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His room is decked out with neon lights and large posters on the walls. Ryder also has a mic stand in the corner and guitar, that he uses to write. His bed has a black and white checkered pattern on it.

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Ryder leads ((Omg I freaking wrote Presley. Her name is actually Janine or something...?)) to the building where they all slept, then to his room, the third. He opens the door and says, "Ta-da!"

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Ryder smiles and flops down on his bed, "It's not so bad, actually. The cameras can't see us, and they don't care how we decorate it."

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"Why thank you." Ryder says, as she observes more happy. He glances up too and absently plays with bracelets he wears.

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"Two and a half years." Ryder says shortly without enthusiasm.

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"I don't know. When I'm 18, probably." Ryder says slowly.

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"Nope, but nobody wanted me anyways." Ryder shrugs and frowns a little.

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Ryder smiles at her, "Thanks, girly. I actually do appreciate that." He sits back up slowly.

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Ryder holds his hand up for a fist pump. "Congrats. You are officially a student a Sword and Cross, enjoy it."

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"Oh well, it might beat real high school anyways." Ryder's heart skips a beat in that extra minute, but he remembers what she said about being a master manipulater and takes nothing to heart.

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Ryder gives her a wry smile, "Whatever floats your boat, though I think you'll find it's pretty atypical."

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"Nope, I think you're good, except remember the cameras are everywhere, except in your room." Ryde tells her.

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"Your quite welcome. You know where to find me." Ryder gives her a look when she has trouble getting off his bed and laughs a little, answering her thought with a, "When you've been here a while, you know how to get stuff."

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"Sorry, I can't get you a better bed. But if there's anything that you want from the outside, that's pretty small, I can get." Ryder tells her as she walks out.

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Jonni knocks lightly on the door, pushes it open, and finds Ryder asleep on the bed. He laughs and walks quietly in.

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Iz stuck her head in and saw Ryder asleep. She stifled a giggle and snuck in. "Are you sure we should just come in when he's out of it?"

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"He doesn't care, watch." Jonni nudged his ribs a little and Ryder jumped, spewing cuss words. Jonni laughed and once Ryder calmed down enough to realize it was him, he smiled too.

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Iz leaned against the wall, watching and laughing as she saw Ryder wake up.

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Ryder rubbed his eyes and pushed his hair around. "So what are you all here for? Can I get you something...?"

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Iz shrugged. "Given I don't know you, I'm following him," she replied, gesturing to Jonni.

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Jonni smiles at her comment and introduces them, "Ryder, Iz. Iz, Ryder." Ryder holds out a hand.

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Iz hesitated, then took it. "Ryder," she said quietly with a nod.

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Ryder shakes once, then withdraws. He stands up, walks by to shut the door behind them, and comes back. Then he guiltily holds out the contents of both their pockets. "Sorry, impulse."

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This was the kind of thing Iz would usually kick off about, but, instead, she just laughed. "What, klepto or something?"

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Ryder puts her things in her hands and shrugged, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what you'd say."

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She slipped her notebook back in her pocket, glad to have that back more than anything else.

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Jonni cleared his throat, "so anyways, the party is here tonight, right?" Ryder nodded, suddenly standing up and starting to pull things off the ground, "Oh yeah... It is! Fade was supposed to come help too. I wonder where she went..."

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Iz just gazed at them; she had heard of Fade but never talked to her. But then again, Iz didn't go out of her way to make friends. "I take it you'll be friends with the guy who can get the alcohol?"

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Ryder looks at her, as if remembering she exists. "Oh yeah..."

((One sec, let me check something...))

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Iz just raised her eyebrows, preferring to keep her mouth shut, and nodded.

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Ryder pointed towards a mini fridge, telling Iz, "In there is some booze." Jonni plopped down on the bed.

Fade pulled Saul with her happily and knocked on the door loudly.

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Saul opened the door for her.

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Fade smiled at him, "Thanks." Then she walked inside.
Ryder looked up, saying, "Fade, there you are! Where have you been?" She blushes.

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" Shes been with me". Saul told Ryder .

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Iz nodded to the new arrivals as she fetched a bottle of vodka from the mini fridge and sat herself down against the wall.

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Ryder looks like he just noticed Saul. He makes eye contact with Fade, his eyes saying, 'talk later.' Then out loud he asks, "And you are...?"

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" I'm Saul nice to meet you". He said extending his hand.

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Ryder takes it, shakes and says, "Ryder, you too." Then in typical Ryder fashion he hugs Saul, empties his pockets, and Fades, then steps back. Again as he did with Jonni and Iz, he holds out their stuff, muttering, "Sorry, cant resist." Fade rolls her eyes and takes the dollar bill and matches back.

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" Give me my stuff back too". Saul told him.

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Ryder hands it over saying, "Sorry man, can't help it. That everything?" Fade watches.

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" My knives". Saul tells him annoyed.

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Ryder slides that out of his full pockets too. Fade gives him a look.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
Kate, Ash, and Mikey all tumble into the room. They had been restling outside the door when they fell in.

The boys lay ontop of Kate as she looks at the people in it, "Looks like a party...."

Mikey and Ash get off of their sister and help her up, "It does." MIkey agrees.

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((Haha of course we both mange to bring three charries....))

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Jonni looks up and laughs at the new arrivals. Fade stays locked to a Saul, not totally comfortable around this many people.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod

Kate smiles and blushes at Jonni, "We intruding?"

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" Thats all". Saul told Ryder.

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Ryder nods and turns more happy again, looking around, "Wow, more people..."
Fade looks up at Saul, "Sorry, probably should have warned you."
Jonni shakes his head, "Nope."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
Kate smiles, "Sweet!"

Mikey smiles, "Cool."

Ash smiles slightly then goes to a little, dark corner.

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Ryder nods, "So, uh I wasn't actually expecting people already, so I guess just do whatever... Anybody have an iPod or something?"

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