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message 1: by Alexandria (new)

Alexandria (alysedai) | 2 comments Mod
So, I figure we might as well introduce ourselves here. Tell us your Reddit username and a little bit about yourself and your book likes!

I'm AlySedai and I love most any kind of book. I'm an English/Creative Writing teacher, so I can devour almost any type of book at all! Look forward to sharing books with you guys!

message 2: by Jaimee (new)

Jaimee (erisire) | 1 comments I'm Erisire and I'm a BIA. I read like crazypants and I'm really excited about this. I'm a big fan of the folks in our group and I love that we all love to read.

message 3: by Laura (new)

Laura (leo317) Hi! I'm JaneHurtin on RAoA. I mean to read more than I actually seem to have time for. I like all kinds of fiction - anything that tells an interesting story. I like thrillers for lighter reading. I also like a bit of non-fiction here and there - Sarah Vowell is one of my favorite authors for non-fiction.

I've got a whole bunch of children's books on my list - some are my personal favorites and others are my son's favorites. I'm hoping he grows up loving to read as much as I do. :)

message 4: by Julianna (last edited Dec 18, 2012 09:33AM) (new)

Julianna (tdragonclaw18) | 1 comments Hi Everyone. I'm tdragonclaw18 on RAoA. If you look at my book list you'll see fantasy is my favorite genre but I'm willing to try reading just about anything.

message 5: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (priteegrl) | 1 comments Hey I'm Priteegrl on RAoA. I love any kind of fiction (not a huge fan of non-fiction but I'm willing if it's a really good story). This group is a great idea :)

message 6: by Michael (new)

Michael (yemala) Hey hey!

I'm Yemala on RAoA. I'm (more or less) a Historian, love to read just about anything, fiction or not - lots of History, as one would expect, but also a ton of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and trashy crime novels.

Really, I just like to read.

message 7: by Rachel (nova1) (new)

Rachel (nova1) | 1 comments Hey, I'm Nova1 on RAoA. I noticed this year that I read less than I have done in the past so now I'm making a conscious effort to get more reading done! I'm just starting to get into sci-fi and like usual I'm reading fantasy, comedy, some horror and travel books.

message 8: by Alexandria (new)

Alexandria (alysedai) | 2 comments Mod
Yay! Feel free to add books to the group bookshelf that you would recommend. If we want, we can do all of the stuff for the book club discussion in here as well. I can make a thread for that.

Oh, and if any of you are interested in helping run this group and stuff, let me know. I'm not a power hungry madwoman no matter what my profession says about me, I can share duties. :)

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