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Leena (leena23) Mika trudged through the hall with the orderly holding onto one of her arms, she rolled her eyes dramatically, exactly where did this guy think she was going to go? She had no intentions of being put on the ground, so she would go with him and behave. He opened a door to a room and threw her bag on a bed, then pushed her gently in and left. She turned, hands on her hips, her blue eyes were bright with annoyance. "Moron," She muttered and then went over to her bag, she looked through it to see what they had let her keep and what they had taken out. She thought the whole 'searching through the bags' thing was a bit far and completely ridiculous. Of course they hadn't paid any attention to her as she had made suggestions along the way on how to improve on things, though one guard had smirked when his boss wasn't looking.

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Johns | 16 comments "I see you're back, Jane," one guard said, his face void of any emotion. Jane nodded her head, the laid back expression still plastered on her face.
"Yup," she said cheerily, hopping into the room. "I'm like a stray dog when it comes to leaving. I'll come back as lng as you give me food." She grinned, looking like she was up to no good. He turned and left, rolling his eyes as he left. Ah, back again, she thought, sighing as she took a seat in one of the chairs.

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Leena (leena23) Mika looked up as a girl came in she closed her bag back up and stood up fully. She looked... alright. Must be her roommate, "Hey." She said in a light tone, not sure how her roommate would react to her, she had been part of a gang before entering rehabilitation so she was used to all kinds of different reactions from people.

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Johns | 16 comments "Sup?" Jane greeted her, tipping the chair back and propping her feet on a nearby table. She was used to random people from everywhere that have done everything; this girl seemed harmless enough. Better than that girl she nicknamed Suicidey about a year ago. She left before her, thank goodness. Rehabilitation clinics always got freaks drawn to them. Such as myself, she thought.

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Leena (leena23) Mika rocked on the heels of her feet as she looked Jane up and down, hmm. "Not too much, I was just checking to see what they took out of my bag that they deemed not appropriate for in here. I see they took most of my charcoals, my camera, my tampons, don't get that at all by the way, and all my cash. They left my toothbrush though so I suppose thats a plus," She said in an annoyed tone as she eyed her bag.

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Johns | 16 comments Jane started to laugh at the tampons. "Oh my God, nuh uh!" she said, not believing it. "They took mine too! They probrably thought they were saving a trip to the mall for their wives." She put her feet down, setting the chair down on all fours. She stood up, crossing her arms and examing the girl closely. She seemed normal enough. "So what are you doing here?"

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Leena (leena23) Mika laughed with her roommate, she was probably right, men were morons like that. "I know right? That's such crap, they better not give us those cheapo tampons..." She trailed off as she noticed the other girl stand up and start to come towards her. She leaned up against the wall behind her and got comfortable as she prepared to get to know her roommate. "Well apparently the law doesn't test you to see if you actually are on drugs, if you're dealing them you're automatically addicted. I was selling some marijuana, got caught, and told I needed rehab. Next thing I knew I was brought over here and told I didn't have a choice in the matter, so here I am. What about you? I'm Mika by the way," She finished and smiled lightly.

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Johns | 16 comments Jane laughed again, shaking her head. "At least you're not a weirdo like the roomate I had last time I was here," she commented, leaning on one side of her body. This was going to be interesting. "Oh, I was stoned because of these brownies I made for my dealers birthday and my parol officer saw me and sent me here," she said, rolling her eyes as if she was saying Figures, right? Typical. "And I'm Jane. Nice to meet you, Mika. I have a cousin named Mika..." she added, as if she really wanted to know. Hell, maybe she did.

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Leena (leena23) Mika grinned, that would suck to be caught eating special brownies. "Oh really? I love my name, I don't hear it too often." She sat on the bed and then leaned back onto her elbows as she talked to Jane. "Weirdos huh? Well I'm glad I have you in here as my roommate then. Been here long?" She asked her curiously. She liked her roommate so far.

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Johns | 16 comments "It is. It's like the female verson of Mike," Jane agreed, kinda wishing she had one of those brownies. "Very much so. I nicknamed her Suicidey, even. Kinda scary, that girl was." She shook her head, shuddering at the thought of that girl. Maybe she should've learned her name so that she wouldn't have to call her Suicidey all the time. "Nah, I haven't been here long. Well... Maybe. This is my second time here and my brother's first. And I'm guessing you just got here?"

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Leena (leena23) Mika nodded as she talked about her name, then listened as she talked of her former roommate, she definitely didn't sound like someone that you would wake up and be all happy and cheery about seeing. "Yes I just arrived, this is the first time for me to be in a place like this. Though I suppose I shouldn't complain too much when its three hots and a cot. I don't like that they go through all of your things though, kinda gay in my opinion. Second time? Was your first time for the same thing? Sorry if I'm being nosy, you can tell me to shutup anytime I get too personal."

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Johns | 16 comments Jane shook her head, still grinning. "Nah, it's cool. My first time was because I got caught... Oh. I guess it was like this time... I had brownies that time too," she said, remembering the first time she went to see per parol officer. "But yeah, the going through my stuff is very gay. But I get food and shelter, so I don't care anymore," she said, glad that this girl was easier to talk to rather than any of the counslers she'd had as a child or becoming an adult.

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Leena (leena23) "Yeah ..." She listened to her with intense eyes, she was a good listener an kept secrets well. "Wow twice? You love those brownies," mika grinned at Jane. "Honestly id rather drink than get high, I feel more in control that way, maybe it's just me though," she shrugged and blushed a little pink.

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Johns | 16 comments "Yeah, I love 'em. And why? Getting high, I feel like all my sences are peaked. Plus, I get a serious case of the giggles," Jane said, chuckling softly as she said that last part. She loved to get high; it was the only escape from her sad life and actually laugh. "But why do you like to drink? It all tastes disgusting. Well, except for vodka."

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Leena (leena23) "Oh you just haven't had the good stuff," She assured Jane with a mischievous grin. "I'm one of the best mixed drink bar tenders you'll find, I may be a bit young, but I've been trained well." Mika winked at Jane and leaned back all the way on the bed, her shirt slipped up some to reveal a flat stomach. "Maybe I'll have to try one of your brownies one day if you try one of my drinks," She suggested to Jane with a smirk. "Of course I can make some yummy drinks with Vodka as well, though my favorite is made with rum, its called Sex On the Beach, its blue and oh so yummy."

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Johns | 16 comments "I'll take you up on that sometime," Jane said, smirking at her with the same mischievous glint in her eyes. "Oh, you have to try my brownies. You haven't lived until you've had Jane's Special Brownies," she said, chattering off with the thought of the mix drink. Sex on the Beach... made you think that it would have sand stuck in the bottom of it. "But there's one downside to that drink... it's blue."

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Leena (leena23) Mika rose an auburn brow, "What's wrong with blue?" She hadn't the faintest idea as to how that could be a downside. She thought it made the drink look sexier than it would being clear or something.

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Johns | 16 comments Jane shrugged her shoulders. "Blue... I don't really like anything to do with blue," she said. Purple, on the other hand, would've made the drink a lot more attractive than blue would've; or, lime green would've been a great color as well. "Purple, though, would be awesome."

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