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There is many trees of all different types and many paths. What will you find?

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Ryder sits in a tree, looking to escape from prying eyes. He holds a precious iPod which he'd snuck in at some point and wanted to avoid the reds.

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He leaves.

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Melanie opens her book and starts to read, loving the peace and quiet.

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Ray walked down the path, eyes closed, earbuds in.

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Melanie heard soft footsteps going down the well-worn path, what she liked about this school is that usually, thinking about what happened in her dorm, people just ignore each other thinking about what they did in life and whatnot.

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Ray looked up. Then paused. A girl was on the path. This was HIS path... "Hey, um... Who are you?"

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She just ignored him. Not again... Hopefully he will just get the hint and leave her alone.

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"Um, it is polite to answer questions when asked them..." He waited a few seconds, then figured he should probably into dice himself first. "I'm Ray, by the way."

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She sighed, and finally looked at him. "Since you aren't going to leave me alone, I might as well give into the situation... My name is Melanie." She shut her book, but still kept her finger on her spot as a kind of bookmark.

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"It is a pleasure to meet you Melanie." He looked down at the book and grinned. "What are you reading?"

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Her face went as red as a tomato. "T-That is none of your concern..." She mumbled, hiding the book behind her. She didn't want anybody to know she had a soft side, especially a boy.

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((Haha!!! I was thinking the book should be "The Kiss of a Stranger" by Sarah M. Eden!!! Love the book! But you wouldn't like it because it is historical...))

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"Why can't I see it?" Ray gave a mocking, suspicious look.

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"Why does it matter to you!" She took a step back, trying to think of someplace to hide it where he won't see.

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"I like books." He held his hands up defensively.

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"Yea, but do you have to see what everyone is reading?" Her back hit a tree, her face still red.

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He chuckled. "Sorry. I was just curious."

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"Yea whatever..." She hid the book in a knot on the tree. Her blush began to fade, realizing the potential danger was gone. She wouldn't look at him though, embarrassed.

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He stepped closer,"Are you new here?"

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She looked up and glared at him, "Why does it matter to you?" People like him always have a motive hidden behind their facade.

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"Well, u seem really defensive around me. Everybody here though knows that I'm not a threat, I am probably the only truly innocent people here." Ray laughed.

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She studied his eyes, then gave in. "Yes I am new...Why do you even care though?"

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Ray shrugged," I've asked myself that same question on several occasions."

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She couldn't help the giggle that came out, she was unconsciously warming up to him, "How long have you been here then?"

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"A year. I will be here until I turn eighteen though, good behavior or not. They think I am a threat."

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She cocked her head, confused. "You didn't do anything bad to get in this school? What did you 'supposedly' do then?"

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""Kill my brother." He studied her, waiting for her reaction. Everybody reacted differently.... but he was afraid he was going to scare her off.

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She noticed that he didn't want to scare her away and she laughed. "They thought that you would kill your brother?" She couldn't stop laughing, "I'm sorry, but you don't have the look people get when they killed someone...I thought you would say something like you vandalized or stole something!" She calmed down and tried to catch her breath.

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"You aren't freaked or anything?" His left brow arched.

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She gave him a sarcastic look, "What do you think?"

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He grinned, purely from relief. Well, maybe because he was also with this girl, Melanie... "Okay, good." Ray laughed.

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She slumped against the tree behind her, "Do you happen to have any food on hand?"

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Ray shook his head smiling,"All I have is me, then my music."

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She glared at him, "You suck..."

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"Oh thanks." He rolled his eyes.

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She pointed at him, "Hey that is what I am supposed to do! You stole my eye roll!"

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Ray began laughing. "Nuhuh. That eye roll there? That's mine." He winked.

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"Whatever! The eye roll is my signature move! You can have that stupid wink as yours!"

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"Hey, don't diss the move." He smirked.

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She rolled her eyes, "That move sucks...there is no denying it!"

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He rolled his eyes,"You love it, you can't deny that!" This was weird for Ray... How was he suddenly so open with this stranger? She was pretty, sure. He liked the naturalness of her, it was different from most of the people here. But, was that why?...

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She was about to retort, but she swallowed it. A feeling unknown to her was building up inside, what was wrong with her? She could not deny that when he winked, she got flutters in her stomach, he was kind of handsome in a way...NO! What was she thinking! She shook her head to clear it. What was wrong her? Is she sick? Instead she rolled her eyes again, "Whatever..." There, she wasn't accepting nor denying it.

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He looked around."Umm... Shouldn't you be in class?"

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"Ummmm.....yea..." She turned and grabbed her book, forgetting to hide it from him. The cover of "The Kiss of a Stranger" was facing outward as she started to walk away.

Kaydon came out from behind one of the trees in front of her. "Why, hello my dear...we meet again."

Melanie looked to be calm and she laughed, "What, so I could knock you out again?"

Kaydon smirked, "You can't do that this time can you?" He indicated the bracelet on her ankle.

Melanie took a step back.

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Ray had a bracelet as well, but her could see she was frightened. "Hey, why don't you buzz off and creep on some other girl?"

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Kaydon stepped forward while Melanie stepped back. "I can't. You see, Melanie is not who you think she is."

Melanie's eyes finally took on a panicked look, "Don't believe a word he says!"

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"Like I care. She is still a person, and I can tell that you're a creep. So go watch Jersey Shore or whatever creeps do." Ray stepped forward, his body angled to shield Melanie.

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Kaydon glared at Melanie then stared daggers at Ray, "You think yourself a hero now do you? Do you know how many people Melanie has killed?" He walked 'til he was up in Ray's face, "She is a spy and a murderer, do you still want to protect her now?"

"I am not a murderer!" She was close to tears for one of the first times of her life

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"Is that supposed to matter to me?" Ray wasn't fazed. He was a pretty big guy, and even though he was pretty sure he still couldn't take Kaydon, he wouldn't be intimidated.

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