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What makes a good ending?

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message 1: by Gail (new)

Gail Martin (gailzmartin) | 47 comments Mod
How do you decide where to wrap up your book? Is it at the end of the action? Later on, after the effects of the action fully take place? Or somewhere else?

message 2: by L (new)

L | 20 comments I have in mind to end my story when the goal (that was planned at the beginning of the tale) is achived. However being the first in a series there are some parts within the tale that may have not come to thier conclusion as yet and so they can be continued, into another story.

In my mind i envisage a single aim/ goal or target (whatever it may be for the storyline) and which is carried through to the very end, to then come to its conclusion. Similarly to a leaf this central thread has many connecting veins, that stem from the main source and yet lead in different directions whilst not all may conclude at the ending of the story (leaving the reader guessing).

As i plan to continue the tale after book 1, there needs to be an element of unknown as you conclude parts and answer some questions whilst leaving others unanswered, so that as a cliffhanger the reader is left perched on the edge of the finish wanting to reach out into the distance and read on...

message 3: by Betty (new)

Betty Cross (bettycross) | 24 comments I think the conflict should end in the next to the last chapter and the last chapter should show the surviving characters dealing with the impact on their lives.

message 4: by Gail (new)

Gail Martin (gailzmartin) | 47 comments Mod
I like what both of you have said. I think another issue is whether the book is part of a series or a stand-alone story. If it's a stand-alone, then it has to wrap everything up. If it's part of a series, then some things have to be resolved, but some things can remain open, setting up the conflict for the next book.

message 5: by Betty (new)

Betty Cross (bettycross) | 24 comments If the novel is a part of a series, but not the last, then the last chapter can be used to set up the next stage of the conflict.

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