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This hallway connects all the student's dorms and is usually quite loud and crowded when they aren't supposed to be in class. A good place to meet your peers.

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Jonni wanders down the hall, wondering where everyone had gone.

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Iz let herself back into the school block and sidled into the hallway, heading straight towards her dorm with her head down.

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Jonni had his head in the clouds and crashed into her. "Oops, sorry...? Forgive me, what's your name?"

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Iz cursed under her breath and side stepped out of his way once she had steadied herself. She stared at himself shrewdly for a moment. "..Iz."

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Jonni looked her up and down, "Hello... Iz." He doesn't move from standing in the center f the hallway.

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Isabeth just stared at him, expression blank, not giving away anything. She followed his gaze, tapping her foot. "Done? And, yeah... hi."

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"Yeah." Jonni looks up to meet her eyes, unabashed. He smiles, "I'm Jonni."

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"Oh, well, then.. hi Jonni, I guess," she said finally.

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"Stop saying 'hi.'" Jonni says slowly. His fingers twitch a little and he clenches his fists. He steps to the side.

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Iz just rolled her eyes, tugging at her metal spark bracelet like she always did when she was uncomfortable. She took another step back, unsure if now she could just turn around and go.

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Jonni took the initiative, slipped past her and looked back as he walked away. "I'll see you 'round?"

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Iz nodded. "Yeah, see you around." She watched him walk away as she leaned against the wall.

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Jonni turned at his door and went int, but before he was all the way in be peeked back out and say Iz. Their eyes met and he blushed a little.

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As she met his gaze, she smiled a little to herself before quickly dropping her eyes to the floor, running a distracted hand through her dyed white blonde hair.

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Jonni ducks the rest of the way inside, sees the clock, picks up his bag and walks back out into the hallway, feeling ridiculous.

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Iz sat propped up on the wall outside her dorm room, scribbling away in her notebook, playing with her metal bracelet. She looked up. "Back so soon?"

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Jonni ducked his head, "Forgot what time it was. I actually have class, and should probably go for once..."

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"Seriously? You're actually going to class?"

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"I don't fancy another detention, and next time I skip I get them for a week. Those there's no skipping out of." Jonni wrinkles his nose, making it clear he doesn't want to go.

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Isabeth gave him a look that said, and you care why?

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"I like to sleep..." Jonni said simply, allowing it to apply to class and not getting detention. He knew Randy would track him down early for detention and figured he could sleep though class.

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Iz shrugged slightly in understanding. "Fair enough," she said as she wrote, eyes darting up to him now and then.

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Jonni bounces from one foot to another, reluctant to leave just yet. He adjusts his ratty bag on his back and tries to read what she's writing. "Somehow I don't think that's homework.

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Iz saw him train his eyes on her notepad and pulled it instinctively up to her chest to hide her words, embarrassed. "No shit, Sherlock," she replied, her dry manner slipping in to hide her discomfort.

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Jonni raises his eyebrows, knowing he hit home on something. He figures a few minutes late is still going, which was a whole lot more than most of the student body. "So what is it then?"

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Iz gave him an incredulous look. "And you honestly think for one moment I'm going to tell you?" she answered, slipping the book into her pocket.

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Jonni shrugs, "It was worth a shot." He eyes her bracelet curiously, wondering how she ended up here. Did she kill somebody who asked her the same question? He sure hoped not and made himself smile a little.

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She followed his gaze to her bracelet and sees the small smile on his face. "I'm so hoping you're not going to be thick enough to actually ask me what I'm wearing it for."

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"I was thinking about it." Jonni admits sheepishly. He smiles a little more.

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"And, given that you know who they give them to and why, are you going to be thick and ask me?" she asked with a weary sigh, watching the smile on his face grow.

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"Well, I was curious. I mean, you obviously have some issues, but it's interesting...." Jonni tells her with a shrug.

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"I'm the girl, who if you say my name to anyone round here, goes, 'Oh, that suicidal bitch who's always kicking off? The one that pisses off Randy because she can't get a fucking grip?' That answer your question?" Iz said bluntly, tugging harder at the bracelet.

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Jonni smiles and then actually has the nerve to laugh, "Is that so? And what do you think?"

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"Doesn't matter what I think, does it? It's not like I get a choice whether to wear this thing or not." She spoke like it was no issue, her voice monotone and quiet.

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"Nope, I suppose it doesn't." Jonni tries to ride her wave, so to speak and just agrees.

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Her eyes went distant for a second, and for a moment the bracelet twitched slightly, like it might give a warning shock. She growled and got to her feet. "Well, Jonni... gripping conversation and all..."

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Jonni raises his eyebrows, "But you're done talking to me. That's okay, I get it."

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"Well, it's not like I make great company, is it... and, err, your class?"

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"Yeah, I probably should go... And you should too, not that I'm to tell you what to do." Jonni messed with his bag again and leaned back on his feet

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"Er... I don't actually know what class I have..." she said with a frown, thinking about it. "Can't remember last lesson I went to."

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Jonni cocked his head at her, "That's unfair! I get hunted down and basically dragged to class. Special treatment." He mumbled at the end.

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"Yeah, well they probably have higher hopes for you than me," she stated, putting an earbud into just one ear and turning on her music. "And you don't, like, start screaming and stuff and threatening to burn the place or kill yourself when they take you to Maths or something."

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"Actually..." Jonni says, about to correct her, but stopping short a bit. She had said some more stuff about herself. Then he went on, "I probably wouldn't burn down the place, and I don't scream but if you notice and anarchy signs somewhere or vandalism, that's their punishment..."

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Iz cocked her head to the side for a moment. She snapped her fingers when she remembered. "Oh, so it was you who did the fire down by the bleachers... nice."

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((Was that legit or sarcasm?))

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((Aha legit))

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Jonni smiled, "Well, yeah." He was actually pretty proud of that one. After speaking he slid his hands into his pockets.

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Iz leaned back against the wall, bending the edges of the notebook in her pocket. "So...class?" she reminded him. She tried to remember where her's was meant to be.

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"Right... World domination..." Jonni does a fake cough, "Excuse me, history."

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