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message 1: by Jo (new)

Jo Michaels (jomichaels) | 11 comments Hi everyone! I'm holding a huge giveaway on my blog and I'm giving all indie authors a chance to sell me their book. I've agreed to buy seven kindle books over the next four days. Anyone who's interested should go to the link below.

It's a chance to win some great e-books and swag over the next four days and a chance to sell a copy of your book!

Here's what the winning authors get:
I buy your book on Amazon or Smashwords.
I read it and write a review, posting that review on all major marketing outlets (Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, and Smashwords).
You get a full page writeup and review posted on my blog.

Good luck to everyone and I hope to see you there!


message 2: by Court (new)

Court (courtyoung) | 89 comments Mod
What a great contest! Thanks for sharing Jo! :)

message 3: by Jo (new)

Jo Michaels (jomichaels) | 11 comments Thanks, Courtney! I'm having fun reading all the descriptions :)

message 4: by Jo (new)

Jo Michaels (jomichaels) | 11 comments Posting the link for today:

Same contest, just two slots left!

message 5: by Metaphorosis (new)

Metaphorosis (metaphorosisreviews) Jo,

Great idea. Unfortunately, several attempts to comment vanished into the void. Good luck with the competition!


message 6: by Sara (new)

Sara Burr (sarafurlongburr) | 12 comments Thank you, Jo! What a wonderful idea! I left my entry on your blog. :-)

message 7: by Jo (new)

Jo Michaels (jomichaels) | 11 comments I got it, Sara! Thanks so much for entering! Yours is the last entry :)

This contest is now closed for purchases but you're all more than welcome to go to day 12 and pick up two free books!

Thanks to everyone who participated! I had a TON of fun!


message 8: by Steven (new)

Steven Ramirez (bystevenramirez) Fantastic idea! I just commented. :)

message 9: by Leonardo (new)

Leonardo Noto (leonardonoto) | 6 comments Thanks much; this was fun and a really great idea. Please follow me on Twitter so that I can follow you back (@DrLeonardoNoto...I do mostly medical tweets so if they're not you're thing feel free to drop me after I pick you up).

message 10: by Leonardo (new)

Leonardo Noto (leonardonoto) | 6 comments Just found your twitter addy on the website. @WriteJoMichaels.

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