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message 1: by Jamie (last edited Dec 19, 2012 08:41AM) (new)

Jamie (jamielg) okay you all know what this is if you have ever heard or played or watched POKEMON!!!!!! :D btw its a morph of all the regions, NO LEGENDARIES AND NO MADE UP POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Trainer/ Conterster/ Breeder:


Starter Pokemon and nickname and gender(if chosen):

Pokemon Team: (only if your an experiencecd trainer)

Begginer or Advanced trainer:



Crush: (opt)

Gf/Bf: (opt)


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GinAndCats | 1253 comments Mod
Name: Rex

Gender: female

Age: 14

Trainer/ Conterster/ Breeder: trainer

Friends: NA

Starter Pokemon and nickname and gender(if chosen): Poochyena, male, Viv

Pokemon Team: (only if your an experiencecd trainer)

Begginer or Advanced trainer: Begginer

Personality: Obviously superior in every way. Or at least, she thinks so. Really is just childish and a bit self centered.

Looks: Long pale green hair. Elegant stance, up turned nose and a spattering of light freckles. exceptionally pale. Black eyes. Usually wears an oversized sweater and shorts. Large bow.

Crush: (opt) NA

Gf/Bf: (opt) HERSELF

Other: RPO

message 3: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (jamielg) Name: Blaire

Gender: Felame

Age: 14

Trainer/ Conterster/ Breeder: Trainer and Contester

Friends: RPO

Starter Pokemon and nickname and gender: Male Eevee named Storm

Pokemon Team: Later...

Begginer or Advanced trainer: Beggienr!!!

Personality: shy, kind, caring, sometimes can snap, riddle lover/puzzle lover, moody, friendly, social and likes to battle others

Looks: russet hiar that goes up to her shoulders, hazel eyes and is waring a black and white twirl shirt (shut up) and black shorts with brown uggs :D

Crush: nune


Other: RPO

message 4: by Bookninja4 (new)

Bookninja4 | 772 comments Name:Karina Grin



Trainer/ Conterster/ Breeder:contester


Starter Pokemon and nickname and gender(if chosen):Female squirtle, nick named Stream.

Pokemon Team: (only if your an experiencecd trainer)Stream, male piplup(Pip) and male WatEr VeRsIon Evvee(Evan)

Begginer or Advanced trainer:advanced

Personality:Serious and calm, however nice. Elegant.

Looks:LONG light brown hair, and dark blue eyes. She does her hair very fancy, and is always dressed for success.

Ect:She's been training with her pokemon Stream since she was 4, because her father's a breeder. She cares deeply for all three. She loves water type. She has always been very serious about her contesting, and has been doing it for a looong time.

message 5: by AmpharosPlush (new)

AmpharosPlush | 147 comments Name: Edmund Apex

Gender: Male

Age: 14


Friends: The voices within his head that he's so happy he's found.

Starter pokemon: Tentacruel (Cthulu)

Beginner or advanced: Advanced.

Pokemon team: Rotom (Azathoth) and Dragonite (Father Hydra).

Personality: Considered fairly crazed by his opponents. He constantly makes references to all matters of strange things, distinctly H.P. Lovecraft novels. He speaks somewhat quietly, yet he's willing to stand against people who are simply incorrect.

Looks: Wears a black fedora and a black sweatshirt. He's not very attractive. He has fairly long, black hair.

message 6: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (jamielg) Name: Elathan

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Trainer/ Conterster/ Breeder: Trainer

Friends: Blaire

Starter Pokemon and nickname and gender(if chosen): Dragonite named Crusade

Pokemon Team: Gyarados (Twister) Zoroark (Dusk) and Tyranitar (Tyrell)

Begginer or Advanced trainer: Advanced

Personality: Elathan is kind of a complete joke. He loves to be funny and sarcastic, buthe has a good heart. He likes to make people happy.

Looks: He has blue hair with a black streak of hair. She has big sky blue eyes. He also wears a black cape :3

Crush: Kind of Blaire....

Gf/Bf: None

Other: He and Blaire have known each other for like, ever. And he is THE champion :D

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