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Bad Romance Titles
Samm Samm Dec 18, 2012 11:38AM
After a discussion with a friend, we've come to realize that romance books have some of the worst titles. This isn't about mocking romances but a collection of some bizarre and somewhat quirky titles. I'd like to see what "titles" we can collect as further evidence that sometimes a little more thought should go into a title.

An example: Bath Tangle may seem too forward but it's actually a book by Georgette Heyer that takes place in Bath, England.

Sprig muslin is a fabric I think

I loved 'Bath Tangle'. Right now i'm reading 'Sprig Muslin' by Heyer...and I'm not quite sure what the title means really!

Jo Ann Jennifer - Sprig Muslin is the very 1st Georgette Heyer book I ever read & is what got me hooked on her as an author. Sprig Muslin is a fabric that wa ...more
Dec 31, 2012 05:23PM

Muslin is a type of fabric and 'sprig muslin' is a muslin that has a pattern in the material itself (not printed on). It is the title of the book because it's what Amanda is wearing when Gareth first meets her.
I love the title 'Bath Tangle' because you know straight away that it's going to be a good, old fashioned farce!

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