UnWholly (Unwind, #2) UnWholly question

What would you have done instead of Risa? Would you have signed the agreement with Proactive citizenry?
Claudia Claudia (last edited Dec 20, 2012 03:33AM ) Dec 19, 2012 06:28AM
Risa in this book was a controversial character, for a moment I really thought She had betrayed her principles.
But probably in her place I would have done the same.

I would have signed it, rather than let all my friend die. And it would be too tempting to have a new spine. I do think Conner was stupid to not realise she was being blackmailed! He should have had more faith in her.

Dee while I agree with you - at the same time, Connor is young, everyone he has cared for in his life has betrayed him (his parents/family); so psychologi ...more
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Sarah Younan whoa! i never thought of it that way b4. thanks!
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i really dont know but i got really mad when she did sign it and then got her unwound legs but if its to protect someone then ok but i wouldnt have gone tht easy

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I would have done the same because i mean it's to protect someone. She did it for a purpose, Risa isnt stupid she knows what she's doing.

hell no! I would've made a run for it!

i would have done it. I feel like Risa and me are a lot alike. Shes smart and she knows what shes doing, even if it means going against something she believes. And Hey! she got her revenge and took that bitch Roberta down in the end! i give her props!

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I would've done it for the sake of the whole.
But for self-interest, I'm not entirely sure whether I'd remain noble.

She showed great leadership by doing what she did. I would had done the same.

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I couldn't believe Conner and even Lev didn't trust Risa enough that she wasn't being hypocritical, but blackmailed... a bit hard to believe, but then again, Conner was growing distant and Lev didn't really connect with the two this book.

It's a touchy subject, should you go with integrity or heroism? I think Risa was right in doing what she did, and although it may have seemed not like Risa, I think she did it by looking at the big picture. Sure, it's wrong to be forced into unwinding, but if I had a choice between being, say, executed/killed and unwound, I'd choose the latter.

I thought it was kind of obvious that she was being blackmailed. Risa was not the kind of person to easily be swayed, so I thought - they must have threatened her!

And frankly, I believe I would have done the exact same thing to protect the person/people I love!

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