Marked (House of Night, #1) Marked question

Seriously?.. How many guys has she been with?
Malak Silmi Malak Dec 18, 2012 01:29PM
I like what the plot in this series is but she kissed at least 5 guys in this book and its seriously disgusting .... =(

My question is: why is it ok for guys to sleep around but unacceptable for girls? This is called slut shaming. I stopped reading the book too but not because of the guys she was dating. Just because she sleeps with guys or kisses multiple guys does not mean she has no worth. She might be a ridiculous character but I think calling her a slut like this is just another way of proving that there is still a sexual double standard in our society and I don't think it is fair to women.

I don't want anyone to feel bad but I do think that people need to think about this. It's like saying once you've made out with one boy you can't make out with anymore. Do you really want to spend your life only having made out with one person? I'm not condoning cheating or anything but I think it is a very limiting attitude for people to have. I know she's not a real character but if that's how people react to a fictional character then they probably will react that way to people in real life too. I guess just think about it.

Jessica Glode and with the way aphrodite treated zoey at first was expected but then they put there diffs aside and became friends
Jan 23, 2013 10:42AM

I find it humorous since P.C. says she modeled Zoey after her daughter, Kristin. I'd be offended, personally, but that's how things roll.

There's been Heath, Erik, Loren, Stark, and there is the stuff with Kalona. And many of them have been two guys at once, basically. She's basically an overly glorified slut.

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You say she kissed five guys? Kissed them on the lips with her lips? Oh my! She most certainly is a slut, seeing as kissing is equivalent to sexual intercourse. Oh my my my.

yeah and somehow she looks like the victim its always like this they hurt me they don't understand me or its complicated im so confused and every single time the guys apologize

shes so pathetic she can't give up one guy for another one ,it's awful and it's ridiculous Heath's still in the story! Stark deserves so much better, and she's always blaming them for doing something wrong, and they call aphrodite the slut?


I KNOW!!! I read the first few books and actually really liked them at first. But then I had to just stop because she was cheating on EVERYONE!!!! Please tell me that at the end of the series she realizes how she's being such a slut and tries to stop it. AND IN THE FIRST BOOK SHE WAS CRITICIZING APHRODITE FOR ACTING LIKE A WHORE!!!

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I know, it's really horrible >:[

In "Marked" she had broken up with Heath, so he DOES NOT Count !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, she is just friends with Erik. And I'd really like to know when/if they actually are/started dating, because, that, I missed.

I still have yet to read "Betrayed", and beyond.

Poor Stark he dosnt deserve her because she has been with 5 guys ewww nasty!!!!!!!!!

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At least 5 different guys. It's like she's using them imo. I don't like it.

The authors lost me when Zoey started sleeping with the guys. I haven't gotten past the 6th book for that reason.

Yeah i've read up to Chosen and i already dont like the fact that she slept with one guy while she was dating another and makeing out with the other one. I mean I know that you're not limited to makeing out with one guy for the rest of your life but if I think if you are dating someone then you should be faithful to them until you break up cuz i think its unfair and wrong to the other person who is getting cheated on especially if they really care and love you. if you wanna go make put with someone else while you are dating someone then you should break up with that person becuz you obviously dont care about that person cuz i mean u think u care but if you really did then you wouldnt be going behind thier back. And yeah i think it is unfair that women get slammed for sleeping around while guys dont it's just kinda messed up.

Me and my friends have made a drinking game out of this ;) and how many times they can write the same conversation, but add a character into each new conversation to spin a page into a chapter.

This collection can get you very, very drunk.

Ok what about neferet? She had loran, kalona, i think the white bull, and various randoms. Plus she was running around butt naked. No one said anything about that.

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Lashya Wilson THANK YOU, TIFFANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I applaud you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am not a fan of the amount of guys she is juggling in this book. but realistically imagine dealing with all her issues - blood lust, new powers, new life, new school, new friends, new EVERYTHING - can you imagine the amount of stress and confusion she is dealing with? She is still just a teenager. She is confused with the basic teenager stuff, let alone all the added issues with vampyres. I don't excuse her boy juggling, but I do understand how she could feel confused.

I know right. I mean you can never tell who she will actually end up with. Which is good, because its different. ^___^

This is why I started to hate her. She's all (view spoiler) but then she goes and (view spoiler).

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5 different guys!

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Too Many

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