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Live Video Chat with Kim Harrison

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message 1: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Brown Join us on Wednesday, January 30 at 2pm ET/11am PT for a live video chat with bestselling author Kim Harrison. We'll be discussing her latest book, Ever After, the 11th in her popular The Hollows.

If you have a question for Kim, feel free to ask it below.

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Oooh great to know!

message 3: by Bakshree Mishra (last edited Jan 30, 2013 05:37AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bakshree Mishra whoa! :D

Edited on 29th Jan 7:06pm IST:
It's at midnight in my case! And I have a project due tomorrow and I'm still not yet done... But I'm working my end off trying to finish so that I can come and chat! Being oceans away means that this is the only way I can meet one of my favourite authors! Thanks Kim for keeping writing about Hollows and thank you so so much for Ever After!

Klint Great!

Jenni Ebba Yay! I get to see her in San Diego and then this! Awesome!!!

message 6: by Clare (new) - added it

Clare dooley This is really cool! It's the first video chat/ interview I've ever observed & it's w/an author I love:) goodreads rules!

message 7: by Fairyhedgehog (new)

Fairyhedgehog If only the book were available in the UK, I'd be there like a shot! I love Kim Harrison's books.

Carma Wow, love her books and am trying to get the entire set from book one, I moved and now I don't remember which ones I have and which I need to look for.

Anade Damn Im in the wrong time zone.. Would you ever get to come out to Australia for any book signings?

message 10: by Kat (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kat Klein I can't watch it either, Anade. I work during the interview time :(

Michelle Will we ever learn the full truth about what happened at camp?

message 12: by Jeanjeanie (new)

Jeanjeanie Thank you for the reminder , but as i live in the Netherlands there is a bit of a time difference. My thouughts and good wishes to you all.

Erikah q: I truly enjoy your characters. What inspired you to make "demons" almost likeable?

message 14: by Tommie Marie (new)

Tommie Marie i really can't wait.. i love all Kim Harrison books...

message 15: by Aleta (new) - added it

Aleta q: This is a question about your writing in general. How do you craft your antagonist/villain? This is the part of writing that I seem to struggle the most with. I think with a solid antagonist in mind, it would be much easier for me to figure out the plot for my stories. What is your process for creating one and do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

message 16: by Narendra (new)

Narendra q: The Hollows series is one of the very few paranormal series that i have been able to keep following without losing interest in the middle. My question is will there be more of the same type of interaction between Ivy and Rachel as in the previous books or is that part of the story tied up? Thanks!

message 17: by Shawnie (new)

Shawnie I want to know about that cocoon Al made for Rachel... Was there a special meaning in that? Is it weird that I want some sort of small romance (or perhaps a stronger bond) between Rachel and Al??

message 18: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Lynn Totally Love this series, I am curious though. Do you draw on personal experience or of those around you when creating the relationships between all the characters? The friendships, tension, needing vs wanting someone and the struggle to do what is right vs what feels good?

Melody Up All Night Novels q: Like the proverbial "bad penny", Nick is back in the Hollows, and causing some major michief. How did it feel as "the queen of delayed gratification" to finally tie up that particular loose end?

Larry Thank you for the message, look forward to this, adding to calender now.

Meghan So very excited! Hooray for technology-savvy authors!

Cindy q Is Rachel EVER going to have her Happily EVER AFTER? Is this what this is about?

Alice Alice, the Good Queen: I won't be able to be there :( but, q Will get get the whole 'CAMP' backstory?

Missyb do you outline a book then go back and fill in the scenes, or do you just write? We hear about authors whose "muse" is gone and they haven't written a book for a series in a year or two yet they've written books for other series, how do you get out of that funk, if it's happened to you?

Adrjunkee thx, I truly hope I'm not working then :(

Maryanne q do you think you could make a trip to us in the bottom of the world New Zealand always gets forgotten

message 27: by Kim (new)

Kim Power Regrets, its the witching hour here in Oz. will talk be recorded?

