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Is reading faster, on an E-reader, Important to you?

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message 1: by Dan (new)

Dan Chaimovski | 2 comments Dear fellow readers,

We are a group of students researching the subject of "the importance of speed reading on E-books".
We would appreciate if you would be able to fill out our survey (link below).
It will only take 2 minutes of your time :)

Thank you very much!

message 2: by Heather (last edited Dec 19, 2012 06:43PM) (new)

Heather (hbodley17) | 7 comments Took your survey. To expand my answers a little. NO reading faster is NOT important to me. I read to relax, escape, and to destress. If I was rushing or trying to read faster that would not be too relaxing thus defeating the whole reason why I read.

NOW, if you had asked me when I was in High School and still reading boring textbooks, my answer would be completly opposite :)

message 3: by Mary C (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) Well I am a high volume reader. But I am not a "speed reader". While I have a naturally fairly quick reading speed but it's not intentional. Mostly I get a lot of books in beause I am lucky adn can read at work. I don't actively try to read faster. I read for enjoyment and to relax. The few times I have tried to actively speed read, I didn't find it enjoyable at all.

I would be interested in seeing an app like the one in the survey just for fun. But it's nothing I'd pay for or be likely to use regularly.

message 4: by Syahira (new)

Syahira While I was studying in biomedicine, I am used to reading fast and skimming notes for facts. It reflected on my reading speed.

Not sure about the 'ego-driven' thing.. some people just read fast

message 5: by Sonya (new)

Sonya marie madden | 266 comments I do read faster on an ereader, though it is not important to me to breeze through books.

message 6: by Dan (new)

Dan Chaimovski | 2 comments were almost there!

message 7: by Trutze (new)

Trutze | 5 comments I read faster when it gets exciting and most times I am angry with myself afterwards, faster reading makes shortens my holidays as good books are like small holidays to me. However there are some books i read faster intentionally, those that i only read to have read them at least once....that can be "must read" novels as well as textbooks

I got my ereader this christmas, while reading is different, i don't have the feeling that it is faster for me.

message 8: by RW (new)

RW Bennett (rwbennett) | 11 comments I'm intrigued with your speed reading application. I don't think I would use it for leisure reading, thouigh.

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