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Harley walked into the lounge her look now different she had on a red dress and her blonde hair was curled she was looking around sighing to herself she thought maybe joker would be in the club but he wasnt she frowned softly

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Harley rolled her eyes "You are the one that has to watch it doll you ran into me " she said though she smiled

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She rolled her eyes given him a clean slap across his face " Im not a bitch and yea i belong to Mr.J " She smirked

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((Haha but harley isnt that smart when she is in pain))

She gasped softly in pain "God ya worse then the riddler doll" she stood up brushing herself off "But i still hate him more " she muttered

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"Oh shut ya trap! " She yelled back "I thought puddin would be here but i guess im wrong again " she shaked her head softly

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"Yea Puddin " she giggled twirling her hair

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"Nuh uh! " She said like a little girl and crosses her arms "Atleast i dont have penguin hands " she muttered under her breath

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(o.o ah xD okay then xD what does he look like then in arkem city version ))

Harley frowned "Nuh uh! " She said like a little girl

Avril of Themyscira Batman dropped into the lounge, resting on the top of a gargoyle hanging above.

Avril of Themyscira He dropped invisibly to the ground behind him, silently moving towards his chair.

Avril of Themyscira Batman narrowed his eyes, standing directly behind him and blending in. He grappled up, dropping down behind the five, now four, thugs.

Avril of Themyscira Batman took his moment to strike, slamming the heads of two together and kicking another in the neck. He slammed the last one's head into the wall then walked forward, pulling Penguin's cigar out of his mouth and throwing it on the floor. "Who's sidekick, Cobblepot?" he muttered, his eyes narrowing as he looked down at him.

Avril of Themyscira "What do you mean?" he said, walking over and grabbing him by his collar, picking him up to eye level.

Avril of Themyscira Batman ripped it from the padding, throwing it on the floor. He dashed over, ripping the umbrella from his hands and throwing it across the floor. He picked him up again, throwing him into the wall. "Where is he?" he threatened, his voice deep.

Avril of Themyscira HE dodge them, advancing and hitting him in the face. "Tell me!"

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((So what is going on here?))

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Jason limped up to the large mahogany doors and looked warily at the large men standing guard. "I need to talk to the bird."

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"I want some info, dumb ass. that Is why people usually come to your boss, isn't it? And since I doubt I'll get anything out of a cretin like you, perhaps you should let me in"

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Redhood's hand snapped up and dug into the tendons in the thug's arm, ripping a few and forcing him to release Jason. "He may yet earn my respect, you never will" Todd intoned while increasing the pressure on the bodyguards arm until more tendons popped and he pinched a nerve, sending spasms of pain through the bigger man's body. "Let me in, you bastard." He said softly "Now."

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Jason strode in, pausing to shut the door behind him. "I'm Jason, I used to work with the bat, and you tried to feed me to one of those buggers down there if I remember correctly, though I also seem to recall I killed it and gave you a good beating too. But listen, that is all in the past. I'm here for info and am willing to offer up my services for it."

Avril of Themyscira Batman sat in the shadows above, silent and invisible. He had left to settle something with two face, but had came back to retrieve Damian and found...this?

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"I need to be caught up, I need to know how all the major players are doing and how they are getting along. What happened to that crazy idea of the mayors to make a criminal city? And where is mr. Freeze? What has the bar been up too? What is the word on clay face? Where is the oracle these days?" He paused for a breath " you get the picture. I was dead for a few months and suddenly I haven't a clue what is going on"

Avril of Themyscira Bruce narrowed his eyes. Why was he not coming to him? Why to Cobblepot?

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"And what about Bruce?" Jason said cautiously

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"Never...never mind." Jason muttered. "He glanced around the lounge "another question, jow the hell did you get out of Arkam?"

Avril of Themyscira Bruce cocked his head in confusion, leaning lower and narrowing his eyes.

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"Never...never mind." Jason muttered. "He glanced around the lounge "another question, jow the hell did you get out of Arkam?"