Jennifer q Rachel's relationship with Trent has come a long ways since the start of the series, are you planning on developing this relationship into something more, with them becoming a couple, or just leave it as a friendship?

message 29: by Christie (new)

Christie Do you research a lot for your books before you write them? How often do you make things up, like the magnetic chalk, and is it hard for you to do so.

My Urban Fantasies q I'm a huge fan of Al. Do we learn the meaning behind the blue butterflies in this book?

message 31: by June (new) - rated it 5 stars

June q So my question refers to Al's wife, her death in particular. Did she die in the war, when they were cursed to the ever after, or maybe when Newt killed her "sisters" after being tricked into it? Or is it a story that we will never know? Thanks for bringing the Hollows to life for us.

My Urban Fantasies q What happened to Wayde?

message 33: by Victoria (new)

Victoria q (This is for Christie Woodin because it wasn't highlighted so I thought I'd make sure it was seen) Do you research a lot for your books before you write them? How often do you make things up, like the magnetic chalk, and is it hard for you to do so.

message 34: by Mary (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mary Lee Got to get her book read for this!

message 35: by Victoria (new)

Victoria q Where did you get they idea for Al's name and for his crushed, green velvet suit?

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

Shawnie wrote: "I want to know about that cocoon Al made for Rachel...

Yes! Yes! This has been a burning question for me too! Have you noticed how Ms. Harrison carefully mentions that chrysalis (even if only briefly) in every book since Al made it? Will we learn the secret behind this in the last book?

message 37: by Naturomel (new)

Naturomel What is the key thing in your life that has changed since you've become a well known (awesome :-) author? How has writing changed for you since you have become published and so popular? Do you still enjoy it in the same way?

message 38: by Naturomel (new)

Naturomel q What is the key thing in your life that has changed since you've become a well known (awesome :-) author? How has writing changed for you since you have become published and so popular? Do you still enjoy it in the same way?

message 39: by Ruth (new)

Ruth q: Are we seeing Ivy on her way out of the series? I love Ivy and the dynamic she used to bring to Rachel, I was so sad in this book to see her on the outside. I know it isnt popular, and I know Rachel doesn't swing that way, but I really feel like thwy are perfect for eachother. Also, Rachel now knows she cant be bound by a vampire, and she can hold anothwr sould withing her own. She could save Ivy. So I guess my question really is, is the possibility of Ivy and Rachel completely over?

Aprile q. Any plans for your short story "Grace" to expand into a full sized novel? (loved the world)

Aprile q. What do you have against the tomato? lol.

Cookies_and_cream52 Q: How did you pick the right character names and what traits do you think makes your characters interesting, setting them apart form the rest o the genre?

message 43: by Eduardo (new) - added it

Eduardo q: how do you come up with names? I write also but when I come up with a name for a charachter I've already fleshed out I'm not comfortable with it, and can't really give it a name

Megelza q: Can you tell us more about Trent's mother? Will more information about her be in future books?

Megelza q: Will Rachel ever outlive her past? Having the slime ball ex-boyfriend Nick keep showing up has got to be both embarrassing and depressing.

message 46: by Eduardo (new) - added it

Eduardo q: will you manage more the strain there is between inderlanders and humans? or maybe even show what the sittuation is in other parts of the world? because I don't believe that everywhere is the same.

message 47: by Aisha (new)

Aisha im so exited XD

message 48: by Emma (new)

Emma I won't be around to see it :(

message 49: by Anasta (new) - added it

Anasta Ensenanda W q: i'm really captivated by this series even though i haven't read your two last books -its hard to get them in Indonesia-. so I've been wondering how do you manage your stories? to keep them in the plot until after this long and not losing your readers' attention? we know that some writers (i'm not going to say who they are) have already lost their readers' attention because there's just too many books in the series and we can't even see the plot anymore.

message 50: by Pamela (new)

Pamela This chat will be going up at 2AM in my place, and I have school tomorrow, and I actually haven't read any of your books yet, Kim. But anyway, I just wanted to thank you for continuing to write about vampires despite the general audience's dislike of it. Rest assured I've know you since your book, Once Dead, Twice Shy, was advertised and I've added Dead Witch Walking to my to-read pile since last year. Have a nice day! :D

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