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What is the book like?

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message 1: by Ishita (new)

Ishita Read the book. Is it great?

Darlene Amity and Sorrow is very good I have read it. It is about a mother who takes her 2 daughters away from a life that they have only known. Where they have not only one mother but 49 others- they have rules for everything- they run after a fire has been set - in order to protect her children she runs-the mother crashes the car after 4 days of straight driving - if you would like to know more please read my review of the book. i gave it 5 stars. the book is very good. I recommend that you read it *****

Lorri It is a good book. I enjoyed it. It gives you a look inside a subject that seems to be a topic of interest. Read it

Melissa It is super bizarre, sad and twisted: it made me edgy there are actually people in the U.S. who are so idiotic and backward they actually think like this. Decent writing but just full of weird. I gave it a 3.

message 5: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah Like it very much so far. Compelling situation and writing.

message 6: by Dee (new) - rated it 1 star

Dee The subject interested me but I didn't care much for the book. The characters are not well-written, in my opinion. There are lots of better books to read.

Dana I did not think it was a very good book. I found the writing awkward and the characters not well developed.

Robert Smith I thought it engaging and readable but not without faults. The interesting bits lay in the girl's disconnect from the wider world, they may as well have been raised by Martians, and the difference between the two in adapting. I would agree that the other characters were not as developed and the story flagged a bit when it wasn't focused on the girls. Also didn't quite buy the farm and the farmer, seemed like some kind of Steinbeckian time travel slippage.
Anyway, as I said it's readable and has stretches good enough prose.

Heather I gave it three stars. I agree that the characters were not well-developed. It was readable enough, but the writing was inconsistent. I got it as an ARC, and I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it. It's not one I would re-read.

One of the more important incidents was never really covered - was only alluded to. It didn't even seem like the author was trying to add a layer of mystery. It just seemed to me like she forgot.

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