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((Crap, ignore the second one))

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Jason closed his eyes under his mask. Why was his head pounding like this? One though of Bruce and suddenly he could hardly stand "I think... That is all I need... Penguin." He gasped out, grabbing the back of a nearby chair for support, as his vision slowly gained a rosy hue

Avril of Themyscira Batman stood on his perch, staring down at his in only his line of vision, his usual large figure, his eyes narrowed in disapproval.

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Jason collapsed, his eyes wide and staring under his helm, gazing straight up at batman, he began convulsing, his spine bending at ridiculous angels and his limbs twitching spasmodically.

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(Just so you know Avril, I changed the Redhood side of Jason Todd up quite a bit...)

Avril of Themyscira ((Hmm? I was gonna have bruce come get him, but i should know what's up first))

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(( I decided that the Lazarus pit severely altered parts of his psyche, he will randomly collapse in fits that are accompanied with red vision and increased perception, speed and strength, these increase until he murders someone. At which point he collapses and remembers nothing. The idea is that coming back from the dead leaves serious scarring))

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Jason suddenly stopped the rapid twitching and lay still as a corpse.

Avril of Themyscira Bruce froze, not wanting to leave his perch and scanning, his reads showing Todd alive.

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Then as quick as a flash Todd was up. His hand closed around the neck of the nearest thug, applying pressure till the man dropped. As two more body guards advanced Jason's free hand drew his switch blade and buried it in the closest ones side. The second was brought down with a flurry of booted kicks. Jason released the guard he had strangled to unconsciousness and turned to face the rest.

Avril of Themyscira Bruce looked on, waiting to step in as he analyzed Todd.

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Two more thugs fell as Redhood smashed their skulls together. A third fell when he threw his knife into the guards sternum. The dimwitted muscle began to realize hand to hand was not the way to go and backed up, drawing guns. In response, Jason drew his own. (( I need something to go off here, guys))

Avril of Themyscira Bruce dropped beside him, putting a hand in his shoulder. "Tim,"he warned.

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Jason's elbow rocketed backwards,followed by his hand holding another blade.

Avril of Themyscira Bruce ducked swiftly, grabbing his arm and twisting it just so, hitting his hand and knocking the blade to scatter loudly across the floor.

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Jason swung his torso, using his trapped arm as leverage, around Bruce's body, his knees crunched into the Bat's side and he wrenched his arm free, diving for the knife.

Avril of Themyscira Bruce dashed across the room, stamping his foot on the blade and standing to hold Todd at arms distance by the neck. "Red Hood," he growled, his eyes narrowing. He was no longer a caring mentor, he was the hulking form of the Bat.

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Redhood drove both of his hands up to the Bat's elbow giving a blow that would have snapped the bones of anyone not wearing armor.

Avril of Themyscira He grunted, narrowing his eyes in frustration. He spun, slamming him into the wall and knocking the wind out of him. A crushing hit that would've caused a skull fracture if not for his helmet. He let him slide down the wall as he picked up the blade, snapping it. He could easily best the child, but was careful with him.

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Redhood Didn't move for a full thirty seconds, then, in a flash, raised his gun and fire four quick shots into Bruce's body amour.

Avril of Themyscira The armor absorbed it, and Bruce was reminded to thank Lucius later. He swing his cape, an easy distraction for his former ward, and knocked the gun away, smashing his gloved fist against the helmet for a responding crunch. He picked the light boy up, shaking him like a play thing.

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The second batman's fist impacted Jason, a fresh wave I red rolled over his mind and eyes. The world was now crimson and it pulsed around him. Strength surged into his muscles and he broke free of Bruce's grip and kicked him, sending him sailing into penguin. Jason started after the Bat but suddenly ducked as one of the goon's fired a shot over his head. RedHood spun and launched himself and the shooter crushing his gun and wrapping strong hands around the man's beefy neck.

Avril of Themyscira Bruce was done. These people were getting killed, and he'd had enough. He got up, throwing Cobblepot aside and walking over to Hood. He collared him like a young puppy in trouble, ripping his helmet off and hurtling him across the room as his eyes narrowed and his hulking figure floated forward.

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