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The old graveyard with wearing down headstones and a mausoleum in the middle.

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Fade was camped out on top of a marble headstone, moving her hand slowly over a paper with a sharpie, drawing something out of her imagination. After a minute she held it up and examined it. Unsatisfied, she lights up a match and burns it in her hand.

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments Cas wonder around the grave stones aimlessely, she's meant to be in math but she couldnt be bothered with it today. Cas gets out her sketch pad.

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Fade sees another girl enter and stiffens, stamping out the fire at her feet. She instead pulls out another sheet and tries again

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments Cas looks around she hears a strange thumping noise and calls out 'who's there?', she frowns, annoyed at not being alone.

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Fade ducks her head and knows she's noticed. "Fade." She calls out.

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Saul walks around and he see's so e girls. " Hey who are you"? He asked them.

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Fade looks up, "Fade: that's my name." She shuts her notebook and kicks the ashes at her feet out.

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments Cas walks over to them both and says 'Im Castiel, but i go by Cas, who the hell are you?', she raises an eyebrow still holding her sketch pad.

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Saul looks at them two. " I'm Saul ". He tells them." I came here for privacy". He told them.

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"As did I, but somehow I don't see that." Fade sighs and absently picks at a match in her hand.

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments Cas says 'yeah i came here to sketch, couldnt be bothered with maths, looks like that was buggered up for all of us', Cas smirks.

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Saul stares at her for a moment. " Well it seems like it went wrong , ". He tells them.

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"That's alright." Fade says, an adds, "Cas is right, I don't fancy class over this."

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" Me neither they can't teach me anything". Saul said sitting on a grave.

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"I just don't care..." Fade disagrees. She leans back on the headstone and puts her notebook down

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" You draw"? He asks her.

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Fade shrugs and nods at about the same time, "I do. And I think they don't have a choice."

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" And you Cas"? He asks her too.

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments Cas looks at Saul and shows him her sketch pad 'yeah, its the one thing i love to do' she says, her intense gaze set on Saul.

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" Well I do music ". He tells them, his gaze threatening .

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Fade doesn't break the silence but strike a match in her hand, distracted. Finally she asks, "Why are you here?"

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments 'Put that out, or set fire to yourself, at least that will be entertaining' says Cas with a shrug. 'what kind of music?' she asks Saul.

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Fade doesn't react and ignores her, drifting her finger over the top of the flame. She looks up for a second, at both in succession, then back down.

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" Metal , alternative , etc". Saul said shrugging. " And if your gonna play with fire don't get burned". Saul tells Fade sarcastically

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Fade looks up again, "Chill, I'm fine. And nice music choice." She again ignores what they say and puts out the flame on her inner arm.

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" Thanks". He says sighing and let's out a small smile.

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"You like Three Days Grace?" Fade asks, vaguely feeling as if she's had this conversation before.

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" Yeah I like their new album". Saul feels the same.

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Fade smiles, "Me too." She drops the burnt out match and regains her balance on the headstone. Sitting like this she was almost as tall has him, but based on what she saw, Fade thought she'd be about a foot smaller. She enjoyed looking him in the eyes.

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Saul chuckles. " Well tell me what's your favorite song"? He asks her.

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"Three Day's Grace? I Hate Everything About You." Fade replies, hoping he realizes she's talking about the song. Sometimes people didn't.

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" Yeah I like that one too but my favorite is animal I have become and break". Saul tells her.

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Fade nods, "Both good choices." She comments and leans back a little. Her minds wanders for a second and she asks another question, "My Chemical Romance?"

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" My chemical Romance is good, not my top ten but it's real good". Saul tells her.

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Fade smiles again, "That's okay, as long as you don't hate."

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments Cas watches them both, she has the strange and familiar urge to draw them, 'I like MCR, the old stuff is better though'.

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Fade shrugs, "I dunno, do you consider conventional weapons older?"

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments 'I mean like the black parade kind of older' says Cas, she looks down at her sketch pad itching to draw.

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Fade follows Cas's movements with her eyes and leans back a little to keep her precarious balance, "Black Parade is my favorite album." She says without a particular connection.

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments 'mine too' says Cas with a distracted smile.

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Fade catches her distraction by her tone and stance, "Oh, go ahead and draw..."

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments Cas smile and takes out a pencil from behind her ear, she begins a rough drawing of Fade's face behind a lit match.

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Fade gets a quick peak and smiles. "Can you talk while you work?" She asks, not wanting to distract her.

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments 'yeah, go ahead' says Cas concentrating on the shape of the flame in her drawing.

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Fade nods. Since Cas wasn't looking at her and focused on her drawing, Fade plays with her matches and talks, "So how'd you end up here?"

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments 'I stabbed someone' says Cas with no remorse whatsoever.

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Fade looks at her for a second but then shrugs, "Why?" She wasn't scared, but very curious.

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Saul growled.

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Fade looks at him. "Why are you here?"

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