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Must read explanation.

Number: One and Two are dead.
True Loric Name:
Earth Name:
Age: 15-18
Legacies: All Garde have enhanced strength, speed, senses, reflexes, endurance, and durability along with telekinesis. Each Garde may have an additional five powers, plus their last and greatest Legacy, which is most likely undiscovered as of now. Please don't make them too powerful!
Appearance: Picture or detailed description! Preferably no anime.
Personality: Please try to keep it detailed.
History: Please don't just write that it's a secret, try to include details.
Pet: optional 
Preferred Loric weapon or notable item(s) in Chest?: optional

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Number Three: female; age 16; Loric name: Diana Storm; Earth name: Mikayla Hunter (played by Asmaa)
Number Four: male; age 17; Loric name: Torren Vensuave; Earth name: Rylae McRaegan (played by Dawn)
Number Five: male; age 17; Loric name: Inger Starvelt; Earth name: Sam Crosswire (played by Althea)
Number Six: female; age 17; Loric name: Kalasia Lupe; Earth name: Katia McGarry (played by Althea)
Number Seven: female; age 16; Loric name: Daruvial Gallantara; Earth name: Deidre Whooves (played by Andr)
Number Eight: male; age 18 (played by Dawn)
Number Nine: female; age 17; Loric name: Cassandra Sibyll; Destiny 'Dest' Rosewood (played by Shahdia)

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Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 788 comments Number: 7

True Loric Name: Daruvial Gellantara

Earth Name: Deidre Whooves

Gender: Female (Sorry, I suck at playing dudes.)

Age: 16

-Summoning fire. Whenever she's really mad, fire will shoot out of her hands.
-Healing (Being worked on)

Appearance: ((I couldn't find anything that was real.))

Personality: Seven is very absent-minded and careless when nothing is really that serious, but when even slight danger comes, she gets dead serious. She's very nice to young kids. She's very bright and random, and caring.

Cepan: Rein Whooves

Family: All dead

History: She left with the rest when she was four. She barely remembers anything before she became twelve. during school when she was fourteen, she was in chemistry class, she made a bad mix and it blew up in her face. She was fine, except her eyes went cross-eyed. She, along with her Cepan, usually fly away when it is a new moon to a new place.

Pet: A cat named Maffi:

Preferred Loric weapon or notable item(s) in Chest?: a long sword called 'the bane of sadness'.

Other: She likes muffins. (XD)

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Number: Three
True Loric Name: Diana Storm
Earth Name: Mikayla Hunter
Gender: Female
Age: 16
• Aeternus: This is not a Legacy, but a type of Garde. Three is an Aeturnus. She has the ability to shift between ages, but only between those ages that she has lived through already. Only one of the ten Loric Elders has this ability.
• Enhancement: Like all Garde, Three has enhanced strength, speed, senses, reflexes, endurance, and durability.
• Telekinesis: Like all Garde, she has the power of telekinesis.
• Omnilingualism: She can speak and understand any and every language, including that of animals.
• Lumen: She can shoot concentrated beams of destructive blue-white flame from her hands, or she can use it just for light. She is invulnerable to fire and can manipulate it.
• Antigravity: She can't fly, but she can walk on vertical surfaces or upside down as though walking upright.
• Power Transfer: She can extend her powers to others or extend the powers of others to herself for short periods of time, but this lasts only while she has energy and concentration. She's still working on this one.
• Earthquake Generation: She can control the earth, cause it to shift, generate earthquakes. She's still working in this one.

