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Harley let out a groan as she woke up rubbing her head then seeing she is in the cage and then saw the riddler she slowly stood up testing the bars of the cage and saw no escape from them and she crossed her arms "He will come clues or not he will know when im gone you stupied man..Edward you shouldve stayed a boring human you arent cut out for a villian " She smirked teasing him

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She gasped in pain fallling to her knees shutting her eyes but she forced a joker taught her to always smile...she kept on smiling " " she said in a purr " Joker will put a bullet through your head you darlin creature "

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Harleys smile dissapeared she was trying to turn his words into a lie " I..No no he..loves me if wouldnt say that you are lieing! " She let out a sheirk her hands tigthening to fist "Stop lieing stop it stop it stop it! "

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"No! its not the truth! " She leaned against the cage bars " He does care! he does love me! " her sherik came to a whimper with those words "Doesnt he?" she asked herself

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Harley looked up at him then down "H-He is just b-busy..Yea yes he is tryin to get ol batty again thats all" She wiped away the few tears that fell dow her white cheeks "He loves me yes!" She had the smile on her face again " He told me things serects that i know! Puddin does love me you are lieing he always loves me " she laughed and spun around in the cage "He`ll come i know he will my angel will i bet ya yes oh yes ill bet ya he will! " She giggled

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Harleys lips quivered as she stepped back her head down "The no...he wouldnt..lie to me " She was getting confused the tears fell down her cheeks again as she ran her fingers through her blonde hair gripping it tightly closing her eyes "Just stop it! Youre confusing me stop it! " She screamed at him the scream was loud and high enough to burst an eardrum and make his ears bleed

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Felt the shock through her body and gasped in pain this time she stopped the screaming but once he stopped the shocks she stood back up " Now you listen up here doll! Youre the one that better shut ya trap before i shut it up for you! " She screamed at him again " Puddin loves me so just shut ya trap! " This time making his ears bleed she smirked as she saw the red trickle down the side of his face

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"Great now let me hear it doll " She leaned against the bars a smile on her lips now her blue eyes now lighted with curiousty

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She tilted her head to the side thinking then smiled "Oh its so easy! Its a keyboard isnt it!? A keyboard has keys but it doesnt lock anything it has a space bar which really isnt a room and it has enter key which only..sends " She smiled proud of herself for getting it

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She giggled twirling her blonde hair "I might be in love with puddin but i sure am smartier then him " She smiled "I was even close to killin batty but mr.J got mad at me for fixing his plans to make it work " she sighed softly " I didnt get the joke " she muttered softly

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She smirked "Mind if i give you a riddle then doll?" She leaned more against the bars to get closer to him "Please " She added with a smile

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She smiled and rested her head on one of the bars closing her eyes thinking " Two convicts are locked in a cell. There is an unbarred window high up in the cell. No matter if they stand on the bed or one on top of the other they can't reach the window to escape. They then decide to tunnel out. However, they give up with the tunneling because it will take too long. Finally one of the convicts figures out how to escape from the cell. What is his plan? "She asked her tone was much softer now she was a bit calmer then when she first got here

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(If you need an answeer its they used the dirt in a pile then helped eachother out of the window >-> )

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( Yush i will xD just rescreching some characters thats all xD hmm you stillhave two face open?)

"Good job doll " She smiled a simple half smile she leaned against the bars her body hurting now she kept her eyes closed "Maybe..just maybe..your right about him" she said i the softest voice she ever used

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"But i wont give up on puddin yet " she purrs softly then from behind her she pulls out her shooting gun and puts knock out gas in it and shoots it out of the cage and covers her mouth quickly so she doesnt breath it in

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She lets out a laugh in her hand and the cage unlocks as she steps out she drags the riddler into the cage and locks him in their when she walked out and got his cane and waited till the fumes to leave then uncovers her mouth

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She groaned as she hit the wall "Not so fast there buddy " She shots one of posion ivys toxic plant fluid at him and the bottle breaks making him cough and feel weak " I anit lettin this one get away from me " she leaned against the cage "Ooo sugar wakey wakey mommy wants to see yea doll face" she giggled

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She giggled twirling his cane "Just to show you how it feels sugar " She says before pulling his face closer given him a big smooch then pullin back laughing spinning around

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Harley frowns as she uses her gymantistics to doge her hits now as she punches them in the gut then give them laughing gas "Doll you never let me have fun " she pouted flipping over to the cage unlocking it

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"He does care..he is just busy " she tried to convince herself what she said was true "Plus he wouldve only came if i was in real danger " she said looking down

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Harley blinked a bit before her vision got blurred with tears and they ran down her face as she looked down she didnt know how to say he was lieing "W-Why dont y-you do it n-now then? N-Nobody cares a-anyways " Harley said keeping her head down

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She does a flip over to him havein a bit of fun for herself as she brings her knee up kicking him in his nuts then given him one of her trademark kisses -long smooch - and then pulling back " See ya later doll " She smirked

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She flipped her blonde hair leaving down over him tracing his lips "See red gave me a trick " she giggled leaning closer "How bout another doll face? I enjoyed it " she smirked

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Harley gasped in pain pulling the knife out blood gushing out she put a hand there and before the door closed she threw the knife into riddlers stomache perfect aim " Keep a smile darlin! Just like puddin says " She smirked fixing her wounds

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Harley smirked " Kill me and i kill you then who kills the joker? it sure cant be you " she rolls her eyes

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(( I know my inbox anit workin right now tho))

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(Penguin scares me but sure xD )

Harley muttered something walking off sighing holding her stomache which was still slightly bleeding

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Avril of Themyscira Nightwing leapt in through a vent on the roof. Batman had told him that Nigma had some kind of intel, but no idea what. He sighed, wishing he was at all more helpful.

Avril of Themyscira His eyes narrowed darkly. His hand silently slipped out a wing ding in case as he silently leapt to the floor.

Avril of Themyscira Nightwing saw it then. A map of Joker's territory. How had he gotten that?? He rolled his eyes, creeping silently along the rafter above him in the dark room.

Avril of Themyscira He almost cursed in rage, biting his lip as he came to rest right above him.

Avril of Themyscira Nightwing dropped down, grabbing him by the neck and pulling his thin frame away from the computer, taking the map. "I need this," he smirked.

Avril of Themyscira Nightwing tucked it into his belt, rolling his eyes and turning to smash Query's jaw smoothly.

Avril of Themyscira "Not even a challenge!" he laughed, kicking her chest with a sickening crack. "Wow, you should drink more Calcium. Stronger bones," he laughed, leaping back to a rafter.

Avril of Themyscira He fell to the floor, kicking him back. He twitched in pain, but stood. "What's wrong, don't like me beating your babes?" he laughed, kincking him into the wall, sending his fragile frame flying.

Avril of Themyscira "Who the hell is this?" he said, leaping back and dancing around him, just out of reach.

Avril of Themyscira He slid between his legs, rushing out of the room and leaping up the wall into the high rafters.

Avril of Themyscira "Thanks for the intel!" he yelled back.

Avril of Themyscira He ducked, grabbing the fire escape of an old apartment complex and swung to the roof.

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