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message 1: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Snave (ElsieSnave) | 5 comments Synopsis

I’m Hazel Moore and I’m graduating at the top of my class with my best friends Zane and Lexus. I’ve landed my dream job as an executive chef at a new restaurant called Un-Jaded. Why is it now that when all of my dreams are coming true that I can’t seem find true happiness? What’s missing in my life?
I’m just a normal blue jean, t-shirt wearing kind of girl. There was nothing special about me, so I thought; until I saw my image through the eyes of Zane. Apparently Zane has had a crush on me the last four years, but why did he wait until his last party of our college years to tell me?
Should I take the chance on something more with Zane, knowing that it could ruin everything? Is the risk worth the potential rewards? I know that with love came heartache and I’ve had so much of that in my life. Can I take a risk at losing more than my best friend? If this didn’t work out, I would lose my heart; for he would surely take it with him.
When the new restaurant the Un-Jaded opens its doors to the public for the first time, I reluctantly see an unwelcomed face which I ignore. Upon leaving for the night I was cornered by the unwelcomed man from my past turned food critic. I ignored his forwardness but was that the right thing to do or am I destined to live a life of misery and pain do to my choices?

Places to purchase are amazon, kobo and smashwords

message 2: by Jill (new)

Jill Lovelace (Bookaddict559) | 10 comments Hi Megan, Jill here. I'd love to review your book for you!

Happy New Years :)

message 3: by Brooke (new)

Brooke Duffey | 1 comments Hi there! Im Brooke, New to goodreads and stumbled upon this. I'd love to review your book, sounds very intriguing❤

message 4: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Snave (ElsieSnave) | 5 comments It's actually a series of three! You can find it on amazon, kobo, iBooks and soon google play!
Book one is Requited
Book two is Undeserved
Book three is Saved

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