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Godiva Unbridled by Jenny Dare Jenny Dare

Genre: Historical romance with erotic elements

Godiva: Unbridled

Book Description:

Trapped in a loveless marriage, Lady Godiva schemes to escape the greedy, insensitive clutches of her husband, Edwin. When her plan goes awry she ends up in a bargain with him that would release her of her marital vows—but at a price. In a desperate attempt to flee, Godiva suffers a terrible fall from her beloved horse, which leaves her unable to remember anything about her former life, not even her own name.

Thomas Heggs is a simple man with fanciful dreams, working as a tailor’s apprentice in the small town of Coventry. When he finds a beautiful maiden lying injured next to her horse, he brings her into his barn to care for her and is immediately smitten by her mysterious charms. With no memory of her past, passion ignites between them as she recovers and tries to make sense of the dreams that haunt her from a life she no longer remembers. Meanwhile, as Edwin devises a plan to reclaim his spirited wife, pride threatens to eclipse his judgment, risking the loss of his very soul. Will the Lady recall who she is in time to make her fateful ride through town? Will new love stand a chance against the iron grip of a union bound by law?

What if history got the whole story wrong?

Godiva, Unbridled.

An erotic retelling.

Take your imagination for a ride

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sent in your request Jaideep

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