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New Indian Authors -- just published or waiting to be published please share your experiences/tips

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message 1: by Suman (new)

Suman Bhattacharya | 3 comments I have completed my first Young Adult Novel and currently pursuing my journey to get published. It has been a mixed (sweet and sour) journey so far interacting with different Indian Publishers and literary agents. I am inviting all the new/young authors who are pursuing the same dream or just succeeded to share their experiences in this forum and help the others who still waiting for their BIG day :)
Let's try and help each other.

message 2: by Suman (new)

Suman Bhattacharya | 3 comments Let me start what I've come across so far. Concept of literary agencies in India are still pretty new. Other than few of these I don't see much in the market. This is a list I gathered from Sameer Kamat/Divya Dubey's blogs:

Red Ink Literary Agency |
Agents: Anuj Bahri (New Delhi), Debbie Smith and Sharvani

Jacaranda |
This might be one of the oldest (since 1997) and most respected literary agencies in India. The agents have moved out of India, but they have solid ties with the Indian publishing industry.
Agents: Jayapriya Vasudevan (Singapore), Priya Doraswamy (USA)

Siyahi |
Agents: Mita Kapur (Jaipur), Namita Gokhale
Authors: Sidin Vadukut (he’s written the Dork Trilogy) plus around 80 others (including Yana Gupta!)

Sherna Khambatta Literary Agency |
A small Mumbai based agency with a dhinchak website completely designed using Flash. I prefer regular text/HTML content (so I usually turn off my plugins). I had to go the extra distance to view this one. There doesn’t seem to be too much recent information about this agency in the public domain.
Agents: Sherna Khambatta (Mumbai)

Authorz Coracle
Contact person: Divya Dubey
Add: D-220, Sector 55, Noida 201307

One warning is I've heard of many experiences where Agents charge you a whole lot of money and don't promise the Representation. Be cautious dealing with them and remember your rights :)

If anyone is aware any other Indian Literary agents who you'd recommend please share the same.

Best Wishes.
Suman B.

message 3: by Cubsat (new)

Cubsat | 2 comments One should also take a careful look at the genre specialization of the literary agents (which they rarely mention on their websites). For example, thriller writers should first approach agents who look at thrillers favourably and have a history of good book deals in that genre. Based on my research, below are a few agencies for 'Crime, Thriller and Mystery' novels in India. http://thrillerwritinghelp.wordpress....

message 4: by Cubsat (new)

Cubsat | 2 comments Besides, not all Indian publishers look at the Thriller genre favourably. However, with more and more readers asking for page-turners and thrillers, I believe in future new authors for thrillers would be looked at with some respect. One such list of publishers can be found at this link. http://thrillerwritinghelp.wordpress....

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