Three is elegant and beautiful, with her sharp, angular features, and she appears slightly older than she actually is. She stands at a graceful height of 5'8. She has a narrow, planed face, with her high forehead and cheekbones, her arching eyebrows over her dark eyes, her long, straight nose, and her stubborn chin. Her midnight black hair, a mass of beautiful curly dark locks, reaches almost to her waist. She usually keeps it pulled back and out of the way. Her eyes are black and unreadable, and sometimes have a haunted look to them, like those of a hunted animal. She has long limbs, small feet, and long, slender hands with quick, nimble fingers. She has an athletic build, and she's very slender, although very strong. She's lean and wiry, swift and light on her feet. She moves with a predator-like grace. Three wears black, black, and more black. She always wears practical clothing, nothing flashy, nothing that will slow her down in a fight for her life, and she's been in all too many of those. She usually wears something like jeans, a black shirt, a black leather jacket, and always she wears almost-knee-high black boots. She always has an arsenal of weapons hidden on her. She neither wears any sort of makeup, nor does she spend time on how she looks. She's got other things to worry about, and she neither really knows nor does she really care that she is beautiful.
Personality: Three is fierce, strong-willed, always very energetic and restless. She hates being still, and is always on the move. An exceptionally intelligent girl with a wild, untamed bravado and a cocky, rebellious attitude, she's confident and always appears to be sure of herself, in control. She doesn't really ever wish to lead, but she's a natural leader. Independent, strong, and proud, she would rather die fighting than surrender. She's a true warrior. She doesn't love easily, and it's nearly impossibly difficult to win her trust. But she would be extremely loving and fiercely loyal if anybody did manage to do so. However, the only person she ever loved and trusted was her Cepan, Gray, and he died. She still thinks often of him, wondering what he would think about her decisions, and at each turn in her life she wonders what he would have chosen to do. She's more like him than she knows. She's very determined, although some call her stubborn. Once she's set her mind to something, she won't give up. Aggressive and often hostile, she's not someone people want to mess with. She has a very sharp tongue and a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Often snarky and headstrong, she doesn't care what others think about her and does what she wants. Though she's very smart, she's not the type of girl who'll come up with a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. She'll just jump straight into situations and improvise. She comes up with crazy, dangerous, and brilliant plans right on the spot. She's reckless sometimes, the type of girl who'll laugh in the face of danger, even when she knows she just might be killed. She's ruthless when it comes to defending herself, those she loves, and what she believes in. She's very dedicated to the Loric cause. Physically and emotionally very strong, Three's a tough girl. Gray's death has made her practically fearless. She's a fighter, not good with things like feelings and emotions. She's hardened to pain and suffering and grief, and she doesn't show her thoughts and feelings, keeping her emotions carefully guarded, buried deep inside her. She'll take whatever life throws at her and she won't complain, just keep going.
Cepan: Grayson (Gray) Vega, whose real name was Sirius Prince. Gray posed as Three's father. Three loved him like a father, and was fiercely loyal to him, although she didn't always listen to him. He was killed by Mogs when Number Three was fourteen years old. While he was alive, he loved Three as though she was his own daughter. He was very firm and often harsh with her, because he knew he needed to keep her in line. He couldn't let her get soft; his worst fear was that she would be caught unawares and killed. He trained her to be a fighter, a survivor. He trained her to ignore pain during a battle, to fight through it. Before he died, he told her that she was meant to be a Warrior Garde. He tried to the best of his ability to keep her alive, safe from Mogs. An intelligent and experienced man, he was extremely skilled with all sorts of technology. He taught Three everything he knew she needed to know to survive, but withheld some information from her, information he knew she needed to find for herself. In the end, he sacrificed himself to save her life.
