybe lead you to a new favorite author, genre, or topic.

Categories (Years):

2012: Possible Apocalypse: Read a book about a post-apocalyptic or dystopian world.
2011: Protests (Egypt, Libya and Occupy Wall Street): Read a book about people standing up for something they believe in.
2010: Earthquakes (Haiti, Chile): Read a book where weather takes a toll on a community.
2009: Barak Obama Inaugurated: Read a book where racism plays a role in the character’s lives.
2008: Lady Gaga Releases First Album: Read a book about music, monsters or fame.
2007: iPhone: Read a book about technology, or any science fiction novel.
2006: Pluto Officially Demoted from Planetary Status: Read a book about space, astronauts, or exploration.
2005: YouTube Launches: Read a book about sharing, movies, or entrepreneurs.
2004: Samizdat (poetry magazine) Ceases Publication: Read a book about a poet or a collection of poetry.
2003: Amber Alert System Created: Read a book about someone who goes missing or runs/is running away from something.
2002: Arthur Anderson/Enron Scandal Convictions: Read a book about business, capitalism, or dishonesty.
2001: 9/11: Read a book about war, soldiers, terror, or conspiracy.
2000: A New Millennium: Read a book about new beginnings, or a book with over 1000 pages(!).
1999: Columbine: Read a book about school or workplace violence.
1998: Google Founded: Read a book about Google, searching, or learning.
1997: Movie “Titanic” Opens: Read a book about the Titanic, shipwreck, or a life at sea.
1996: Dolly the Cloned Sheep: Read a book about science, genetics, or animals.
1995: O.J. Simpson Trial: Read a book about law, courts, or any murder mystery novel.
1994: Rwandan Genocide: Read Shake Hands with the Devil, or another book about Rwanda or genocide (includes books about the Holocaust).
1993: SAM Colombia Flight 505 Crashes on Mount Paramo Frontino: Read a book where a crash (plane, train, car) occurs.
1992: Jay Leno Takes Over The Tonight Show: Read a book where television plays a role in the characters’ lives.

Choose how many years you are going for. You can choose as many or as little as you like!
State which years you are going for in your first post (optional).
Any book counts: fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, and re-reads are all fine.
When you complete the challenge post your entire list of books so we can all congratulate you. :D

Completed: 0/21

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Carrie Bivens | 29 comments Listopia Challenge

Completed 1/5

Eternal Darkness, Blood King

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