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Avril of Themyscira Nightwing leaped onto the frozen carousel, searching through the dark for Harley. Hot as hell, but crazy as her boss, he thought.

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Harley was flipping around giggling like mad as a young male was tied upside down over a shark tank "My my puddin will love this! Gettin rid of you will make some pathetic hero come and then SPLAT! there gone " she giggled flipping her blonde hair out of her face

Avril of Themyscira He cocked his head, then sighed. Stupid blonde. They were pretty even in acrobatics, but his experience and strength had allowed him to champ her before. He cracked his knuckles, leaping down to the top of the carousel as he saw a GCPD officer.

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(GCPD? O.o)

Harley heard something but ignored it spinning and spinning then started pulling a chain that made the male start to fall

Avril of Themyscira Nightwing chuckled, expecting this and leaping, knocking his chair to the concrete before slashing his ropes with a wingding a leaping back.

Avril of Themyscira "Look, crazy babe," he smirked. "I really would love to stay, but I've got dozens more like you around the city just waiting for me," he grinned, walking towards her slight frame and bobbing pigtails. He knew she thought he was hot, her pupils were dilated.

Avril of Themyscira Nightwing growled as he felt it bounce off his armored chest. "What's your play Joker?" he said, stepping forward and smashing the shark tank, causing the water to flood their ankles momentarily.

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(( Oh xD yay joker is here ))

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Harley winced in pain "Oh puddin you know i was just trying to distract him plus you never do that with me " she said with a pout as she stood back up crossing her arms

Avril of Themyscira His eyes darted to Harley. "Thanks for noticing," he smirked, maintaining his ground. He stretched his fingers, watching Joker.

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"Like tryin to kill batman but always failin at it?" she muttered softly then covered her mouth when she said that out loud knowing the joker would probaly hurt her for saying that

Avril of Themyscira "Aww, you don't have to get me anything Joker, Harley was doing just fine," he smirked at her, then pulled out his eskrima sticks smoothly.

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Harley giggled at nightwing flipping her hair again "I knew you would like it doll " she teased

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((Damain what joker did you use? Seeing he has many forms >< in like every moive he is different ))

Avril of Themyscira "Not my style. Nor his. Look, why don't you tell me what your endgame from capturing this cop was," he asked, his eyes flashing with anger as he looked over at Harley.

Avril of Themyscira ((I LOVED Heath Ledger as him! BEST ACTING EVER!!)

Avril of Themyscira ((kkk))
"Joker," he urged, his hands tightening.

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Harley let out a whimper in pain "Im s-sorry puddin " she got back up then looked down not looking at ethier of them joker didnt fully break her cheek bone but sure as hell burised it but she forced her charming smile on again "Why would Mr.J know what the plan was for the coppy? hmm? he didnt plan this doll i did " she giggled

Avril of Themyscira "Well, Harley that would explain why it failed," he said, his charming demeanor gone. He leapt, knocking Harley back, and hitting Joker's legs.

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Harley jumped back up crossing her arms "Nuh uh! The reason it didnt work was cause of you smashin the tank! " Harley rolled her eyes "And to think i kissed ya " she shaked her head

Avril of Themyscira "Aughh!" he groaned, leaping away and fumbling in his belt. He grabbed his antidote, silently thanking Bruce before swallowing it. He danced back, picking him up by his shirt and throwing him back, growling in rage.

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Harley giggled "Hmm i wonder how much antidote you have " she flipped to him then stabbed him with seven needles filled with laughing syrup the color purple to match the jokers suit

Avril of Themyscira "And I'd like some more," he grinned once more, throwing a wingding at her face and watching blood spray from her cheek.

Avril of Themyscira He dodged. "Going after penguin. He's more relevant than you today" he uttered, leaping forward.
((Should I just take Bats to the iceberg lounge?))

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Harley winced in pain touchin her cheek "Well doll you just earned your next kiss " she kicked him off his feet given him a big smooch letting some of ivys posion leak into his system just enough to make him sick though not to kill him

Avril of Themyscira "Yep," he muttered, smiling when he realized one word answers were his mentor's specialty. He smacked Harley with the stick lightly.

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"Ow " She smirked given him one little kiss again "Bye bye sweetie " she flipped off of him her cheek still slightly bleeding

Avril of Themyscira Nightwing grabbed Harley, running and throwing her away to safety as he was thrown to the concrete, shrapnel attacking his back.

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She landed on her bottom and frowned but then smiled "Ouch but sweet " she giggled listening to the explosion as she looked around for mr. J

Avril of Themyscira He groaned, his face down. He was vulnerable, but for the moment, it hurt to breathe.

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Harley looked at nightwing and hesitated "B-But puddin whats the f-fun in that w-when he is gone t-then i have nobody to go against c-cause batman is yours " she bit her lip jumping down to nightwing touching his back softly

Avril of Themyscira He winced, crying out in pain as his vision swam. He wished to God he could move, but everything hurt. "Harley, no," he said, trying to move and falling in pain.

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Harley winced "Oh doll.." she sighed "Puddin! I c-cant i want him around a bit more. Please?"

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Harley gasped in pain crying as she sat up "Puddin no! please please! " she shaked her head "I j-just want him to kill with my own plan oh please puddin ill kill him i promise just please" she had a hand on nightwings back as she spoke "Please i will kill him next time Mr.J please dont leave "

Avril of Themyscira "Damn you Joker," he muttered, trying to push up but feeling his arms give out as his back screamed in pain with every breath from the shrapnel scattered through him.

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Harley looked down trying to think "F-Fine " she said softly as she looked over at nightwing

Avril of Themyscira "H-Harley no," he pleaded,turning onto his back and screaming in pain. "Aaah!" he cried, looking up at her.

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She cried softly as she looked at him touching his face lightly "B-But it will make the pain go away d-doll" she smiled softly

Avril of Themyscira "N-no. P-p-ple-ease no," he whispered, tears streaming from pain as he tried to get up.

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She kissed him pressing him back down then whispered in his ear "I wont kill you but this might hurt doll.." she picks up his head lightly in her hands

Avril of Themyscira "Wh...Wh...Harley, p-p-please," he said, his face panicked as he strained, trying to break free. "Please Harley don't" he prayed.

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"Shh.." she kissed him again "it will just black you out i promise..shh it wont hurt just a bit" she whispered softly

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(Nah xD she stil loves puddin just likes nightwing))

Avril of Themyscira He squirmed in vain, half believing. He tensed, not wanting an end. "No, I can't die, I.." he winced.

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"You wont die..i c-cant kill you " she kept her words in whispers as she held him tightly

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She sighed "Just one more sec puddin then we can go.."

Avril of Themyscira "N,,no. D..don't" he asked, his vision swimming from effort as he began to go limp. The pain and the remnants of the Joker toxin were too much for him. "Wh..what do you mean Quinn?" he whispered.

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"I c-cant kill you because..i l-love you " she whispers to him as she snaps his neck but the other way just knocking him out not killing him as she stands up going over to joker and smiled "He is all gone sorry for making you mad " she said looking up at him

Avril of Themyscira He went limp, falling to the floor as the world snapped to black and he slumped over.

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Harley giggled hugging him back snuggling into him "Oh puddin.." she purred kissing his cheek

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