Family: All of her family died on the day of the Mog invasion.
History: Number Three was three years old when she and her Cepan, along with the eighteen others, left Lorien. She remembers bits and pieces of Lorien, and she has vague memories of her grandparents, who she lived with, and her parents.
Third in line, she didn't have a lot of time under the protection of the Loric charm. She and her Cepan, Gray, stayed constantly on the move, never staying in one place for longer than a few weeks, or, very rarely, a month or two. They often spent days or weeks just driving, living in motels, always staying under the radar. They never stayed in one country for more than a year. They never went back to a place they'd already lived in before. Rebellious, proud, and strong-willed, Three was often at odds with her Cepan, Gray. Still, Gray was like a father to Three, and Three loved him dearly. Intelligent and experienced, he dedicated everything he had to keeping Three safe. He was always very thorough, always painstakingly careful. He kept a huge stash of fake IDs with him. Every time they moved, he would create a whole new identity for himself and Three. They've lived all over the world. They made sure there was no pattern to their travels, and kept their moves erratic and unpredictable. They stayed ahead of the Mogs, until Number One died. Three was four at the time. When suddenly the scar burned itself into her ankle, Three ran to Gray and showed him her ankle. They moved. Although originally they'd been more stable, staying longer in places, when One died, they knew for sure that the Mogs had found the Loric on Earth. Gray became much more careful, traveling more often, being more cautious. Still, they were found and attacked by Mogs, but they fought them off. The Loric charm still protected Three at the time. Two died a few years later. The second scar burned itself into her ankle without warning. The Loric charm no longer protected her. Gray and Three started to stay constantly on the move. They no longer lived in any one place, but stayed on the road, sleeping wherever they could find a place, sometimes in motels, sometimes not. They sometimes stopped for a day or two in big cities. They had some run-ins with Mogs, but never a big group, and they always killed those Mogs. When Three was fourteen years old, the Mogs caught up to them. Three and Gray fought fiercely, but within minutes waves of reinforcements had arrived. They killed Gray, and Three discovered another one of her Legacies: Lumen. Within moments, she had killed every Mog that was still standing. Since then, she has continued her turbulent life on the run, now alone, without her Cepan. She travels around the world, doing what she knows Gray would have done, staying under the radar, discovering her Legacies, honing her powers, and constantly training. She's been in countless fights. When she was fifteen, Mogs attacked while she was sleeping in a motel in America, in Chicago. It was a fairly small group of Mogs, and she fought, and accidentally set fire to the motel. The police arrived within moments, and the remaining Mogs fled. The police surrounded Three and attempted to arrest her. She fought them off and escaped, managing not to severely harm any of the humans. Since then, she's been known as a notorious arsonist on the loose, and even the international police are after her. The Mogs know she's Number Three, that the Loric charm doesn't protect her. They know what she looks like, they know some of her powers. They know her Cepan is dead, and they know she's on her own. And they're coming after her. Three's looking for the other six Garde who are still alive. She constantly searches the news, the Internet, for information, for a lead to the others. She believes they need to finally join forces, as they had been fold they would have to someday, and that together, the seven of them can build a force powerful enough to take down the Mogadorians. She knows that the Loric charm will break when she finds any one of others. But to her, that's a minor detail. After all, she doesn't have the charm protecting her, and she's survived. Sometimes, she feels bitter about the fact that she is Number Three. She wonders if Gray have still been alive if she had been, say, Seven? At the same time, she's proud of the fact that she's Number Three and still surviving.
Pet: A chimera disguised as a snake named Blackjack the Third, although she often calls him "Tres," which means three.

