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Reason for being sent (Also please include specifics, like you have anger management issues, are a pyro, ect):

Please at least three sentences for something. Otherwise, the more detail, the better. I don't need to accept, just hop in.

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments Name:Damon Wild



Appearance: description

Reason for being sent: Damon is from Ireland. His mother was murdered when he was 11, he went into care for five years and got mixed in the with gangs. He stole cars and got arrested a number of times. Damon was sent to prison for a short stint and thats when he got sent to the Sword and cross in America on scholarship as Damon is actually very clever. Damon has short fuse and is a really good fighter because of all the ones he got in to back in Ireland. His father was Italian and got killed by a rival gang from Italy.

Personality:Damon is quite withdrawn, he's got a reputation of a badass who likes his own company, he scares most people with his attitude. He's got a saracastic and dry sense of humour. But he is protective of those he cares for. Damon is wild and untamed, he does whatever he want when he wants to do it and doesnt like to feel trapped. Damon will fight for freedom in any situation and does not get on with authority figures.

History/Bio:Mother was murdered. Father also murdered by rival gang.

Other:Damon loves books and writing. He can play guitar quite well.

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Name: Fade Leigh
Age: 16
Gender: female
Reason for being sent (Also please include specifics, like you have anger management issues, are a pyro, ect): Fade is pretty much messed up. She plays with fire (pyromaniac) and self harms with it. Nobody can control her. After she lost control herself and burned a building down, killing a few other teens, it was enough to get her sent here. She's one of the crazies, a metal bracelet always on her wrist.
Personality: For how nuts she is, her personality isn't that crazy. She is usually borderline quiet and sensitive with a very short temper, and when she's set off, all hell breaks loose. Nonetheless she likes to have fun and will never ever turn down a dare.
History/Bio: Her Mum and Dad are terrified of her, so she was sent away.
Other: She plays guitar, but would rather do pyrotechnics in front of people.

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Name: Isabeth
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: description
Reason for being sent (Also please include specifics, like you have anger management issues, are a pyro, ect) and Personality: When Iz kicks off, she kicks off big time. Already pretty hard to control even when she's calm, if someone snaps her temper, then they'll know about, and so will the whole school. Consequently, she's one of the ones with the electric bracelets, since the staff have given up trying to reason with her when she loses it. She already has a pretty bad reputation for a few over dramatic suicide announcements and being involved in the wrecking of her adoptive parents' house. Despite all this, the undamaged side of Iz tends to shine through with the occasional one who can keep her mellow, being playful and sarcastic.
History/Bio: Was adopted at the age of 7 after social services split her from her abusive parents. She had a brother. It's not something she likes to talk about often.
Other: She writes a lot. She likes music, but most of time she sits on her own writing.

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Shav (keelahlove) | 405 comments Name: Massie
Age: 16
Gender: F

Reason for being sent (Also please include specifics, like you have anger management issues, are a pyro, ect): Massie suffers from deep depression and used to cut herself to forget. Her parents couldn't stand her anymore so sended her to Sword & Cross. She alsohears voices

Personality: Massie is really girly and crazy when she's happy, which is not often. She usually wants to lock herself away from the world, to be alone.
History/Bio:She cut her wrist and she lost a lot of blood that day (suicide). Her parents could no longer stand the sight of her in their house. The reason she tried to kill herself was because her friends weren't there for her anymore and she felt really hurt.

Other:She likes to read

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Name: Ryder Way
Age: 17
Gender: male
Appearance: ((OMG it's different! ;) ))

((whooof. That sass. <3))
Reason for being sent: Ryder has a very large collection of petty crimes on his rap sheet. Mostly it consists of stealing, as he has some kleptomaniacal tendencies. He also has delved into the realms of self harm, of a few different kinds. Ryder has a lot of scars from it. But overall he's just too unmanageable.
Personality: He's sassy, goofy, and mischievous. Ryder loved a good joke but also has a more serious side. He also can be very sneaky and has managed to get things into the school.
History/bio: Ryder's parents died when he was little, so he doesn't miss them much. He grew up in an orphanage in a bad town and can fight well.
Other: Sings!!!
((@Kat, check out this one. I was in a mood of sorts. I guess we'll see how it goes.))

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((Oh shit. I forgot to add that he's bi(sexual)... Like I said, I'm in the mood for something different.))

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Name: Thomas Dolby, prefers Tom

Age: 16

Gender: Male


Reason for being sent: Tom got into the wrong sort of group at his old school. His 'friends' got him into stealing, but ditched him when they were caught. Since his family are fairly upper class, they didn't want Tom ruining their reputation, so they sent him here.

Personality: Tom imagines himself to be the classic bad boy. He's sarcastic, stubborn, slightly vain and very confident. He always has an eye for the ladies, and goes to any length to please them.

History/Bio: Tom comes from an upper class family with two strict parents and an older brother who was seen as the 'perfect son'. Tired of living in his brother's shadow, Tom began rebelling until things began getting out of hand.

