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Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ This is where you sleep, eat, lounge etc.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Lunar walked through the cottage, picking up clothes, empty plates and cups, the shoes and all bits 'n' pieces inbetween.

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A.J sat on the roof of the cottage, eating an apple.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "Al!" Lunar complained "I just cleaned the floor!"

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "I'm sure he didn't mean it" Decipio said as she walked past him into the room.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "I know" she frowned awkwardly "sorry Al"

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "So you heard from the law yet?" Lunar asked as she put the things away

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Decipio frowned at the mention of the law but she didn't say anything.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "AL" she complained

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "Quit with the killing" Lunar frowned to him " we are in enough trouble as it is"

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Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Decipio rolled her eyes. "Can we not get into this right now?"

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ ((gtg :())

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 3 comments Lilanna shook her head as she stepped in, she took a quick glance around before muttering something under her breath.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "lilanna, thank gosh. Can we please just be Rosewood's today?" she grumbled, raising her hand to her head

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Jane sighed as she walked in, she was doing her daily patrol.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ In shock Lunar turned around to face the guard. "Daily Patrol?" she whispered

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Jane looked at Lunar, 'Yes, ma'am' she saluted, 'I'm Officer Jane' she extended her hand.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "Lunar, Avalon Rosewood" she smiled and shaking the extended hand.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Decipio just watched. She was not going to get in trouble for starting a fight, though she really wanted to.

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Jane looked at Decipio and tipped her hat, 'Ma'am' she took her hat off and walked around. She rubbed her eyes, 'So, has anything weird been going on or something?'

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "looking for anything inparticular?"

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She shrugged, 'Rules stated that I have to ask that question..' she looked around, then clicked her fingers, a electric current appeared in her fingers, then moved it around, shaking her head, 'Seems alright...wait you are a Rosewood?'

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "I'm an Avalon" she said confusingly

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She raised an eyebrow and nodded waving it off, 'Sorry for that, it's not my business' she sighed.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "It's fine" she smiled "So... what are you looking for?"

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'Just checking that nothing weird is happening.... If there anything that is bothering you?' She asked, raising an eyebrow

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "No, no" she smiled, "all I need to do is the laundry, and I am rather embarrassed at the state of this house"

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She smirked 'Ive seen worse' she sighed

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "I'm sure" she smiled

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She laughed and nodded looking around 'Seems normal...well you know what I mean' she smiled

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "thank you" she smiled

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She sighed, 'Back to...wherever I guess' she smirked and put her hat back on.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ watching as she walked out Lunar sighed "Phew". joining the others again she flopped onto the lounge

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 3 comments Lilanna raised an eyebrow. She shrugged before leaning against the wall.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Decipio rolled her eyes "glad we have you to protect us" she said sarcastically.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "How would you know I don't have any fun?"

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Decipio scoffed "what's that supposed to mean?"

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Decipio slammed him back against the wall "right about now I would like to see your guts all over the walls". Her eyes flickered black as she spoke.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "I don't need you to protect me" Decipio said before turning and walking outside without another word.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Are you following me or something?"

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Can I come with you?" Decipio asked, knowing her behavior was confusing.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "I want to kill everybody, those I choose to actually kill are the people I can stay angry at" Decipio pushed off the wall and walked over to him.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Never said that. I said if I really wanted you dead then I would be trying to kill you" Decipio easily waved off his question. "Are we leaving or do you want to stand here and chat?"

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "A job? You kind of sold this pep talk about killing something or rather someone but you were actually going to get a job. Whatever, anything to get me away from this cabin. I don't care what your kind did" she answered quickly.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Decipio rolled her eyes and followed.

((Where to?))

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Decipio shifted back to her regular form and walked in the cabin, setting Alex down on the couch.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Lunar sat up "did you go and kill again?" she growled

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "I did nothing of the kind" Decipio said as she sat on the other side of the couch.

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