Preferred Loric weapon or notable item(s) in Chest?:
• Three has a Loric dagger that returns to her hand whenever she wants it to, as long as she is wearing her Loralite pendant.
• She has a thin blue rod that's only five inches long. When she wants it to, it expands into a five feet long blue staff-a Loric weapon. She's very skilled with it. Gray taught her how to use it. The blue staff and her dagger are her two preferred weapons. She always keeps them with her, usually hidden either in her sleeve or in her boot.
• She has a healing stone, but it only heals injuries that were meant to be fatal. It has no effect on accidental injuries.
Other: Three is extremely skilled with all sorts of technology. She's a very good hacker and can make thorough new identities, counterfeit money, etc. These are all skills she learned from Gray, although she's gotten better at them on her own, after his death.
She drives this:

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Number: Nine
True Loric Name: Cassandra Sibyll
Earth Name: Destiny 'Dest' Rosewood
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Legacies: As well as her enhanced strength, speed, senses, reflexes, endurance, and durability along with telekinesis, Nine has the following powers:
-Summoning weapons
-Controlling people's dreams
-Reading minds
-Aura reading (view spoiler)
-Weather (view spoiler)
Personality: Nine is hot-headed and reckless, her recklessness often getting her into trouble. Old for her age and mature, she can be sarcastic, stubborn or intelligent, but she is always quiet and reserved for her age. An aura of quiet intelligence seems to surround her. Definitely a peacemaker, she is always breaking up fights and later getting teased for it. Titles do not matter to her; her motto is "When being and being are put together in the wild, an enemy will tear you up no matter what your title". She is hardworking and never ever gives up on anything, eve with her blindness and deafness. While she is very light and soft-spoken, she has a brilliant sense of humour whether you believe it or not! She loves puzzles and riddles, paradoxes and most definitely reading. She reads so much it's unhealthy. She HATES sports with a burning passion-though she doesn't mind horse riding that much. She had her own horse back when she was with her family and has always felt a pull towards her third favorurite animal after jackals and wolves. A genius with no doubt, she is brilliant at technical things and fixing things too.
Cepan: A man named Jack Will (Earth name) who was just as inexperienced at being a Cepan as Nine was of being....Nine. They were friends now though they didn't get along at firs.
Family: All dead.
History: Down on Earth, Nine and her Cepan had normal Earth jobs; Nine didn't, but Jack did-he was a car mechanic. A could-be-fatal accident happened to her when she crept into Jack's workroom at night and blinded herself in her left eye. Added to her colourblindness, her eyes practically had nothing now. Jack, sensing Nine could have even worse accidents, left the urban town they had lived in and went to live in a log cabin. That was where Nine grew up, developing and discovering her Legacies.
Pet: A small jackal named Castitas Anubis Pax-Cassie for short. She also cares for a wolf cub named Rain, yet she never calls either of the animals her own.
Preferred Loric weapon or notable item(s) in Chest?: She is an archer, yet her most interesting item is one she wears around her neck. It's a simple golden locket, or so it seems. The locket can communicate with anyone in the world while they are asleep. Nine used it before she became stronger in her dream powers but she doesn't need it any more.

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 153 comments Number: Four
True Loric Name: Torren Vensuave
Earth Name: Rylae McRegaen
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Legacies: The usual: enhanced strength, speed, senses, reflexes, endurance, and durability along with telekinesis.
- He can control his spirit, like have his spirit travel out of his body (leaving a little to stay alive) and either occupy an animal, an unsuspecting human, or just wander. Explanation: (view spoiler)
- Since he has such a fantabulous relationship with spirits/souls, he can sort of connect to the spirit of the planet. The planet is complicated though, so he rarely does. He just gives thanks to the planet. It's his belief standard.
- Photographic memory: can vividly recall images, sounds, smells, etc. Weakness: The more he knows, the more he forgets. It isn't in a direct order, but it is usually his childhood memories; faces, names. Sometimes it's recent things. It's not as bad as it seems. Just small things. It's not like there's this huge gap in his memory. (That's only after a while).

- He is 5'7. Skinny/lanky at a glance, but he's fit and well built for what he needs to do: survive.
- He wears jeans a lot, sometimes sweatpants. His shirts are random, but they are plain the majority of the time. Just tee-shirts without labels/designs and long-sleeved comfortable shirts.
- As you can see in the picture, he has a cloth wrapped around his arm. Well. That.... That is what I'd like to call........ Er..... It's purpose is very purposeful you see, because..... Because! it reminds him of his reason for staying alive instead of giving up.
Personality: He is shy/timid/all those lovely words. He ain't bipolar, he's just quiet. He hasn't been trained in idle conversations, so when he speaks by his own will it's probably important. He's a complete animal guy, they just come to him. He's more comfortable around animals than.... say.... a girl. Especially a pretty girl. One that he likes. Yep. He is hard working and determined, but he would have a lot more fire if he opened up and let it out. He rarely ever gets angry, but when he does....... He doesn't like reading, or puzzles, or anything electrical related. So what does he like? Skateboarding/long boarding/rollerblading/driving. Those, and sports.

Cepan: A man named Kevin Flynn. (That's the guy's Earth name, he got it from watching Tron). He has never told Rylae his real name. His personality? I think you can gather it by looking at his picture, but I'll sum it up. He sort of gave up. "Everyone is dead anyway, we're gonna be next, might as well enjoy life while we can". The reason Rylae is so shy and scared of everything is because ever since he was little and came to Earth he'd been hidden alone in forests. Of course, Kevin took care of him. At least until he could take care of himself, then left Rylae to go to the city. He came back with food every Saturday night, also leaving a new note of training instructions. His background? He'd been married, had children on the way, then was told he had to let them die and run. They died, he lived, and the next thing he knew he was in charge of Number Four. So that's all he calls Rylae. Four.
Family: Um..... No. Not that he's aware of.

