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What do you think is going to happen next?

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Makayla Ok so now Jace has some kind of internal fire burning inside him. So I'm wondering what is going to happen next!

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Nurlely Someone should get rid of that burning fire out of Jace and end his suffering. He has been tortured the whole series. To balance the Jace-Clary's happy end, CC needs to kill someone.

And please get a better cover for City of Heavenly Fire. No more a hugging or holding hands couple pliz!! It looks like cheap romance novel.

Valencia Cain I think i know what is going to happen next.
I KNOW what is going to happen next.
Want to know?
What's going to happen next is what's going to happen next.
That's all.

pink angel following traditional book law(according to moi), by this book what could happen is .............

1. an important or semi important friend of main character will betray her and become evil/enemy either voluntarily or unwillingly (ie curse,possession ect)

2.A lost love will be killed off(so in a pair of lovers one of them doesn't make it) usually background characters or 3rd party in love triangle

3.character discovery(one of main characters comes to understand who they truly are) through choice, an important act, or death of someone they love(parent,friend,love)

4.war(either internal or external)this war will be war to end all wars(between social classes,race,or any factor that divides characters) usually ends in compromise

5. lost innocents(ei clary)character who was usually innocent has been changed, scared, or hardened by the events that have come to pass and gain independence and will to fight. while usually just short clips this far into the series, love will be questioned, understood, tested, and ultimately conquered.

7.something controversy- something huge to upset the audience-meaning we wont be happy :(

8.evil lives!even if main evil is killed off characters still have some kind of second hand struggle(parents unhappy with relationship,society still doesn't like them, or other paranormal problem)
while it is an external evil somehow we will be assured they will prevail.

9.sides-loyalties questioned, and sides will be chosen for war, usually full of doubt or absolute certainty of who they can trust.

10. unknown- something weird, random or just completely unpredictable.(could be having a baby,wedding,funeral,graduation,or other life event, or something completely bizarre)we cant guess it all

either these things will come to pass if this is last book or will be set up to happen, lets hope for the latter.

me I'm rooting for a new character(a real contender /not Simon or her brother ew!) to come in and try to sway clary, and what should be an easy choice to pick jace will be ultimate test of love, of course new character should be perfect and where anyone else would choose him clary chooses and trust jace over him, showing that she really does love him(yes i know this sounds so wrong but hey, i like drama!in a book at least)also main characters should finally get to be happy they have been through so much, they deserve time together. oh and they should plan for the future, you know school, jobs, life that sort of stuff.They should definitely talk about their future together at least.

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