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Say "Hi," tell us about yourself, all that good stuff.

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments Heellllooo, he mentaltasticness has ARRIVED! XXX

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hey guys, thanks for joining!

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Shav (keelahlove) | 405 comments hiii :p

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B L Jones (bljonesbooks) | 419 comments hey x

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Heya people and gargoyles and unicorns and others of the sort ^_^

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*tackles in hug* Hey Lizzy!!!!!

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Hey Isabele, long time not talk!

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Madeline | 4 comments Hey there fellow good readers! I'm so sucked about this group.... Whomever made this your the BOMB DIGGITY. Just saying.

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XD thanks!

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Hey!! I'm Jenny

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Ash Mesa (JinxLies) Hai!

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Cody (crc2010) | 2 comments Hello :) I'm cody!

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Hiya Cody.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) Finally joined. (: Sam I haven't talked to you in forever!

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Hello! Yeah, really we haven't!!

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Devany Hubbard | 4 comments hi?...

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