History: As told in the "Cepan", Rylae was raised alone in a cabin surrounded by a forest. He obeyed Kevin, by staying in the house, training by himself, with no explanation. Lo-and-behold, at the age of 8, something happened. He got bored. This wasn't a simple boredom. It was the boredom that forced him out of the house, and through the forest, until he got lost after dark and had to sleep by a tree. He learned his lesson, but the next morning couldn't find the cabin. So! That's when woodland animals, squirrels, birds, chipmunks, etc. started to follow him. He realized this, and became friends with the animals. Kevin found him later that day, and punished him for running away by hanging him upside down from a tree branch for half an hour.

It took a few days more, but soon Rylae go the courage to run away again. This time he filled a garbage bag that Kevin brought from the store to fill with food. Kevin caught him, hung him upside down on the branch, and started a smoking fire underneath Rylae. It was hard to breathe, but after a few minutes Rylae found it bearable. He hung for forty minutes, and smelled like fire smoke for a week and a half afterwards.

A lot happened in his childhood, at least a lot when it came to being alone in a forest. Eventually, Rylae learned to swing up, grab the branch he hung from for punishment, and escape. It took many punishments though to gather the strength. Now he hangs (without being tied) by himself for training, doing pull ups and such. When he escaped, that had been the first time he'd seen Kevin actually grin.

At the age of 10, he and Kevin had to leave the forest (which Rylae later learned was Washington) and they went to a little country town in the middle of Idaho. That's when Rylae was introduced to bigger animals (horses, cows, etc) and guns.

Age 15 they had to move again, this time to northern Nevada. They stayed six months; Kevin hated Nevada. They became aimless nomads until they settled on the eastern boarder of California when Rylae was 16. That was when he was introduced to girls. Of course he'd seen girls before, but that was when he actually met one. Of course, the conversation only lasted 2 minutes, because Rylae didn't really know what to say, and Kevin told the girl to beat it. Ah, lovely California. They've been there ever since.
Pet: Rylae attracts many animals, but only one has stayed. (Although he doesn't realize it). They met it in Nevada. It was in the shape of a Havalena that charged Kevin one time. Then it became a hawk, and followed them to Cali where it is now watching Rylae and Kevin from inside their apartment. As a chipmunk.
Preferred Loric weapon or notable item(s) in Chest?: Doesn't have one. Kevin has taught him how to use a gun, and they both illegally own a handheld pistol. Kevin sort of left the chest buried back in Washington.

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 153 comments Number: Eight
True Loric Name:
Earth Name:
Gender: Male
Age: 18





Preferred Loric weapon or notable item(s) in Chest?:


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If your character's profile hasn't been completed, please complete it now. If you haven't made the character profile for your character's Cepan, please do so.

I deleted all the posts that weren't character profiles, if you guys are wondering where they disappeared to.

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We could, but later, cuz I'm in Bio class.

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Okay, I'll make the topics now.

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Monica Gonzalez | 1 comments Number: Ten
True Loric Name: Karanititia Jackocs
Earth Name: Linda Kansas
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Energy Shield
Water Manipulation
Legacy Transference
Personality: Ten is a happy and joyful boy.He is untidy and hates going to school. He is good at sewing that people in school call him the 'tailor'.
Appearance: Ten is a handsome looking guy. He has red hair, black eyes, and a long nose.
Cepan: Mary Kansas
Family: Jaiko Jackocs (Mother)
Kuao Jackocs (Father)
History: Ten had first started in Africa. However, they did not blend in as most people in Africa are very poor and because of the loric gems they sold, they were quite rich. So they moved to Singapore. Ten was captured in a Singapore Mogadorian Base but escaped with invisibility. His Cepan was killed there. Ten still lives in Singapore, though on the far side of the Mogadorian Base. He remembers the day when he came with the second batch of 9 loric children, though he does not know where Numbers 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 are now.
Pet: A Chimaera pretending to be a cat named Snow White.
Preferred Loric weapon: A stone which can blast hot water out with Water Manipulation

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There is no Ten, sorry.

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