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message 1: by Caleb (new)

Caleb Izard What features do you like in the games? What don't you like? Or even what you wish was there.

message 2: by Summer (new)

Summer (wildskf) I thought Pokemon Musical and Movie Studios was cute in Black/White and Black/White 2.... but I didn't enjoy it NEAR as much as the Poffin Making and Contests present in Diamond/Pearl.

I wish they would make like a game where you play as Team Rocket. LOL, it would be like a Grand Theft Auto/Pokemon crossover. Considering the age range Pokemon generally appeals to though, this will probably never happen.

I also liked the concept of Pokemon Racing in Pokemon Dash, but I didn't like the execution in the game itself.

I love love love that once you have someone registered in your Pal Pad and an WiFi connection you can trade with that person ANYWHERE. So I don't need to have my Pokemon friends (who are spread out as it is) in person to actually battle and trade.

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