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B.L. Jones (bljonesbooks) | 96 comments Mod
(HIDE OR RUN-your choice)

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Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 105 comments Johnny was hiding in a very small space that no one else could get to.

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Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 105 comments He saw an opportunity to run and he took it. He ran to bus 1.

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Quemares Felipe was in the bathroom of the cafe when he heard the undead in the cafe. He was sure that he wouldn't be able to go out the front door so he would have to figure out another way out, but first he had to make sure that it was really the undead and not just his imagination running wild again. He was the only one in the bathroom so he quietly locked the door of the bathroom and put his ear to the door.

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B.L. Jones (bljonesbooks) | 96 comments Mod
I am hiding in the backroom of a cafe in the middle of freaking nowhere...WHY? you ask, because my class mates, make that ex class mates have gone insane. I never wanted to go on this trip in the first place, but oh no, GO on the trip Bobby that'll end well...apprently not.

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Quemares Felipe could only heard a few occasional groans and moans but it wasn't enough to confirm that it was actually the dead coming back. He unlocked the door and slowly opened the door. Yes, he thought, it is the dead that came back. He could count at least half a dozen zombies in the cafe and a lot more outside before he locked himself in the bathroom again. He needed a way to distract them. He looked around in the bathroom for something to help him but it wasn't the best place to be at a time like this. He saw a few toilets, a liquid soap dispenser and a window. He could go out the window but first he would have to make sure that there were no zombies around there or he could easily get eaten. He took out all the stuff in his pockets and looked at it. He had a phone, a pencil and his house keys that he carried everywhere. None of these things will help him make a distraction so he up them back in his pocket. Then he looked at the liquid soap dispenser and took it down from the wall. He could throw this at a window to make some noise to distract the zombies, all he needed now was a weapon. He looked at the toilets and decided that he would use the top part of one of them as a weapon but because it was heavy and somewhat noisy, he would have to take it as he was on his way out.

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B.L. Jones (bljonesbooks) | 96 comments Mod
This couldn't get any worse...no i take that back, Damon could be here, yes, that would defintiely be worse. So thats it then, im going to die...in a cafe, can anyone say epic fail death-wise. Screw it, im getting out. Good thing i took my pocket knife with me, although i didnt think zombie killer would be on my list of uses. I look up at the full length mirror in the office and shake my head, this is what i could die looking like, a tall 16 year old slightly pale big blue eyed dark long blond haired girl. Brilliant. My grandad always said i look like a beautiful english rose, English rose my arse, more like a freaking bunch of belladonna. There is no way in hell im getting eaten by chavs, just NO. I take the knife out of my boot and head out of the office past the toilets.

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Quemares Felipe grabbed the soap dispenser and opened the bathroom door. When he opened the door, it felt like everything was moving in slow motion. He threw the dispenser at a window near the front entrance and he could see it flying slowly through the air. He looked around and saw a bunch of zombies near the window he threw the dispenser at and he also saw a girl walking past the door he just opened. At least he thought it was a living girl due to the fact that she was walking normally and had a knife in her hand. He grabbed her and pulled her into the bathroom just as the dispenser hit the window. It wasn't strong enough to break the window completely but the window cracked and make a sound loud enough for the zombies to hear it. The zombies, both inside the cafe and outside, started to walk toward the window, just as Felipe closed the bathroom door and locked it. He turned around to face the girl that he has just pulled in.

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B.L. Jones (bljonesbooks) | 96 comments Mod
I lift my knife up to slash down into the zombie that grabbed me by then i realise something...it isn't trying to bite my face off, I lower the knife only slightly and say 'who the hell are you?'. Not that it really matters, what matters are the zombies coming in from everywhere. He had broken a window, to distract them maybe, I'm not sure if thats clever or mental, either way 'we have to get out, they'll just keep coming' I say. I can hear the bloody things outside, the sound makes me want to gringe.

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Quemares Felipe looked at her. "Introductions will have to wait." He said, "While they're distracted by the broken window, we go out that window" He pointed at the bathroom window. "Then we go to the woods." He walked over to a toilet and took of the top part. It wasn't too heavy to not be carried by one hand but to be used as a weapon he would have to use both hands. He walked over to the window and opened it. "Do you want to go out first?" He asked.

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B.L. Jones (bljonesbooks) | 96 comments Mod
I just looked at him for a moment then shake my head, long hair falling in my face, 'nah, you go, im pretty sure im not as tasty looking' i say. Whoever the hell he was this situation seems somehow better now that im not alone with the face nibblers. I flip my knife in my fingers and gesture for him to go but then i say 'On second thoughts i'll go first since you have your hands full of toilet', i head for the window and climb out quickly looking around for potential zoms.

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Quemares Felipe quickly followed her, dropping the toilet thing first and then climbing out himself. His plan had worked. All the zombies near the cafe had started walking toward the broken window, either attracted by the sound of it or the other zombies. "We should start going into the woods" he said and started walking toward the woods.

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B.L. Jones (bljonesbooks) | 96 comments Mod
'I think you mean RUNNING' i says, i run past him and grab his arm. We run into the forest, the tree's look uninviting, i start to feel like im freaking snow white and the tree's are going to attack me, but instead of running from the huntsman im running from my ex class mates who want to eat my face. Again, brilliant idea to on a school trip.

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Quemares "Espera!" Felipe said, "I mean, wait!" He stopped running and made the girl stop with him. "Where exactly are we going?" He said as he looked around. The trees and the snow made a fog like effect making it hard to see far away. Either that or the woods was very big. Either way it would be dangerous to keep on going without actually knowing where they were going.

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Quemares ((I think next post should be in the woods topic))

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