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Grace (bookworm478) | 271 comments Mod
People's schedules:
Johnny fox- Band, Archery, Swords, Pranking, Polearms, Axes, Charms, Potions

Tiffany Ross- Archery, Hand to Hand Combat, Chorus, Drawing, Charms, Defense Spells, Flying Swords

Faith Lehane- Hand-to-Hand, Swords, Music, Archery, Art

William Snider- Swords, Axes, Pranking, Pottery, flying, band, archery, polearms

Jacqueline Snider- Magical creatures, painting, Hand to hand, Band, archery, throwing daggers, Charms, Defense spells

Isabella- Band, Painting, Chorus, Magical Creatures, Archery, Pottery, Defense Spells, Potions

Blake- Band, hand to hand, chorus, Swimming, Archery, flying, defence spells, potions

Jace Kennedy- Band, Sketching, Archery, Potions, Hand to Hand Combat, Defense Spells, Throwing Daggers, Swimming

Annabelle Smith- Axes, hand-to-hand combat, throwing daggers, chorus, archery, sketching, defense spells, potions

Karla: Dancing, Acting, Band, Art (Painting and Art Sketches), Swimming, Flying, Potions, Defensive Spells

Belle Stewart: Defense Spells, harms, Chorus, Drawing, Pranking, Sketching, Archery, Throwing daggers

Katy: band, charms and magical creatures, Knife throwing, choir, defensive spells, flying, pranking, swimming

Paige: archery, chorus, swimming, defense spells, sketching, hand-to-hand combat, axes, painting

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Grace (bookworm478) | 271 comments Mod
let me know if you guys want to switch classes or something! :)

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Paige Wemark | 15 comments what are my classes?

message 4: by Grace (new)

Grace (bookworm478) | 271 comments Mod
whats your persons name?

message 5: by Paige Wemark (new)

Paige Wemark | 15 comments Grace wrote: "whats your persons name?"

i got it done its paige

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Grace (bookworm478) | 271 comments Mod
there you go :)

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