Other: He's at Sword & Cross to party. He can play guitar and has a motorcycle which he'll miss and (try) to get back to since it was his easiest way to pick up girls.

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments Name:Castiel Salvitore




Reason for being sent: Cas's mother remarriedand then died, her stepfather is horrible, he hit her tried to rape her, she stabbed him so she got sent to the sword and cross.

Personality:Cas is strong willed, she is a fighter, and will do anything to survive. Castiel has a quick wit and uses sarcasm as a sheild for her pain and worry over being different. The girl is tough as nails and not afraid to prove it.

History/Bio:Her mother died in a house fire. Stepfather is evil.

Other:She loves to draw and plays guitar.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
Name: Kate VanDel
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Reason for being sent (Also please include specifics, like you have anger management issues, are a pyro, ect): Pyro, vandal, and sometimes fought.
Personality: Hard headed, stubborn, fun loving, funny, witty, and go with the flow. (As long as she agreed)
History/Bio: She was put up for adpotion with her two older brothers (Who I shall create later. BTW, the name Mikey and Ash are taken! :3). They were adopted into the same family, well.... at first, it was nice. Then, when the woman died. The father turned violent and beat them daily.... They then were sent away. To them, this was heaven.
Other: She is an active artist and can sing, even if she doesn't like to show it.

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Name: Jonni Iero
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Why he was sent?: Jonni's parents where killed in their line of work; spies. He loved them while they lived and hates authority now that they're dead. At first he tried suicide, but settled on revenge. Now you could consider him an anarchist.
History/Bio: See above...
Other: plays bass and regular guitar.

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Name: Saul Night
Age: 16
gender: Male
Appearance : http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN...
Why was he sent: He is a likely suspect of homicide and man slaughter.
He's aggressive and vengeful .
History: He was born with surprisingly good luck but he attracs trouble one day in his school all of his class mates where slaughtered at the hands of a drug addict.Later on his parents where killers gut in front of him. He vowed he'd kill all people who did wrong.
Other: He's great musician and incredible at martial arts.

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((Ah Azure/Fallen... Saul sounds like a Kira from Deathnote!!!!))

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(( wow your right didn't notice. O.O))

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((Haha yeah... You've read or watched?))

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(( Yeah but didn't mean it to end up that way))

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((Oh well, it's sorta cool.))

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(( thanks , do you have to accept it? ))

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((Pft. No way. Haha just go ahead!))

Me, Myself, and I [Under construction]

Name: Deirdre Emily Apostol
Nickname: Emily, simply because Deirdre calls too much attention to herself

Age: Sixteen going on seventeen soon

Gender: Female


Why sent:

Personality Due to her lose of hearing and particular family settings, she has grown up rather fast for someone her age. Her older brother has tried to keep her sheltered so she didn't have to, but there is only so much someone can shield a loved one from. Life doesn't stop for anyone and if shit gets dropped, there's only so long things can be put on hold for you to pick it back up again. Though she hasn't always been this way, she is currently just about the most levelheaded person someone would ever want to come across. Not much is able to really get her ruffled at this point in life, and her unfazed face is just about the only one she owns.

Emily has a tendency to emit an extremely calming aura, something that simply comes natural from her soft smiles to her rather innocent demeanor. Of course, she's far from innocent- In fact, after she lost her hearing, she went through a short phase where she was anything but innocent. Being mad at the world due to confusion tends to do that to a person, not understanding why she was the one cursed to be stuck in silence for the rest of her life. Back when being deaf was something that had never even crossed her mind, silence was the one thing she completely despised. Now it's something she can't escape. Derek was really the person to help pull her out of that dark place and she's aware of the fact that her brother is a much better person than she could ever hope to be.
But still: A person can try.


Other: Emily is originally from Romania, just like her older brother, Derek. She is also deaf, a fact that you would never be able to just guess due to the fact that she can still talk. Reading lips is how she reads people and is really able to communicate and though she'a fairly get at it for only being deaf for about a year or so, she still has a few slips up here and there. Emily also has a tattoo on the inside of her wrist proclaiming, "Being deaf is about experiencing the world visually." This is for her love of photography.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
Name: Mikey VanDel
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Reason for being sent (Also please include specifics, like you have anger management issues, are a pyro, ect): Theif, fighting, sorta a pyro.... not as much as my sister though.
Personality: Hard headed, loud, loves to have fun, strong, funny, and fun.
History/Bio: He was put up for adoption with his two little siblings, Kate and Ash. They were adopted by a couple, it was nice at first until the woman died. The father became abusive. Mikey often fought with him and has many scars on his arms from the fights. Often, his father pulled a knife. Mikey started stealing to keep his sister and brother stocked with food and cloths. Then, he was sent here. Better than bein' home getting beat and having to watch his siblings get beat.
Other: VERY protective of his siblings. Also plays bass.

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Madeline | 4 comments Name: Tabor Elizabeth Millien

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Looks like Taylor Munson

Sent because: Her father was very abusive, and one summer's day, he went too far. Tabor finally snapped, and she killed her father.

