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The most wild land in the Kingdom, the wasteland is full of mutated creatures and insects, waiting for their prey.

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 66 comments *Xirael stood still in the open of the barren wasteland, his sword embedded in the ground and his gauntleted hands cuffed around it, his wings tucked back within the slits of his armor, staring toward the town that lingered in the distance and the castle behind it that signified the area as Blythe* "Soon it will all come to an end. Soon this entire place will be nothing but the ashes that the new life of this planet shall be born from. Such as the phoenix shall be reborn from its own ashes, so, too, shall the Earth, and it will be reborn whole and renewed and the great gifts of Mother Nature shall once again cover the planet and roam free throughout the lands, free from the corruption and destruction of the Human race until it enevitaly comes to that time, once again, where they become curious in their own strengths and limits and make the world as it's seen, now: either barren or industrious. Either way, nature has been tainted and violated and it cannot thrive as it once did. But such as it has in the past, the Earth will be reborn as the Great Curse takes its hold of the planet and restores it to its day of origin, ultimately resetting time, itself." *He removed his sword from the ground and began walking toward the castle* "And now I must attend to my own job and see to it that no intervention shall come from any being in the endless cycle that shall forever preserve the Earth and, yet, still cause its own destruction time and time again."

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