The Red Room Riddle: A Ghost Story The Red Room Riddle question

Anyone remember this book?
Jana Jana Dec 18, 2012 07:55PM
Did anyone read this book and love it as much as I did?

I read this book when I was young. I'm going to order a copy from amazon any day now. The funny thing is, what I've seen online says that it was published in 1978. I was 15. I seem to remember reading a copy from my local library long before that! How can this be? Can anyone let me know if it was published before 1978? I hope so, or I have another mystery on my hands!

I do remember it, and read it to many classes in October, over the years. It was great to do reader's response to, create original art about, or just to enjoy! I read it first myself as an adult, on a "dark and stormy night" and the lights actually went out! I think I remember screaming! Lol.

Scott Corbett wrote a great horror story in THE RED ROOM! :) I have a library edition I bought years ago on ebay. I won't ever get rid of it!

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