History/Bio: She has a very mysterious and dark past, but none of that clouds her radiating beauty.

Personality: very artsy, but a bit dark and tortured

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
Name: Ash VanDel
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Reason for being sent (Also please include specifics, like you have anger management issues, are a pyro, ect): Vandal, Pyro, sometimes gets into fights....
Personality: Quiet, loner, funny, witty, loves to have fun, gentle at times, can stand up for himself, strong.
History/Bio: I was put up for adoption with my older brother Mikey, and younger sister Kate. We were adopted into the same family luckily.... well, lucky for awhile.... the woman died and the man grew abusive. Mikey often fought with him and I was often the one that was beat when Mikey wasn't around. I often used to burn myself. I've stopped that now.... But then I was sent here. Better here than at 'home'.
Other: Protective of my siblings, I can sing and play drums pretty well....

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Dezerae Brown (dezzikay) | 34 comments How do u add a pic?

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(( if you put it on photobucket and the take the HTML code is the easiest way to explain...))

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Dezerae Brown (dezzikay) | 34 comments Name: Destiny Logan
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Bleach Blonde hair, nose peircing, Gorgeous, curvey, round face, bright blue eyes

Reason for being sent: Gets in fights a lot, Killed the guy who cheated on her

Personality:Likes attention and is always in a relationship, Clever, funny, storng, stubborn.

History/Bio: her parents dont care what she does are always drunk and she lives at friends houses before being sent to Sword and Cross by child services. Has a little bother that is starting to follow her ways and is currently in jail.
A good Leader, really smart, charming, and is great at making friends but once your an enemy always an enemy.

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Go ahead and jump in. You can come to the party in Ryder's room if you like.

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Name: Crystal Malone

Age: 16

Gender: F

Appearance: Chopped brown hair with natural ringlets that she always pins up in a bun with side bangs to the left, often hanging in her eye. Her eyes are a foresty green that are rather piercing if she looks right at you. Her stature is of about 5'4". She always wears either Vans or flats, is ABLE to walk in high heels, but believes that they are a death trap. Wears skinny jeans practically everyday, with tees and hoodies. Always HAS to have a hoodie.

Reasoning: well, to start off, she has always been a bad child. Crystal has always hated her single mother, and at a young age, she began rebelling, doing whatever she pleased - and occasionally starting fires in the house. That leads to her latest 'happening'. She was spray painting a train in her rural town when the cops found her. She ran, but was caught and taken in to the City Hall. There, when the officer that arrested her was filing some papers, she lit his desk on fire.... Ya, not too smart... The fire spread, killing three officers and a secretary. She still doesn't care.

Personality: It really just depends....

Bio: You sort of got it in the reasoning... More to be revealed, however, later.

Other: has bouts of depression, sometimes cuts. Crystal knows how to bypass things and slide past the rules at the school, much to the dismay of the administrators and advisors. ;). :P

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Dezerae Brown (dezzikay) | 34 comments Josh Logan
15 years old

Reason: Burnt down his last school 4 peopple died. His parol officer thought it would be best for him to be with his sister so he was sent to Sword and cross. He is half angel,

Personality: Clever, Charming, Funny, Mysterous, nice when he wants to be.

Bio: His parents are always drunk and he got beaten and sent to foster care, He ran away burnt down his school and ended up at Sword and Crosses gates. Going to go to ShoreLine as soon as he cleans up his act.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
Doesn't needa be accsepted so you can just start. :)

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Wow. I murdered this group.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod

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As soon as I said, 'I'm done' people stopped commenting.

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Lily | 3 comments ((My character named linus torrent (goes by LT) is a 1D fanboy who looks exactly like Louis Tomlinson! :) ))

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You can make it... but you don;t have to, because I murdered this group. Ahem, I'd suggest my new group ;)

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Name: Melanie

Age: 15

Gender: F

Appearance: Short hair that has streaks ranging from golden blonde to brown (All Natural!!); freckles arcross the nose; blue green hazel eyes that look out from her gold rimmed glasses; short stature.......

Reason for being sent (Also please include specifics, like you have anger management issues, are a pyro, ect): TBA (Is that ok?)

Personality: witty, clever with sneaking around and such...

History/Bio: She is actually a MI6 agent (Details are strictly classified.)

Other: if you want to get on her good side... just give her food!

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Awesome. Anybody? I'm failing miserably at my resolution... Already.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
*Pets your hair* That's alright Sammie. That's allright *Creey voice.*

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Curls up in a ball with Kat. Oh shiz.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
We're not hyper.... Not at all! XD

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Pffft no. And it's so not the middle of the night...

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
Oh, not at all!!!!

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
*Stands up for 2 seconds before passing out from exhaustion and is still able to rp* OH YA! That's dedication!

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Yes! It's 318 here though...

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
It's 1: 37 here. And I'ma go after.... I don't know.... I'm so addicted to this site. XD

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Gotta give yourself a time. Maybe 230 for u?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
Oh goshness I don't think I'll make it that long. XD Maybe 2. That's all I think I can last.

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