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Jane jumped in the water with her underwear since she forgot her bikini, and laughed. She sighed, the water was great.

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She heard someone dive and looked around

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Jane sighed and walked around the lake, 'Hello?'

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She raised an eyebrow 'I must be dreaming' then she misplaced her foot and slipped, she cut her wrist, blood came out quickly 'Shit..'

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She looked up and saw Walter 'What are- never mind...I think I'm fine' she said, the blood dropped to the lake, she tried to get on shore.

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She smiled at him 'You seem to be always there when I get hurt or when annoyed?' She winced at the pain.

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She nodded 'Thats nice...' She laughed 'Thank you' she looked into his eyes

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She kissed his cheek 'That was for before and now' she smiled

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She bit her lip and blushed. Idiot, she thought

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She nodded 'Thanks..' She murmured and looked at her wrist and sighed

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She smiled and slowly went in 'Lets go'

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She laughed as the water splashed her

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She smiled and dived in, she resurfaced a few feet from him

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She smirked at him, and walked around him.

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She smiled and splashed water with her feet at him 'Trying not to get caught' she laughed

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She screamed slightly and laughed, she dived in and swam to the other side of the lake, she stuck her tongue out at him, playfully

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She looked around, 'Walter?' she raised an eyebrow

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She screamed then laughed 'No!' She laughed

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She laughed 'Put me down!' She smiled at him

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She screamed and smiled when she resurfaced. 'Anything else you got instored for me?'

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'Pay-back? For what?' She crossed her arms over her chest

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She acted offended'Me? Why I'd never!' She laughed

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She laughed as the water splashed her, 'Walter! That is totally unfair!' She joked

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She smirked and came close to him 'No, cause I splashed you but you splashed me and threw me in'

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She smiled and nodded 'True..'

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'Thats my line!' She smiled sweetly

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She laughed 'Copycat'

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She couldn't hold it back anymore, she leaned in and kissed him on the lips softly

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She felt butterfly fluttering in her stomach. She pulled away and smiled.

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She looked down and realised what she had done 'Im so sorry! I shouldn't of done that'

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She looked down 'I'm sorry' she swam to shore and put on her clothes.

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She looked down avoiding to look at him. Her wound tarted bleeding through the cloth 'Damn it' she muttered. Nothing was going well today.

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She smiled faintly 'Sure tell me your size' she joked. 'Today ain't my day' she sighed

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She smirked 'Course I did but after the kiss... I feel like an idiot' she murmured the last part

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She blushed and shook her head, then kissed him back on the lips.

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She pulled away and bit her lip. 'I like you' she murmured

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Her heart skipped a beat 'Really?'

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She laughed 'Pleasure kissing you then' she grabbed her stuff

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She kissed him deeply then walked away, she laughed

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 73 comments Crystal wandered the grounds.

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Dylan walked around the grounds bored.

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☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 73 comments Jade sits on the ground beneath a tree and sketches.

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Dylan walks towards a tree and sees a girl there. " Hey ".

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(( see ya))

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 73 comments She looks up and smiles. "Uh..hi."

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(( back))

" Hey ". He tells her with a smile.

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 73 comments "And who are you?"

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" I'm Dylan". He told her.

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 73 comments "I'm Jade."

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